Thursday, July 26, 2012

Web Favorites: How to Make Rilakkuma Omurice by Kawaii Kakkoi Suggoi

If there are some true loves we have at Cool Pencil Case, it's pencil cases, food, and Rilakkuma. Yes, we know, we seem to be on a Rilakkuma binge since yesterday with our Rilakkuma Sweet Chocolate Pencil Case feature, but the world needs to see this recipe!

Kawaii Kakkoi Sugoi recently posted a cool recipe for an awesome Rilakkuma bento that's a definite must try. From the looks of the simple ingredients, it seems putting this together is just as easy and will be a cool icebreaker for the first day of class.

Here's the video on how to make this Rilakkuma Omurice. Happy eating!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Rilakkuma Sweet Chocolate Pencil Case

Rilakkuma really lives the life. Besides being known for its lazy tendencies, Rilakkuma and friends always have time to enjoy the simple things in life. From visiting France and screaming "Bonjour!" at the top of their lungs, to swimming around in gourmet honey, it's always a wonder what Rilakkuma will do next.

Just in time for the back-to-school season, the Rilakkuma Sweet Chocolate Pencil Case, our newest Rilakkuma pencil case, is in stock!

Shaped just like a delicious chocolate bar, get your sweet fix with this
cute pencil case. The front of this pencil case features Rilakkuma on
a half-torn wrapper, exposing rich, dark chocolate ready to break off in

People with a sweet tooth, beware! The back of the pencil case continues
on the luxurious chocolate bar design.

Looking for pens or pencils to fill this pencil case? Why not take a look at our
Sugary Sweet Charm Wooden Pencil. Chocolate has taken over these
adorable pencils for kids, each with sparkly gem to add to the cuteness. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Around the Cool Pencil Case Office

If you remember, we gave you a tour of newly renovated office a couple months back. We have to say, one of the most interesting parts of our office is our photo station, fully of lively props that accompany us in the creative process when shooting product shots. Here's a look at some of our favorite items. If you're a fan of what we're showing, stay tuned, we've got a whole lot more of where this came from!

Eiffel Tower clips

Guess what these are!

White on white wall decorations

Teacups galore!

Our classic alarm clock.

A perfect touch to all the sweet items that come into Cool Pencil Case.

Nerd Hello Kitty -- what a fave!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spreading the Cool Pencil Case love!

There's nothing better than checking our Facebook page and seeing all the nice things that customers have to say about us. We're gearing up for one of our busiest Back-to-School seasons yet, and we'd like to dedicate this post to all of our loyal customers (we'd prefer to call them friends) who love awesome school supplies just as much as we do!

A huge thanks to all of our friends! Keep spreading the word about!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: Cool Folders

Our slew of New Arrivals that debuted last week at included a variety of  subject folders. Of course, we're all still fans of folder dividers, but with these designs, who can say no? Each slim folder keeps homework and important papers protected to keep each sheet as crisp as the first day it was passed to you!

Style File - File Folders for More Than One Subject

For those of you who don't carry too many papers for each class, a folder with included tab dividers would be your best bet. Besides staying organized, this ultra light folder is a great way to keep your school bag light and easy to carry.

Hello Kitty 4-Subject Slim Organizer from Cool Pencil Case
Hello Kitty 4-Subject Slim Organizer ($4.15)

Rollin' Solo - Individual Subject Folders

A couple of people in the Cool Pencil Case office did say that they saved all their papers from each class (back in the day), and sometimes a 4-subject organizer like the one above wouldn't do too well. That's where the individual subject folders/envelopes come in.

Kamonohashikamo File Folder from Cool Pencil Case
Kamonohashikamo File Folder ($3.45)

Easily slip your papers in with the Kamonohashikamo file folder, or if you want some extra security, these nifty folders include a velcro-secured flap enclosure.

If you don't carry around a three-hole punch, you'll love this folder. By slipping off the sliding end of these folders, you can secure your papers (no hole punch required!) in a book-like format to easily read through lecture notes.

Domo-Kun Slide Folder from Cool Pencil Case
Domo-Kun Slide Folder ($3.25)

Calming Scenery Slide Folder from
Calming Scenery Slide Folder ($2.15)

Have you purchased one of these lately? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Web Favorites:

This morning, some of you might have been greeted with the cutest photo of a lil' pup on our Facebook page. We recruited this animal goodness from -- and trust us, the name does not disappoint. If you're an animal lover (we're hoping you are, considering that most products from Cool Pencil Case are designed after animals!), you'll love everything about this website. From sleepy puppies to intense action shots of bunnies flying over each other, consider this an automatic bookmark on your browser to brighten up your day.

Here's our favorite video to put a smile on your face.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Letter Sets from

E-mails are necessary. Text messaging is easy. But when was the last time you received or even wrote a handwritten letter?

