Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Spirit at the CoolPencilCase Office!

Here at the Cool Pencil Case office, we’re certainly getting into the spirit of the holiday season. Check out the pictures we’ve posted on Instagram of holiday d├ęcor and items around the office!

holiday decorations at the CoolPencilCase office
Christmas mittens at our photo prop studio!

gift wrapping available at
The many wrapping papers at the office!

holiday decorations at the CoolPencilCase office
Holiday decorations aren’t complete without Hello Kitty!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Certificates Available at!

Gift Certificates at!

With so many choices at, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift this holiday season. Therefore, why not choose a Gift Certificate? All you have to do is choose the amount you’d like to give, include a gift message, and your gift is ready to be received! You have the option of sending an e-Certificate that will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or a printed gift certificate to be delivered to their actual mailbox. These gift certificates not only make holiday shopping easier, they also make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

HELP: Gingerbread House Decorations

holiday recipes and crafts at
Click here for a yummy Gingerbread House Recipe! 

With Christmas about two weeks away, we gals at Cool Pencil Case have decided to create our very own gingerbread house! With all of the yummy recipes we've found on pinterest, we haven't decided what would look (or taste) best on our very first office gingerbread house. Help us out by telling us in the comments below what your go-to decorations are for your yearly gingerbread houses. 

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Angry Birds Slingshot Set Giveaway

Looking for a sweet Christmas gift for the ultimate Angry Birds fan on your holiday shopping list? Enter Cool Pencil Case's latest giveaway for your chance to win! One lucky winner will receive this nifty slingshot set, complete with a kid-friendly slingshot and balls with our favorite Angry Birds characters on them.

giveaways at cool pencil case

Follow the easy steps on the widget below for your chances to win. That's right, you have multiple chances to win -- 23 to be exact!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because we love our fans who visit the Cool Pencil Case blog frequently, we've decided to give you all a treat. Get +5 more entries just by leaving a comment below. Make sure you answer the question, "Why do I love"

It's easy as pie. Enter soon, this Angry Birds giveaway ends on December 12, 2012! Stay tuned for the winner, which will be announced next Thursday!

Music Lovers’ Edition

Calling all music lovers…this musical school supplies collection is just for you! Filled with music notes, piano keys, and treble clefs, express your love for music through these school supplies!

Music design school supplies at

[ 1 ] This Music Lovers Pencil Case will show off your passion for music like no other. This pencil case not only has a unique design but also has a chain link featuring a treble clef and as well as a cute charm! This will sure fit your organization needs as it can hold 45-50 of pens and pencils.

[ 2 ] Pair your pencil case with matching Music Lovers Mechanical Pencils! With an adorable bow and a star charm linked to the diamond-studded top base and a musically joyful design wrapping the pencil, this mechanical pencil is like no other!

[ 3 ] These Sweet Symphony 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils are a music lover’s must have. Simply black and white and elegantly designed, which symphony will you choose? Music and Piano, Piano Keys, or Sweet Song?

[ 4 ] Resembling an actual violin case, these Violin Case Pencil Pouches are schools essentials fit for every musician. Available in white, blue, red and pink, make it no secret what your favorite instrument is.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Holiday Shopping Deals at!

Maybe you're on an allowance budget to get your classmates at school some awesome Christmas gifts -- or, you're just looking for a great deal. Either way, has great Christmas gift ideas under $20 to spread the Holiday cheer. We've got stickers for scrapbookers, pencil cases for those in need of organization help, and stationery for the whole family. See what we've gathered in our picks below!

Gifts under $10 at
Floral Trim Stationery Tape $2.25

Gifts under $10 at
Bon Voyage Pencil Pouch $9.65

Gifts under $10 at
Rilakkuma Coin Pouch $4.85

pencils at
Pocky Slim Scented Pencil 5-Pack $5.25

pencil cases and more at
Little Animal Pencil Pouches $9.85

Gifts under $10 at
Witty Buddy Pencil Pouches $9.85

Holiday Shipping Dates!

It's the first weekend of December, and we all know that a present from Cool Pencil Case is a must for at least one person on your Christmas list. Check the dates to make sure these special pencil cases and gift sets get to your loved ones before Christmas.

Got additional questions? E-mail our support team at! Happy shopping!

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