Thursday, March 29, 2012

Money Saving Tips From Cool Pencil Case

What would you do with half a billion dollars?

That's not a random question folks here at Cool Pencil Case decided to ask. Tomorrow, one lucky person (or a couple of people) have the chance to win the United States' largest-ever lottery jackpot of $540 million. Still, most of us in the office came to the conclusion that even a couple of million would have us set for life. If there's one lucky winner of this insanely huge jackpot, he or she has the option of getting everything in cash for $389 million dollars!

Everyone talks about the first thing they would buy -- but does anyone talk about how they would manage all that money? We've heard some crazy lottery stories of how people completely blow millions of dollars within years, so here's a couple money saving tips from your friends from to consider if you're that lucky winner (or if you want to start using money wisely!).

There's always room to save

Clearly, $540 million (or even the cash option of $389 million) would not fit in our Kid's Electronic Savings Bank, but saving money will always be a great way to keep track of your money. Even if you're not a lottery winner, putting your loose change into a piggy bank can really add up!

Monitor where your money is going

Whether this weekend you'll be a jackpot winner, or just regular old you spending the last of your allowance, writing down how you're spending your money will give you a true perspective where your finances are going. Did you really need to spend half what's in your bank account on new clothes even though you knew that your phone bill was due in a couple of days? With a simple Cashbook, you can see all of your purchases at a glance. Who knows, maybe after using this you'll end up cutting back on purchases and focus more on saving!

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips? Comment below to share!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pantone Spring Color: Cabaret

Every year, influential fashion designers and illustrators come together and predict the hottest colors of the season for Pantone, the color authority. One of the colors for Spring 2012 is Caberet -- a shocking pink color, inspired by the color of the tulip. Let's keep in mind that clothing isn't the only thing you'll need to stay in trend. There are plenty of items from Cool Pencil Case that can keep you stylish in this season's most fashionable color.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cool Pencil Case's Top Tips for Organizing

When Easter bunnies come out, so do the dust bunnies. That means one thing: Spring cleaning! Pencil cases are a great way to keep all of your essentials organized. Whether you're an office professional, mom, or student, here are a couple of tips from Cool Pencil Case to keep yourself organized (and save money!) throughout the whole year.

Protect Your Makeup Brushes
Yes, most people purchase a unique pencil case from to store school supplies. But some of these pencil cases would be great to protect other things -- like makeup brushes! The Dumpling Pencil Pouch's irregular shape would be perfect to protect the fine hairs of of makeup brushes. By keeping the brush hairs at the widest end of the pencil case, you allow extra room for the hairs to keep its shape and apply makeup in the way it was supposed to!

Keeping Your Desk Space Clutter-Free
We often lose some our most important items in a rush. Think about it -- Students shove pens and pencils into the bottom of their school bags once the school bell rings. Adults often have to wrap things up at the office to make it to an important meeting, leaving essential things behind. A great way to keep organized when you're on-the-go is to make sure that your desk space is mobile. Find a pencil case that's as on-the-go as you are. Pencil Roll cases are a great solution. Fit all of your pens, pencils, highlighters, and more in the specialized compartments. Laid flat, the design makes all of your essentials accessible. Best of all, when you're ready to go, simply roll it up and place it in your bag!

Butterfly pencil pouches are also a great alternative. Simply zip up and leave!

Compartments and Pockets Galore!
Like we stated above, compartments and pockets are extremely important. In fact, it's the very function that makes pencil cases a great organizational tool! Sure, there's a few of us that carry only pens and pencils in simple zip-up pouches, but we know there's quite a few school supply kings and queens out there who come prepared to school at all times! A pencil case with compartments is the best way to separate your school supplies by category. With specialized slots, put pens, markers, and highlighters on one side, and pencils and mechanical pencils on the other.

Some of our pencil cases, such as the Mario Pencil Pouch, are large enough to fit daily planners and cellphones. Organizing your school supplies in these compartments also protect them, which will keep your school supplies looking new for much longer. Mechanical pencils can lose their adorable designs if their surfaces are constantly being scratched by pencil case zippers, staplers, scissors, etc.

For the ultimate in compartments, choose the Automatic Pencil Box. With a push of a button, compartments pull out and open up for all of your needs.

Comment us and let us know what are some of your organization ideas with a Cool Pencil Case!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cool Pencil Case Easter Giveaway Coming Soon!

