Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Favorite School Supplies Dressed Up for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Get this year's costume ready for tonight, as well as an extra tube of toothpaste to get your sweet tooth recovered from all the Halloween candy. has its share of school supplies getting in on the Halloween spirit, too. From pens to cool pencil cases, here are our best-selling items that have opted to dress in costume all school year long.

Kuromi, Hello Kitty, My Melody and more at
Kuromi Reversible Pencil Case ($18.85)

A plush pencil case is cute enough to carry from class to class. But on the spookiest day of the year, make sure to flip this cute pencil case inside out for some Halloween costume action!

rilakkuma, korilakkuma, and other san-x characters at
Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Costume Change Stickers ($4.85)

What should Korilakkuma be this year? A painter, forrest nomad, or a cow?

Rilakkuma Costume Multifunction Pen ($9.25)

From a cows, mice, to bunnies, Rilakkma and Korilakkuma definitely make it a goal to be the cutest pen in your pencil case on Halloween.

Bunny Costume Rilakkuma Pencil Pouch ($19.85)

Dressed up as cute as can be, this Rilakkuma pencil case features a soft, plush exterior, with a bunny mask to stand out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello Kitty For President

With the presidential election coming in a week, we're hoping all of our cool pencil case lovers are registered to vote. If there's one campaign we've been watching closely, it's for our favorite character, Hello Kitty!

Yes, Hello Kitty has been make her rounds from state to state, campaigning for your vote. Turns out, Hello Kitty has made quite a mark on U.S. history before her attempt to fill the Oval Office. Check out our favorite Forrest Gump-esque moments featuring HK herself.

Hello Kitty for President!

Hello Kitty for President!

Hello kitty for president

cool pencil case wants hello kitty for president!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Plush Animal Lover’s Day

This Sunday, October 28, is the day for Plush Animal Lover’s all around. At CoolPencilCase, we love plush animals so much; we’ve created a wide selection of Plush Animal Pencil Pouches for those who love it too. Not only does the soft texture make these pencil pouches irresistible, but the animal design makes it even better. Celebrate your love for plush animals by checking our very own collection of plush animals. Our collection includes a wide range of zoo animals. Giraffes, turtles, tigers, and more! These Plush Animal Pencil Pouches won’t just be fun to play with but can be stuffed with pencils and other school supplies!

Along with our assortment of Plush Animal Pencil Pouches, we also have Plush Animal Deluxe Sets. In addition to a Plush Animal Pencil Pouch, these gift sets include an Animal Eraser Set, an Animal Pen, and a Colored Crystal Pocket Crayon...all of your choice! Surprise a friend with this gift set or keep it for yourself, this deluxe set of school essentials will always have you prepared for school. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gangnam Style Halloween Light Show

On our morning commute to work, it can be a bit annoying hearing"Gangnam Style" by Psy playing back to back on three separate radio stations. Still, we at Cool Pencil Case can't resist anything fun that has to do with color and flashing lights. As this viral hit lights up the airwaves, a house in Leesburg, Virginia found a way to light up the neighborhood with the super-catchy song in a different way. According to the description on YouTube, the making of this spectacular light display has taken almost a year to complete. This neighborhood definitely has quite the show each night leading up to Halloween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Kawaii Halloween Papercraft Templates!

kawaii origami and papercraft, at

The scariest holiday of the year will be here in one week. With last-minute costumes and candy overload in thought, don't forget to keep your home and office space looking spooky as ever! Cool Pencil Case came across these adorable Cardboy 2007 papercraft templates  and knew it was a must-share for our readers. Click on the links below for free downloads of each of these characters!

Click below to download:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gold Rush: 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils

We sense a trend going on at Cool Pencil Case. Yeah, we're known for our cute pencil cases and our share of Japanese erasers, but we never miss a detail when choosing the right mechanical pencils for our awesome customers.

Our collection of gold-detailed mechanical pencils are a favorite for our older customers. Even when Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, and other adorable designs wrap around the bodies of these pencils, the gold details still pop out as a great, elegant feature. Here are our top 5 picks that will make you want to go for gold.

