Friday, November 16, 2012

New Arrivals: Sweets and Treats

Did you hear? There’s a sugar rush at! A few sweets and treats have made their way in the form of school supplies! Don’t believe us? Check out the yummy items below and see for yourself!

These Yummy Scented Eraser and Roller Cleaners are anything but ordinary erasers.  Not only do they erase your mistakes, the Roller Cleaner even cleans them up! Did I mention that they were scented too? Available in colors like Yellow Cupcake and Blue Strawberries and Cherries, these erasers surely add some flavor and scent to your school supplies!

Our Lollipop and Bow 0.33mm Gel Pens is another one of our sweet newest arrivals. With a polka-dotted bow and swirls all around, this whimsical pen will make you feel like you’re in a candy factory!

Maybe you’re a donut person instead? Well, we’ve got the perfect treat. Our Donut and Sprinkles 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils are flavored in chocolate, strawberry, and blue cotton candy!  Charmed with a playful donut, these mechanical pencils will be a tasty addition to your collection.

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