Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crazy for Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty was brought to the United States in 1976, and ever since then, she has inspired generations of fans to stay youthful. We admit -- most of us in the Cool Pencil Case office are adults (except for our office dog, Cole, who will forever be our baby), but Hello Kitty has been a pretty big part of our childhood. From the days of elementary school with our Hello Kitty mechanical pencils, to even our high school days holding Hello Kitty debit cards, she's still with us to the end!

That's why we're particularly excited to show you all the Hello Kitty school supplies Cool Pencil Case has to offer. Click on the links below to shop each category and create some memories with everyone's favorite character!

hello kitty pencils pens erasers pencil cases

Hello Kitty Pencils
For everything Hello Kitty at Cool Pencil Case, click here.

Write us! In the comment below, let us know what your favorite Hello Kitty item is at Cool Pencil Case!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Awesome Automatic Pencil Cases at CoolPencilCase

From pencil pouches to pencil boxes, CoolPencilCase carries it all…we even carry awesome automatic pencil cases! With fun features like built-in sharpeners, magnifying glasses, and more, you’ll find that each product on this list has something different to offer!

automatic pencil cases at

[ 1 ] First on the list are Ali’s Dream Adventure Automatic Pencil Cases. Choose between four different style and color options currently available, including “Paper Planes” in blue to “Ali in Dreamland” in red!

[ 2 ] Pom Pom Purin is another fun character featured in our automatic pencil case collection with these Hello Kitty & Pom Pom Purin Automatic Pencil Boxes. With a thermometer, eraser drawer, a magnifying glass, a pencil sharpener, and a control panel to operate these features, what more can you ask for?

[ 3 ] With one look, it’s easy to tell why this Hello Kitty Ultimate Automatic Pencil Box is indeed called “ultimate.” To name a couple of awesome features, this pencil box already comes with a tape dispenser and even a compartment for the scissors included. We can’t give it all away…check out the rest of its cool features!

[ 4 ] We can’t get enough of Hello Kitty so we have to feature this sweet collection on the list. Introducing the Sweet Hello Automatic Pencil Boxes, available in three adorable style options including Hot Pink Candyland, Baby Pink Flower Love, Light Pink Music and Flowers. Which sweet style will you choose?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Win This Rilakkuma Gift Set!

School may have started, but we're not quite done yet with our giveaways. To enter to win a Rilakkuma Deluxe Set, we want to see your best creation of Rilakkuma -- a drawing, sculpture, etc. Submit your work of art to this link via the Cool Pencil Case facebook for your chance to win! Also, if you want to share your creation via Instagram, you can still enter through the giveaway link. Just make sure you post the photo and tag #CPCRilakkuma to share! We'll choose the winner on Wednesday, August 28th. Good luck!

Here's the link to enter just in case you missed it:

Friday, August 23, 2013

All Things Rilakkuma at CoolPencilCase

Embracing all things Rilakkuma, allow us to showcase the Rilakkuma collection at!

san-x school supplies at

[ 1 ] For lovers of Rilakkuma and all things sweet, we present the Rilakkuma Sweet Chocolate Pencil Case. Designed to look like delicious chocolate wrapped in a pink foil, this pencil case is as sweet as it gets!

[ 2 ] Prevent tangles with these Rilakkuma Cord/Headphone Holders. Allow these holders to neatly wrap up those headphones and cords for quick and easy access when it’s time for use!

[ 3 ] These Rilakkuma Notebook Penholders are cute, functional, and a must-have for school. Giving you quick access to your writing tool, these will sure come in handy when jotting down reminders or when there’s a pop quiz!