This week marked the beginning of Spring here in the United States, and with all the pretty colors and the flowers coming out in bloom, there's only one way knows how to celebrate.


We won't give too many details yet, but for our faithful followers on our good ol' blog, we'll give you all a head start. The Easter giveaway is going to involve a bit of hunting, and we're going to give you some quick links to our other social media sites that will be extremely helpful in getting you one step closer to an awesome prize!

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Cool Pencil Cases Brighten Up the Classroom

Generation after generation, we come to this conclusion: Every student deserves a bit of fun and color with the stress of homework and the classroom.

And if there's a way to keep students' interest in school, it's with a cool pencil case.

Now, lists the top five pencil case styles to keep in mind before the back-to-school rush. Whether it's a young student or artist due for some major academic motivation, consider the deed done with these suggestions.

  1. Pop Culture Phenomenons
    Pay homage to some of the biggest trends and characters of today and yesterday. Consider these popular trends -- With over 700 million downloads, the Angry Birds craze can now be carried in pencil case form in a plush or vinyl exterior ($14.85). Legendary characters Mario and Luigi are also featured as ultra-roomy pencil pouches and, of course, bring a sure case of nostalgia.
  2. Shoe Craze
    Sometimes pencil cases fit in three-ring binders. Sometimes pencil cases don't fit into bags. And sometimes, pencil cases are a perfect fit on the foot -- literally. Express individual style by choosing an out-of-the-oridnary shape, such as the classic Converse Shoe Pouch ($22.95) in bold, funky colors. Show off more personality with prints and designs, which will always be in style no matter the season. US Weekly featured the Converse Shoe Pouch in its February 13th issue as a "Mommy Must-Have."
  3. Butterfly Pen Pouches
    Especially convenient for students, butterfly pen pouches ($22.45) unzip to reveal specialized compartments for different tools. Pens, pencils and more are secured and organized to any student's liking. Functional compartments also organize erasers, correction tape, and mini notebooks.
  4. Milk Carton Cases
    Besides carrying pencil sharpeners, how long a sharp pencil tip will last is also determined by how it's stored to prevent breakage. Milk Carton Cases ($14.45) are current favorites for art students. Durable leather material and its roof shape protect sharp points and are easily accessbile through the zipper opening along the length of the pencil case or the bottom flap closure.
  5. Pencil Rolls
    Pencil Rolls ($14.95 and up) are functional as they are stylish, featured in solid colors and subtle details. Suggested for teenagers and college students, pencil rolls are space-saving essentials that fit into cramped messenger bags and purses.

Remember to visit for more pencil cases and school supplies!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cool Pencil Case Web Favorites: Angry Birds Space

With over 700 million downloads, the popular game has just debuted a brand new game today -- Angry Birds Space! We loved Angry Birds Rio, and we're more than excited to renew our addiction to this amazing game. Being in space, of course, the one thing you'd have to deal with is gravity (or the lack of).

For those of you who have already downloaded it, what are your strategies? And what do you guys think of the game so far? Share in the comments below!

images from USA TODAY

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cute iPhone Essentials

A couple of weeks ago, we featured our iPhone case collection, which featured the likes of Hello Kitty, the classic Gameboy, and more. The Rilakkuma case has been a huge hit, and we've got something to complete the theme.

Now you can charge your iPhone, iPod, and iPad in style with the Rilakkuma iPhone Charger! We can't imagine anyone leaving this at home. The cord isn't too long and can fit without tangles in small pockets.

If you had the choice, what character would you want to see as an iPhone charger?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Web Favorites

We've seen our share of cool glow in the dark things. You know, glow in the dark stars that you post on your bedroom ceiling, and even glow in the dark nails. But, would you ever try glow in the dark sushi?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Craft item of the Day: Erasable Markers

We've all been in this situation. You're in the final steps of coloring in a project, and then BAM! Something causes your hand to move across the page, evidence set in stone with the 5 inch long pen mark.

Now, you can avoid accidental pen marks with the Pilot Frixion Erasable Marker Set. Once again, is here to save the day!

These pens would be great for creating handmade cards and posters. Also, after a conversation with a fan on our Facebook page, we figured these pens would be really useful to medical students! A lot of anatomy diagrams need to be colored in, right?

Get your set here!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Back by Popular Demand: Super Mario Pencil Pouch!

The wait is finally over. Our Super Mario Pencil Pouch has finally been restocked. Fans have been waiting patiently for this super roomy pencil pouch to come in.