1) Sentimental Circus 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil 

Join Shappo and the rest of the Sentimental Circus as they put on a show like you've never seen. These once abandoned toys are now at your entertainment, even at school with the design's wraparound illustrations with rich, contrasting colors .

2) Crown Ballpoint Pens

Also available as an 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil, this collection is fit for royalty. The advance button features a gold queen's crown -- a perfect gift for any queen in your life!

3) Timeless Memories 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil

It's always a great idea to capture memories to look back on them in a couple of years. Let this mechanical pencil's body design serve as an inspiration for your scrapbook collages. You can't miss the pocket watch clip, complete with a chain that dangles from the advance button.

4) Storybook 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil

If you're all about classic novels, make sure your school supplies say that about you. This mechanical pencil features an opened book on the clip with engraved illustrations. Complete the look by checking out our Storybook Wonders Pencil Case.

5) Rilakkuma Sweet Charm 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil

Available in hot pink and light pink, the design features Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in a sea of sweet pastries. As adorable as this design is, it can't beat the gold charm atop the clicker. It features a gold chain connected to an elegant pearl and special key with an "R' in the middle.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Plan Away: New 2013 Monthly Planners at Cool Pencil Case

We at the Cool Pencil Case office have something to admit: We're sticky note abusers. Close to every task is successfully completed with the help of sticky notes on our laptops, bulletin boards, and gel pen love notes on our left hands. 

So you can only imagine the looks on our faces once our new 2013 Monthly Planners came straight through the office door. From Sentimental Circus to Rilakkuma, all of the San-X cuteness we could handle is now available at Cool Pencil Case. With our cute monthly planners, all of our tasks are now written down in their appropriate days of the week! Sayonara, sticky notes!

One of our favorite monthly planners features none other than Rilakkuma. The plush cover features a sponge-like texture -- something we can resist! We don't suggest using to clean any dishes, though -- leave it in its protective cover to use all year long!

Rilakkuma 2013 Student Planner at

The plastic cover does a lot more than just protect this cute planner. Inside, you'll find an extra flap to hold your identification cards, library cards, and more. 

cute weekly planners for kids
If you're a fan of Rilakkuma like the gals at Cool Pencil Case, we're sure you'll appreciate all the fun templates inside this monthly planner. With every turn of the page, you'll see that Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are featured in their best themes. Rilakkuma Meets Honey? CHECK! Rilakkuma's Chocolate and Coffee? CHECK! Rilkakkuma in Paris? (our personal favorite) DOUBLE CHECK!

2013 Monthly Planner Weekly Planner Student Planner

Another fun feature about this monthly planner (as well as the other five offered in our new arrivals section) are all of the quirky templates towards the end of the planner. Sure, there are room for scribbles and doodles in the note section -- but how often does a weekly planner include a reflexology chart maps of Japan's major subways? 

Head over to to see the rest of our 2013 monthly planners. Word on the street is that Sentimental Circus, Tarepanda, and Kerori also have a monthly planner dedicated to each of them!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CoolPencilCase's Spooky Halloween Promo!

Boo! Scared yet? One of CoolPencilCase’s favorite holidays is just around the corner. Yup, you guessed it…Halloween! One of the things we love most about Halloween is trick-or-treating, because who can resist free candy? We sure can’t! Inspired by this holiday tradition, we wanted to allow Halloweeners to be able to receive something else in addition to candy, for free! Keep reading to see how you can join in our Halloween promotion that features a couple of fun and eerie items!

cool pencil case discounts, deals, offers at

One of the treats in our promotion is a spooky sticker set! As long as you spend $25 dollars and type in “Get Spooked” in the gift message area, we’ll include this spooky sticker set along with your purchase. Put these stickers on your scheduler, notebooks, or papers to show off your Halloween spirit. If you don’t want to stick them on just yet, our sticker collection books are perfect for all those sticker collectors. This sticker set will definitely add some creepiness to your collection!

Another treat we have in store is a Plants vs. Zombies Automatic Pencil Case. When you spend $75 as well as put “Get Spooked” in the gift message area, this cool and scary pencil case will be yours to keep along with the spooky sticker set! This automatic pencil case includes a built-in pencil sharpener, a place to for your eraser, and compartments to organize all pens and pencils. The awesome design features the deadly zombies and the plant defenders. Who do you think will win this battle?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zoo Friends Make Fun School Essentials!

