Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School Supplies featuring Domo-Kun!

Calling all Domo fans for a special treat! Ready for it? Well, here at Cool Pencil Case, we’ve put together a selection of our coolest Domo-Kun items! Now, all the Domo lovers are able to see what awesome school supplies will feature their favorite character.

[ 1 ] Will it be a dancing or a party Domo-Kun? These Domo-Kun Pencil Pouches will showcase your Domo love like no other. What’s even cooler is that it features a special eraser and more than enough space for all your pens!

[ 2 ] We bet you’ve never seen Domo Stick Erasers before. In brown, red, or yellow, you’ll be able to erase your mistakes with a couple clicks of the advance button. The comfort grip on the stick eraser will even make it easy on your fingers.

[ 3 ] Domo-Kun Multi-Function 0.7mm Ballpoint Pens is another item to add to the collection. These multi-functional pens can write in both red and black ink. It’s up to you to choose your selection of either a White or Brown Domo!

[ 4 ] For a small and light eraser option, these Domo-Kun Thin Premium Erasers are the perfect match. Not only is Domo featured on these erasers but one of his very own friends as well!

[ 5 ] Start planning your days in Domo style! These Domo-Kun Weekly Planners will help keep track of those important events and meetings you just can’t afford to miss. Don’t worry, there are even separate monthly scheduling pages to plan ahead and memo sheets for quick notes!


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