Look at all the things you can fit in this! Pens, pencils, notebooks, cellphones, maybe even lunch?

Thursday, March 15, 2012 Web Favorites

Lights out! Check out this amazing dance group from Japan, dancing in full Tron spirit! How amazing would this be in person?
It's almost St. Patrick's Day! And yes, there is a pencil case for that. With this pencil case you can go green in style with bedazzled shamrocks and rainbows!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Web Favorites

It's a bit chilly this afternoon on our side of town. What better way to warm up than with these awesome quilts?

Check out this AMAZING Hello Kitty quilt from the blogger of Sukie!

Here's an up close view of the loopy floral stitching!

Here's a crocheted LEGO quilt made by Andrea of the blog All Things Bright and Beautiful. The colors are bright and fun (which we're all about here at and definitely a true LEGO fanatic's way to sweet dreams! Click here for a tutorial of this!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Kawaii Calculators!

For some of you, math might be a tad bit boring. But who said your calculators had to be? Check out our new selection of calculators that made their debut on last week!

Is it a scrumptious scoop of ice cream on a cone, or is it a calculator? Why not have both? The ice cream scoop actually protects the calculator's display by sliding up and down. Check out more images of the Ice Cream Sliding Calculator here!

We posted up a pic of our Kokeshi Doll Calculator on our Facebook page a couple days ago, and so many people were so excited to get their hands on one! The best part of this calculator? The maze game on the back!

Here in the office, the 2 in 1 ruler is a favorite! The fun designs are a plus, but most importantly, it's a great space-saving tool in your pencil case.

Check out more calculators in our new arrivals section!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Craft Item of the Day: Beetle Tip Highlighter

We admit it. This week we might be just a tad bit obsessed with the new highlighters we just received, but hey, it's all for great reason. The Beetle Tip Highlighter, which is definitely as interesting as it sounds, is a great tool that brings highlighting to a whole new level. Check out the diagram below!

It's all in how you decide to use this funky highlighter! Using one side over the other makes for a different type of line. In just one tool, you're able to highlight and draw as usual, create double lines with the multitip and doodles with the thin tip!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tutorial by

A couple of days ago we gave you a sneak peak, and now the tutorial is finally here! Gather your prettiest pieces of paper and give all your attention to this amazing tutorial from At the end of the tutorial, watch Chrissy decorate the finished product with our Rilakkuma costume stickers and test out the Glitter Craft Pen. Make sure to follow for more kawaii craft tutorials on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @PaperKawaii.

Make sure you submit photos of your finished product to to be featured on our blog!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craft Item of the Day: Gel Stick Neon Highlighters!

Whether you're an artist or a student, we all know how some highlighters can bleed through papers. It's a mess when writing notes, and even worse for craft projects (a total nightmare for thin stationery paper, right?).

Here's a great alternative the regular ink highlighters. Our Gel Stick Neon Highlighters are made of a gel tip that easily glides over pen ink and even laser ink from your printer. The gel even sticks on to glossy surfaces like magazine pages. Highlight over your notes and watch the ink stay in place. For crafters, watch the ink draw smoothly over your most delicate papers. How great!

Do you have a one-of-a-kind creation that you'd like to show on's blog? E-mail now to get your art shown!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy National Crafts Month!

It's time to get our creative juices flowing and celebrate National Crafts Month! Woo! We've got a great lineup of inspiration and craft tutorials just for you guys. We found some great bloggers to team up with to give you an extra boost of inspiration for all your crafting needs -- Stay tuned!

But in the meantime, every couple of days, we'll be featuring some of our top craft products to get you started on your own projects at home!

The Art Mechanical Pencil isn't quite something you'll find in your local office supply store. These erasable pencils use exclusive rectangular-shaped lead, which comes in handy in more ways than one.

Here's a close-up of the lead. As an artist, you're able to control the thickness of the lines you create. A narrow angle creates thinner line, while the use of a wider angle creates thicker lines. We found that the wider angle was really useful for shading (and a lot quicker too, compared to a dull point on a drawing pencil), and using a narrow line is awesome for defining outlines. This useful tool comes with either black, red, yellow, green and blue mechanical lead. Don't forget, you can collect all of the colors with our refills!

Do you have a one-of-a-kind creation that you'd like to show on's blog? E-mail now to get your art shown!

Happy crafting! :D

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