Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#WhatsInYourCoolPencilCase: Camille

We're wrapping up the month of September and we've got one more person to ask, #whatsinyourcoolpencilcase? Today, we're featuring Camille from our Marketing Department. She'll show you that her pencil case houses way more than the essential school supplies.

"I'm really into neutral colors. I've been using the Parisian Socialite Butterfly Pencil Pouch for about two years now, and I really love the sophisticated look!"

"Inside, I keep just a couple of pens, but I use the big pockets to keep my cellphone and sunglasses. My work bag is so huge that it's probably best that I keep everything I need in this pencil case so I'm not searching for items for minutes!"

"I have to bring my charger every day because I'm always taking instagram photos, uploading photos, and answering e-mails on my phone. This cord is pretty long, so the Rilakkuma cord holder is BEYOND helpful."

"I'm all about tabs to keep me organized in the office, and I usually go through a whole pack every month. This month I've been obsessed with Converse Shoes Tab Sticker Set. This wide pocket is also super helpful to keep large and odd-shaped things, like my cell phone. Oh, and eyeliner is a must."

"My favorite type of pens are anything erasable! The Coca Cola pen is also my favorite, because I've always been a sucker for gel pens ever since I was in elementary school."

"Honestly, I was really surprised that my sunglasses could fit in this compartment. It's proven to be extremely helpful!"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

#WhatsInYourCoolPencilCase Spotlight: Larina

Here's another sneak peek into the office life of, Larina gives us the inside scoop on what she keeps inside her CoolPencilCase! Check it out below!

suitcase pencil pouches at

suitcase pencil pouches at

"For my everyday pencil case, I use the Vacationer's Suitcase Pencil Pouch in My Melody. From the color way to the argyle design, there's a hint of sophistication and glamour about this pencil pouch that I just love!

suitcase pencil pouches at

suitcase pencil pouches at

"I'm a big fan of the FriXion Retractable Gel Ink Pens so not only do I keep some in the pen slots provided but I also keep a few in the spacious pouch itself! And just like Anne's blog, you won't find just office supplies in my pencil case. From lipstick to hair accessories, I like to keep a few personal favorites for beauty touch-ups before events."

suitcase pencil pouches at

"I'm a huge germophobe so these antiseptic towelettes surely come handy when I'm out and about. And my lip balm? Well, no story there...I just can't live without it!"

suitcase pencil pouches at

I'm a big 'boba tea' lover so I always have the stamp card to my favorite boba place with me at all times.  As you can see, I also love shopping at Calvin Klein as well...if only they had a stamp card too! Haha."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All the Rilakkuma That You Need!

Seriously, how excited do you get when you see all this Rilakkuma goodness in one photo? Just head on over to to get your Rilakkuma fix! Stand out in the classroom with planners, erasers, pencil cases (of course), and other school supplies! And don't forget about mom -- let her know this cuddly character has collections of notepads and pens for her too! 

What's your favorite item in the photo below? Share your favorite Rilakkuma purchase from Cool Pencil Case by sending a photo to! We'll be sure to share the love.

Rilakkuma pencil cases erasers pens notes at cool pencil case

Saturday, September 14, 2013

#WhatsInYourCoolPencilCase Spotlight: Reiko

If you follow Cool Pencil Case, you'll notice that we're always sharing videos and articles from one of our favorite websites, Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi! KKS' blog director, Reiko, gave us a peek into her own pencil case. Every day, they're creating fun, new blog posts and making awesome videos. Check out her essentials below that help her get through a busy day at the Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi office!

"My pencil case is a a hello kitty tin can.
Inside it is a cute tokidoki USB drive, pink marker, pink pen, and scissors.
Very minimal but these are the things I REALLY need. "

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#WhatsInYourCoolPencilCase Spotlight: Anne

Question of the day: what’s in your Cool Pencil Case? One of our own employees, Anne, gives us a peek at what’s inside her pencil roll case. Check out what she has to say about it below!

pencil roll cases at

pencil roll cases at

“I absolutely adore my Chrysanthemum Asian Pencil Roll Case. I think the design is chic, stylish, and perfect for the office. I especially love the roll-up feature as it doesn’t take up too much space in my bag!”

pencil roll cases at

“In addition to the writing tools I regularly use, my pencil case also carries items I use on a daily basis. It’s spacious side pocket and more than enough pen and pencil slots allows me to carry things I need for work as well as a night out with girlfriends.”

pencil roll cases at

“From my compact mirror to some headphones, I find fitting my daily essentials easy with this pencil case. I even have my cute Sentimental Circus tab set included for conveniently marking important pages and events in my planner!”

pencil roll cases at

“My pencil case definitely versatile and is with me during the day at the office and outings at night. Instead of using the slots for just pens and pencils, I use it for my lip gloss as well as my nail filer!”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vlogger of the Week: Crafterz Delight

When we discovered YouTube vlogger Crafterz Delight, we spent our whole lunch break watching some of her resin videos. They're really fun and informative, and of course, has inspired us to create a couple of resin pieces for ourselves on our own time.

Check out the first video of her resin tutorial series! The first part of the video will give you tips on how to stay safe when you make your resin creations.

Today, she just posted her own tutorial on our Create Your Own Eraser Clay! Our favorite part? The gummy bears! See video below to watch. Make sure you show Crafterz Delight some love by liking and commenting on this video on YouTube!

Monday, September 2, 2013

We Love our Cool Pencil Case Fans!

We've been getting a lot of Cool Pencil Case love from our awesome customers from all across the globe, and we wanted to share some of the great shots from Instagram! Check all of the posts out below. Send some love our way by tagging @coolpencilcase or #coolpencilcase on instagram too!

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