Even receiving thank you cards or Christmas cards is getting a bit rare nowadays, but with these new letter sets from Cool Pencil Case, maybe you can turn that around! Our new letter sets are now available in our New Arrivals section. Each set includes different theme designs for sheets, envelopes, and matching stickers to seal your handwritten messages. Sorry, stamps aren't included! Surely these adorable designs will make up for it.

stationery sets from
Baby Love Stationery Set ($8.45)

sweet life stationery set from
Sweet Life Stationery Set ($8.45)

stationery, scrapbooking, arts, and crafts supplies from
School Essentials Stationery Set ($8.45)

stationery, scrapbook, crafts, and art supplies from
Scrapbook Travels Stationery Set ($8.45)

scrapbook, stationery, arts, and crafts supplies from
Bear's World Travels Stationery Set ($8.45)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Wonders: School Days Zipper Portfolio Case

We'll admit it. It's been a while since some of us at Cool Pencil Case have had some homework or had to sit through a history lecture, but that doesn't mean we don't have any memories of school!

Some of us were slow turtles. Our PR Coordinator, Marra, says "I still have this issue of taking forever to pack up to go. That problem kind of stemmed from middle school up until college."

That's why she chose our School Days Zipper Portfolio as our Wednesday Wonder. It's 50% folder, 25% briefcase, and 25% personality. Of course, we've got our fair share of cool pencil cases in our online store, but staying organized at school may have just gotten a little bit better.

This zipper portfolio can is available in four different designs. From scrapbook sketch themes to lifestyle designs, there's a zipper portfolio for students and artists of all ages.

This zipper portfolio doesn't include the three rings to attach notebooks or tab dividers, so it allows you to utilize all the space. Art projects would also be a great fit into these portfolio cases. Freely put slim notebooks, workbooks into it so you can easily pack up and leave once the bell rings. Maybe it's something Marra could have really used a couple months ago for her college lecture halls.

Another great thing about the School Days Zipper Portfolio Case is the handle. Everything in this is easily secured with the end-to-end zipper enclosure.

The School Days Zipper Portfolio Case is available at Cool Pencil Case for only $6.85. Check out all four designs now!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Web Favorites: Our Rilakkuma Pins from Pinterest

Are you pinning with us? A couple weeks ago you saw the awesome homemade popsicle recipes we found on pinterest, and now, we've been a bit obsessed with the Rilakkuma pics we've been pinning to our board. We've gathered up our best Rilakkuma pins that we've discovered on blogs, tumblrs, and the occasional Google search. Get ready to shriek after each picture, and if you're in the mood to shop for Rilakkuma products, don't forget our awesome collection at!

Let us know in the comments below which pic is your favorite! Does your favorite character on deserve a board too? Comment away below!

Friday, July 6, 2012

New at Gift Sets Galore!

With our huge selection of pencil cases and school supplies, sometimes it's hard to gather up what you really need for school. Now, Cool Pencil Case is offering a one-stop section for school supplies for those who can't quite decide on what they want. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the gift set section. Some of our gift sets start as low as $6.45 for pencils and erasers that are anything but ordinary. And the best part about this? Your school supplies will be perfectly matched. Hooray!

Dog and Bunny Stationery Gift Set ($6.85)

Animal Friends Mini Stationery Set ($8.25)

Rilakkuma Stationery Set ($18.85)

Hello Kitty Deluxe Stationery Set ($26.85)

Angry Birds Ultimate Gift Set ($17.85)

Pokemon Stationery Set ($18.85)

New Pencil Cases for Kids: Vacation Snapshots Pencil Case

With the Summertime in full swing, it's only right that we take as many photos to remember and cherish our memories. Our newest arrival, the Vacation Snapshots Pencil Case, is a fun pencil case to show off some of your favorite Summer memories when it's time to go back to school in a couple of months. This ultra-roomy pencil case is modeled after a point-and-shoot camera, featuring a cool photo slot in the front lens!

The designs for this pencil case are super fun! The gang of Toy Story
as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse all make their way into the
pencil case's lens. 

Whether it's a picture of you, family and friends, or your crush, adding
a photo is the perfect way to show your personality in the classroom.

Can't forget to mention the straps! This pencil case is so easy to carry
in between classes. Here at the Cool Pencil Case office, we all
gushed over the little leather details on the side!

The Vacation Snapshots Pencil Case can fit upwards to 45 pens and pencils. Find it at for $21.45, and expect some major compliments at school!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Arrivals at Cool Pencil Case!

Happy first of the month! We're already halfway through the year, and in no way is Cool Pencil Case slowing down with our cute pencil cases, japanese erasers, and other school supplies! This past Friday, we released 20 new products, and we must say -- with the selection we just put out, it's clear that this back-to-school season is going to be awesome at! Here are our top five items that made it to our new arrivals list.

Rilakkuma Stationery Set ($18.85)

Hello Kitty Wallet Planner ($24.85)

Angry Birds Carrier Pencil Box ($12.25)

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Tin Pencil Holder ($11.85)

Angry Birds Clip Emblem 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil ($4.45)

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

Make your Valentine's Day gathering even sweeter with these delicious, easy-to-make treats. From oreo pops to a red, pink, and white pop...