Friday, November 9, 2012

NEW ARRIVALS: Food Takes Over Cool Pencil Case!

Before we start this blog post off, we bid you some caution: No, none of these delicious-looking school supplies are safe for consumption. Still, that doesn't mean you can't pay homage to some of your favorite snacks while you're in the classroom. With that being said, leave your tastebuds out of it and indulge in some of Cool Pencil Case's pens, pencils, and erasers that only look good enough to eat!

food erasers and pencils at
Pocky Slim-Scented Pencil 5-Pack ($5.25) 

If you took a walk into Cool Pencil Case's office, you'd notice that Pocky is definitely one of our favorite snacks (next to Hello Panda, of course). We were super excited to see these Pocky pencils finally debut at Besides the true-to-life colors of each of the four colors, they all smell absolutely delectable. The best part? You can enjoy each flavor (through writing) over and over since each order comes in packs of five.

Food erasers and pencils at cool pencil case
Chewy Candy Eraser Packs ($4.25)

Our photographer had tons of fun shooting these new Chewy Candy Eraser Packs. This shot was her personal favorite because it pretty much invites you to grab your favorite pack from the tray. Like we said, none of these chewy candy erasers are edible, but we can only imagine the "oohs" and "aahs" once you pop out with one of those Jelly Bean erasers in class!

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