Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating National Parfait Day with Our Parfait Eraser Collection

Summer has been officially over but that doesn’t mean we should stop eating our favorite cold desserts. With that said, this Sunday (the 25th) marks National Parfait Day! Don’t run over to your fridge or grocery store just yet, wait and see what we’re showcasing to celebrate this cool holiday!


Parfait erasers, anyone? Our Parfait Eraser Collection may look like a real parfait but don’t let the cuteness fool you. These parfaits are not edible though they sure make awesome erasers. Every eraser in this collection features: a bowl filled with strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream to top it off. Add some creamy deliciousness to your eraser collection! These parfaits are just the thing to satisfy your pencil cases’ sweet tooth.

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