Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Donut Crazy

We admit it. We're going donut crazy here at Cool Pencil Case. Lately, we've been making some stops at California Donut, where we have to choose between flavors like "Bantella" and Cookies and Cream. Don't believe us? Check out our recent Instagram post below!

As you may or may not, we've got a slew of donut-themed items at CoolPencilCase.com , including Donut Erasers, the Popin' Cooking DIY Candy Donut Kit,  and even a Donut Scented Eraser Set! You could imagine our excitement when we came across these DIY Donut Pumpkins via one of our favorite blogs, Studio DIY. Check out these beauties below and check this simple tutorial to decorate your workspace in a sweet, Fall mood!

DIY Donut Pumpkins by Studio DIY

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl Profile: Pearl the Planner

Chances are, you have come across Judy -- better known as Pearl the Planner on Instagram and YouTube. We initially were drawn to her fun washi tape posts and inspirational planner layouts. This month, she reviewed a couple of Cool Pencil Case products, including the Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Pouch Duo and the Arrow Planner Tabs. Check out her Instagram reviews below, and make sure to give her a follow!

Like what you see? Click on the links below the photos to shop Pearl the Planner's favorite Cool Pencil Case stationery!

I know I've been MIA a lot recently but I am trying to get back into the swing of things despite it all. One huge thing is that my photos are all orange-tinted now. Why!? Frustrating! Anyway - I'm working with some really awesome companies. Like how did I get so lucky? I carry all my pens in the front pocket of my backpack. It's all a jumbled mess! I've bought little pencil bags before but I always hated sifting through them, and the Kipling bags I've seen are just too big for what I need. Cue this CUTE pencil case from @coolpencilcase !!! Tons of room and pockets for my pens, but I don't have to dive in for the pen I want. I LOVE it. This is just one side; there are two zippers for more room and organization of my stationery supplies! This is their giraffe pencil case ... there's a cute, small little giraffe on the front of it. I asked for the one in Navy/Hot Pink but they've got other color schemes if you're interested! They also sent me my very first frixion pens! I would be lying if I said my eyes didn't go like this πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€! What pencil case do you use for your pens?
A photo posted by @pearltheplanner on

Shop her favorites here: Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Pouch Duo, Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens, Arrow Planner Tabs

Saturday, September 19, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl Profile: The Rach Mark

Unwind this weekend and enjoy a review from our latest #CPCPlannerGirl, The Rach Mark! Last week, she reviewed a couple of her favorite pencil cases and other office supplies on her YouTube channel. Check the haul below and see which of her faves quickly become one of yours!

Make sure you're following her on Instagram to find out how you can win a $20 gift code to Cool Pencil Case! Need a reason to follow? Check out some of her beautiful posts below. 
Shop the Faves: Litle Fluffy Sheep 4-Function Calculator, Puffy Pom Pom Ballpoint Pens, Rilakkuma FriXion Erasable Pen, Fakus Pencil Cases, Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Case Duo.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl Profile: @livebeautifullyandlove

We've met quite a few amazing individuals through Instagram who share the same love for washi tape, planners, bookmark tabs, and a good FriXion pen! Today, we're introducing Val of @livebeautifullyandlove. We just wrapped up a giveaway with her yesterday, giving one lucky follower a $20 gift code to CoolPencilCase.com. That's all the more reason you should be following @coolpencilcase to keep up to date with new promotions and giveaways!

Read more on how Val stumbled upon the planner community and how it's helped her to keep more organized!

1. Describe your love of stationery to us.

Pretty paper just makes me happy! I love a crisp, clean new sheet, and the potential to create something beautiful on it!

2. What do you love best about your favorite Filofax/planner and why?

I used to have a spiral-bound planner. In the spring, I purchased my first ring-bound planner binder, and I'll never look back! My favorite thing about my ring bound planners is the fact that the rings make them so customizable! I change my mind a lot about what I want in my planner, so that feature is like gold to me!

3. Tell us about your favorite and most used Filofax/planner accessory?

Hands-down, my favorite and most used planner accessories are my tassels from Vanessa of Hautepinkfluff on Etsy (and Instagram)! They're so cute and fun, and the fact that they come in a variety of sizes and colors means that there's something for everyone, and every planner!

4. When did you start using your Filofax/planner and how did it change the
way you prepared for the day/week/month?

I've pretty much always use the planner. My school gave us one at the beginning of each year, and when I started working I just bought a small, very simple planner just to keep my work schedule straight. I really only started getting serious and having fun with my planner at the beginning of 2015. I discovered this whole planner community, and I love it! I'm much more organized now. I have everything in my planner--my schedule, meal planning, house cleaning routine, workout routine, to-do list, budget... the list goes on! It keeps me on task (except when I decide to make a new dashboard instead of going for a run), and has become one of my favorite hobbies!

5. How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?

I posted a video of my supplies organization on my YouTube channel (Val Nach) a couple of months ago. Basically, I just use a raskog cart from IKEA to hold my stickers, small boxes of miscellaneous pieces, paper trimmer, washi tape (that I display in apothecary jars), etc. I also have several decorative stackable boxes that house my scrapbook paper pads, laminator, and other odds and ends.

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