Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cool Pencil Case's Top Customer Favorites

We have a wide range of customer favorites, but see what you and your peers have chosen to be ultimate Cool Pencil Case necessities for the school season ahead...drum roll, please!

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You can easily see why the Color Love Pencil Pouch was a top pick! In three vibrant colors, there's no picking and choosing what you'll bring to school as these spacious pencil cases hold up to 40 pens and pencils! You can even fit in those washi tapes like @laughingwithoutanaccent did! With a mesh pocket to keep sticky notes and erasers, these Color Love Pencil Pouch definitely take the cake with being your go-to pencil case for the school year.

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The planner addicts couldn't go on without showcasing their love for our stickers and planner tabs. Add some fun to the pages of your planner like @__geisha__ has with the Cute Character Sketchbook Stickers or get ready to mark important events and tasks like @studyign_com is with her Lovely Days Planner Tabs! Think you'll be using the planner tabs on most days, easily fit them in the sleeves of your planner, and you're good to go!

These Perfume Pencil Boxes have also gotten lots of love! Resembling the classic Chanel No 5 perfume, show off this pencil box in nothing but style! Did you know that we also have Lipstick Double Sided TapeEye Shadow Palette Sticky Tabs, and Make You Love Collection Clips to complete this make-up collection?

It was never a secret that Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Pouch Duo was an all-time fave. What's better than having your pencil case and wallet all in one? Similar to the design of a butterfly pencil pouch, this duo includes a compartment versatile for everyone. It can hold identification cards, perfect for moms and college students, and if you're a planner addict? Use the slots to hold planner accessories like paper clips and bookmark tabs like @burstsofcoloreveryday does!

Last but not least, we have the classic Traveler's Suitcase Butterfly Pencil Pouch. We can already tell that nothing will be forgotten in this suitcase. With a unique exterior design, it is no secret why this is a must-have for students of all ages! Perfect for those who travel light, there are two compartments in this pencil case, one to fit your everyday writing tools and the other for ticket stubs and sticky notes. No space in your backpack? Don't worry, there's even a handle to carry this pencil case around!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cozy Cool Pencil Case Favorites for Fall

The color of the leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder, and fall is finally here! To celebrate the first day of the autumn, we've put together our cozy favorites perfect for the months ahead. Explore the season of change and see what we've gathered to be the Cool Pencil Case items of the fall season below...

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Booklet Pencil Case $12.85

As the colder days start to arrive, what's better than snuggling up and reading a good book? These Booklet Pencil Cases will make you want to do just that! Show your inner bookworm with these booklet pencil cases that appear to be dimensional but are actually slim. Fit all your writing tool favorites and choose between the three story options available.

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Popcorn Pencil Pouch $18.85

With October right around the corner, those scary movies will be easier to watch with popcorn at hand. These Popcorn Pencil Pouches are both for the movie buff and well, the popcorn lover, of course! Resembling that of popcorn you'd actually get at a movie theater, show this unique pencil case off to your friends and they'll see popcorn like they've never had before!

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Coffee Cup Pencil Pouch $18.85

Hot cup of coffee on a cold, autumn morning? Yes, please! Show your love for coffee with these Coffee Cup Pencil Pouches. Instead of topping it off with milk and sugar, fill these pencil pouches with all your pens and pencils for school. With a Mountain Blend logo and even a coffee cup sleeve, you'll never forget this cup of coffee before class!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Trip Under the Sea

Join us as we take an adventure under the sea and explore our collection of school supplies from the deep, deep blue. From koi fish to otters, we have a whole underwater world you'll just have to sea for yourself!

Rilakkuma pencil cases at
Rilakkuma Otter Costume Pencil Pouches $22.25

Rilakkuma never ceases to surprise us with his selection of costumes, however the Rilakkuma Otter Costume Pencil Pouches has definitely become an ultimate favorite! With Rilakkuma holding onto that shell charm and fun details like the mock back stitching, this much cuteness is just too hard to resist.

