Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back in Stock: Hello Kitty Stick Erasers

We told you it was a good idea to follow CoolPencilCase’s blog! Here we let you in on the newest arrivalsawesome giveaways, and what’s back in stock before anyone else. What’s the latest scoop, you ask? Well, the Hello Kitty Stick Erasers are back in stock! Revamped to be as cute as can be, these stick erasers are sure to last you all semester long. These erasers are available in Hot Pink, Baby Pink, or Apple Red. Choose one or collect all three, you can’t go wrong erasing in Hello Kitty style!

hello kitty erasers at

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hootie the Owl Pencil Case Winners!

We at Cool Pencil Case would like to thank everyone who participated in the Hootie the Owl Pencil Case Giveaway! This has been one of our biggest giveaways ever, and we're happy to giving away ten of these super cool pencil cases!

Here are the winners!
  1. Solida Chem
  2. Dahoon Yi
  3. Dialys Garcia
  4. Kristen Gardelli
  5. Neida Vazquez
  6. Julianne Nguyen
  7. Cheryl Leonard
  8. Kandy Caballero
  9. Taylor Price
  10. Tanzila Mosumi
Thanks to everyone who entered! Who's excited for the next giveaway?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Arrivals Spotlight: Decoration Sticker Tapes

Putting the spotlight on one of our ‘Newest Arrivals,’ the latest addition to our desk supplies includes the Decoration Sticker Tapes! A must-have for those who love scrapbooking or just anything cute, these sticker tapes are just the thing to add a pop of fun and color to those scrapbook pages, letters, and even calendars!

sticker tapes at

Add some whimsy to your everyday items with these colorful and creatively designed tape dispensers. Create a pretty border around a special date on the calendar, decorate the pages of memory books, or even add it as a fun touch on a letter…the functions of these sticker tapes are limitless!

sticker tapes at

Decoration Sticker Tapes are available in 5 different, adorable designs. From Pink Safari to Colorful Bows, collect them all for a diverse collection of sticker tapes at your fingertips!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kamonohashikamo Kraze

Lately, there’s been a ‘kraze’ at Cool Pencil Case featuring none other than our favorite platypus, Kamonohashikamo! On pencil boxes, mechanical pencils, and clipboards, this San-X character – yup! the same company that made Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma – is making his own mark on school supplies. Check them out below as well as other Kamonohashikamo products on!

Kamonohashikamo school supplies at

[ 1 ] Walk and write using this Kamonohashikamo Clipboard Binder as a solid surface. Don’t feel confined to your desk as you can take notes wherever you are! This clipboard binder is also there to keep your papers in place, best of all…it has Kamonohashikamo on the cover!

[ 2 ] Ever hear of a pencil box with a whiteboard included? Yup, it exists! This Kamonohashikamo Whiteboard Pencil Box does more than hold your school supplies but features a whiteboard with a marker and eraser! Write reminders, notes, or even draw pictures, this awesome feature makes this pencil box a must-have!

[ 3 ] Make your ‘kraze’ for Kamonohashikamo known with these Kamonohashikamo Medallion 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils! Featuring a medallion on the clip of the mechanical pencil, make it no secret which platypus is the coolest!

[ 4 ] Writing those notes and essays can be more fun with Kamonohashikamo around! Available in pink, blue, or yellow, these colorful Kamonohashikamo 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils will brighten up the mood when its time for writing.

[ 5 ] See where the adventure will take you with these Kamonohashikamo Adventures 0.5 Mechanical Pencils! A trip to the farmer’s market, a bike rider, relaxation in the sun, or parachuting, wherever the destination, this platypus promises a good time!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello Japan!

Take a trip with us to Japan at the comfort of your home by checking out this cultural collection! With items that feature Tokyo, sushi, and even a samurai, good bye Southern California for now and hello Japan!

school supplies with a Japanese touch at

[ 1 ] Check out the awesome streets of Japan with these Tokyo Holic Subject Notebooks! These notebooks feature four different designs that include pictures of cute storefronts and cafes. Collect all four and embrace your inner ‘Tokyo Holic!’

[ 2 ] Take a look at the modern, contemporary twist put on this Japanese-inspired item. The Osamu Japanese Roll Pencil Case is a great pencil case for students of all ages. This beautiful roll pencil case will not only hold all your writing tools but also do so with an Asian touch.

[ 3 ] Top off your collection of gel pens with this Japanese Doll Gel Pen Collection. Representing Ningyo, or Japanese dolls, these unique pens come in six different colors. Add a form of traditional Asian art to your gel pen collection with these Japanese dolls!

[ 4 ] Anyone care for some sushi? We, at the Cool Pencil Case office, absolutely love sushi so you can guess how excited we are about this Sushi Roll Eraser! These erasers might look like the real thing, but note that they are not edible. Nonetheless, they will do the job of erasing those unwanted marks!

[ 5 ] Available in six different style options, these Kokeshi Japanese Doll Erasers will add that oriental feel to your school supplies. Modeled after “Miis,” these doll erasers feature beautiful patterns from White Origami to Pink Rose.

[ 6 ] Get ready for some action with these Japanese Samurai Eraser Collection! In colors like gray, orange, purple, yellow, red, green, and turquoise, keep a token of Japan in your pencil case with these fun erasers.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Vlogger of the Month: MyPetiteCakes

Here at Cool Pencil Case, there's nothing better than making new friends. Recently, we just started working with YouTube Vlogger, My Petite Cakes. She just recently featured our Layer Cake 3-D Stickers and our ever popular Create-Your-Own Eraser Clay. Take a peek at the amazing tutorials below!

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

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