[ 4 ] With these Rilakkuma Fun Times Pencil Boxes, the fun times never have to end! Whether there’s a yummy picnic, a jam session, a hangout with friends, or a day for sweet lemonade, each of these style options show awesome memories being made with Rilakkuma and friends!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

CoolPencilCase’s My Melody Collection

Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and the Angry Birds, aren’t the only awesome characters at CoolPencilCase…check out CoolPencilCase’s collection of My Melody school supplies!

sanrio school supplies at

[ 1 ] These Hello Kitty and My Melody Reversible Pencil Pouch and Bags are spacious, soft and versatile. Use them as a pencil case for school then a bag for afterschool activities! With a maximum capacity of 40-45 pens, we’re positive you’ll have room for your school supplies as well as accessories!

[ 2 ] Spreading love throughout the school year is My Melody with these Hearts and Kisses Mechanical Pencils. Choose between Sweet Kisses or Lovely Hearts and add some sweetness to your mechanical pencil collection.

[ 3 ] There’s no doubt that this Comic Design Big Zipper Pencil Case Series in My Melody stands out from the rest. From the sea of gorgeous pink to cute print resembling the My Melody, this pencil case is filled with awesome details!

[ 4 ] Refill your mechanical pencils with My Melody 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Lead. Available in red, blue, pink, and green, collect all four so you’ll always have extra lead ready when needed!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SweetBayCharms Back to School Giveaway!

We love YouTube, and yes, we love our vloggers, too! A couple of weeks ago, you may have noticed on our Facebook page we teamed up with kawaii vlogger SweetBayCharms. She has a great channel full of hauls, reviews, unboxings, and charm updates that we're sure you'll enjoy! Take a peek above at her last review of our Create-Your-Own Eraser Clay, as well as some other Cool Pencil Case favorites!

Now that we're in the thick of the back-to-school season, this week, we've teamed up with SweetBayCharms again to make sure you're set for your first day of school. We're giving away a MYSTERY PRIZE, so make sure you watch the video above (you can jump to 1:06 if you're impatient) to find out how to win! Let's just say, if you've already liked Cool Pencil Case on Facebook, you're one step ahead. 

Make sure to comment and like SweetBayCharm's video above, too! Good luck to all of you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Angry Birds School Supplies at!


Sometimes we just like to match. If you make sure your shoes match your shirt on your first day of school, why not continue by making sure your school supplies match too! Today, we're showing some love to the characters of our favorite game on our phones, Angry Birds! Check out all of the pencil cases, gift sets, pens, pencils, and erasers your heart desires.

Angry Birds Pencil Cases
Angry Birds Pencils and Pens
Angry Birds Gift Sets

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keeping it Professional at!

Sure, we have a lot of fun, novelty, and even quirky school supplies at CoolPencilCase...Silly Soda Can Pencil Cases, anyone? Or how about Fast Food Erasers? But all cuteness aside, we do carry a wide range of school supplies for the older crowd, the college students, and those who just like to keep it a bit more professional. Take a look below!

Professional school supplies at

[ 1 ] These School Days Zipper Portfolio Cases are here to hold important documents to even small art projects. With four different designs from “Hi, Germany” to our personal favorite, “Photo Journal,” these portfolio cases carry that business-like feature while still keeping that cool factor.

[ 2 ] These 4+1 Multi-Function Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencils are perfect for those writing marathons that involve proofreading, editing, and everything in between! With four essential colors like red, green, blue, and black as well as the pencil feature, this pen is about as ultimate as it gets.

[ 3 ] For lovers of the finer tip, these Nano 3 Retractable 0.3 mm Gel Pens are just the thing! Choose between the following transparent body colors: Aqua, Black, Pink, and Clear!

[ 4 ] Write notes and highlight those passages without having to change your writing tool with these Double Function 0.5mm Gel Pen and Highlighter! Available in three fluorescent colors, will you be choosing pink, green, or yellow? Or maybe all three?

[ 5 ] Keep all those pens and pencils in these Solid Multi-Pocket Pencil Pouches! Spacious, simple, and sleek, these pencil pouches will easily carry all your school supplies in sophistication. Choose between the four stylish colors in this collection.

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