Jinbei-San pencils at
Jinbei-San Wooden Pencil $1.75

We just couldn't talk about our ocean favorites without mentioning Jinbei-San. Make sure you have the cutest whale shark in your collection this school year. These Jinbei-San Wooden Pencils will definitely add that sparkle to your pencil case. With holographic details, don't forget to collect all four designs these pencils are available in!

animal pencil pouches at
Fantasy Aquarium Pencil Pouch $16.85

There's a whole fantasy to be explored with these Fantasy Aquarium Pencil Pouches. Featuring the Cat/Fish and Penguin/Rabbit, these hybrid critters are unique, cute, and quite fascinating! Surprise your friends with these animal creations and have them join in on the fantasy aquarium fun!

animal erasers at
Sea Mate Eraser Collection $1.50

Have these sea mates by your side for all those marks you want disappeared. The gang's all here as our Sea Mate Eraser Collection features blowfish and dolphins to octopus and even, squid! Collect them all or choose your favorites, these sea friends aren't going anywhere!

animal pencil cases at
Koi Fish Slim Pencil Case $14.25

These fish couldn't help but swim their way into Cool Pencil Case. Place your favorite pens and pencils in these Koi Fish Slim Pencil Cases. In four different choices, each with a different colorway, don't miss the fun details like the patterned inner lining or unique shape!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Perfect Planner for the Student, Mom, and Stationery Addict!

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Pastel Yearly Planner $11.85

Think planner perfect! Fit for the student, mom, and stationery addict, we've voted this planner to be the planner that fits all. That's right, we're talking about the Pastel Yearly Planner and all it's amazing features! Read more below and see why we've put this at the top of our list...

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This planner has it all. With weekly, monthly, and yearly templates, you'll have no problem scheduling events, trips, and commitments months in advance. Place inspiring quotes in the boxes to get you through the week or clip on tickets you have for the movies tomorrow! Whether it's a grocery list or a reminder for that homecoming game...fill these planner pages to not only get organized but help you check off those to-do lists!

planners and organizers at

Add stickers and washi tape to your pages! Decorate with Rilakkuma Planner Stickers and have Rilakkuma check off those boxes and point to important reminders. Or create your #ootd with the help of Trendy Girl and her awesome collection of clothes. And how about some washi tape for the borders of the pages? Have fun writing out your day with our range of speech bubble stickers and other planner accessories.

planners and organizers at
planners and organizers at

Now you won't have to worry about fitting everything in your wallet. These planners also come with inside cover flaps...the perfect place to hold everyday items like ID's and favorite polaroids to planner essentials like note tabs and sticky notes! With a place for all your mementos and necessities, you won't forget a thing with this everyday organizer.

planners and organizers at

In a palette of pastels, the Pastel Yearly Planner comes available in Rose Pink, Mint Green, Sky Blue, and Lovely Lavender. Personalize your planner and show us on in the comments below!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hatched Dinosaurs, Animal Building Blocks...Fun Erasers at Cool Pencil Case and More!

Planners? Check. Pencils? Check. Awesome erasers? Yes, please! Cool Pencil Case is filled with erasers ready to undo all those unwanted marks. You can even make those mistakes disappear in style with our fun collection of stick erasers, putty erasers, and even do-it-yourself erasers! Can't decide on where to start your eraser collection? Take a look below and see what we've gathered for the school year ahead!

fun erasers at
Animal Building Block Erasers $2.50

Break apart and put your erasers back together with these Animal Building Block Erasers! Though these erasers already come designed in a selection of 5 different animals, these building block erasers also allow you to build your own creation!

fun erasers at
Create a Giraffe, Elephant, Turtle, and more!

Each eraser includes 8-13 building blocks, collect them all and have unlimited choices when creating your own design. Whether you take these apart to create mini erasers, other animals, and cool shapes, we encourage you to get creative with the pieces then show off to your friends your unique creation! Can't get enough of the building blocks? Complement your erasers with a Building Block Pencil Case!

animal erasers at
Hatched Dinosaur Eraser $1.55

They may be extinct, but these dinosaurs just hatched and are ready to erase! Between the Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus, you definitely can't go wrong with these Hatched Dinosaur Erasers. Have some fun by taking them out of the shell completely or just leaving them in, we must say that they do look quite comfy in those egg shells.

fun erasers at
Silly Buddy Eraser with Mini Eraser $2.85

Find the perfect Silly Buddy Eraser to keep you company all school year long. With it's convenient size, find no problem fitting these erasers in your pencil case. For those pencil cases with smaller problem! These erasers come with mini erasers, so just slide out the slimmer eraser and you are good to go!

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