Do you love going to the zoo as much as we do? We love it so much we decided to put together an assortment of school supplies resembling our zoo friends! These zoo friends really make fun school essentials, can you tell? Don’t worry; if you don’t see your favorite animal here, we have many, many more zoo friends on!

butterfly pencil pouches, gel pens, ballpoint pens, animal erasers, sharpeners

[1] How cute is our Joyful Penguin Butterfly Pencil Pouch? This joyful penguin will be more than delighted to head to class with you. With a maximum capacity of about 20 pens, this penguin can fit your whole writing tools collection! Fit for young or old students, this pencil pouch has a simple yet fun design for everyone to love!

[2] Another part of our selection is our Teddy Bear 0.38mm Gel PensOur gel pens feature an adorable bear cap and come in red and blue as well!

[3] As for our Silly Penguin 0.5 mm Motion Mechanical Pencils, the penguin moves its flippers up and down with the press of the advance button. These mechanical pencils even have another animal featured on the body!

[4] We had to feature the Awesome Otter on our Happy Zoo Sticky Notepads today. These notepads are a bit different because you wont have to worry about writing on blank, boring pages. These sticky notepads feature the same animal on every note page! In addition to the otter, there are eleven other animal faces to choose from, we even have a Goofy Gorilla.

[5] Don’t let this rabbit fool you, its not only adorable but can also make your mistakes disappear. Our Rabbit Correction Tape and Eraser features a correction tape dispenser on one ear and an eraser on the other. So whether it’s a pen or pencil, this double function rabbit will make sure to take care of it.

[6] For those non-mechanical pencils, our Mini Piggy Pencil Sharpener will happily sharpen them for you. Besides the classic pink piggies usually are, our collection includes fun colors such as turquoise, purple, and yellow! Just make sure to empty out the pencil shavings when they get full, though mini, these pigs can sure eat!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Kitty, Hello Art at Known Gallery

With the one-day pop-up gallery for Hello Kitty, Hello Art at Known Gallery this past weekend in Los Angeles, it's safe to say that even the older crowd holds a soft spot for this classic feline. Crowds lined Fairfax Avenue for a peek of some Sanrio-inspired artwork by some most well-respected street artists, including Pose, Risk, and Shepard Fairey. These artists and more are included in the book, Hello Kitty, Hello Art, on sale now. Take a look at the amazing artwork below!

Hello Kitty street art by Pose

Hello Kitty Street Art by Pose

Hello Kitty Street art by Pose

(images via

Friday, October 12, 2012

New Arrivals: Animals Galore!

Meow! Roar! Quack! Does your favorite animal make any of these sounds? It’s animals galore on our New Arrivals page! From kittens to bears, you may be seeing more than one of your favorite wildlife on our newest pencil cases!

Ever wish you could bring your kitten to school? With our Rugby Kitten Plush Pencil Pouch, you now can! At 18 inches in length and stripes all around, this extra long pencil pouch isn’t only fun and playful but can hold up to 10-12 pens or pencils. With a soft, snuggly exterior and bright paws, these Rugby Kittens will remind you of your loyal pet waiting for you back home.

Maybe you’re the type of person that may want to showcase your favorite animal in its simplicity. No worries, Little Animal Pencil Pouches fulfills that personality type perfectly. These simple yet chic pencil pouches include an animal brooch of the following animals – polar bear, hedgehog, duck, penguin. Their bright and perky color schemes are another thing that will immediately catch your eye.

Last but not least, Beni Bear Tin Pencil Case has made his way into our newest arrivals. A bit different from our flat surface designed pencil cases, there’s a pop out of Beni bear on the lid. Additionally, you’ll see that there are two layers to this pencil case, more than enough space to hold your school essentials. The only question is, which design will you choose to see Beni Bear and his bouquet of flowers on?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Tutorial from Paper Pastels & DIY: Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers!

As you all know, we offer a variety of erasers. From Animal Erasers to Food Erasers to even Toy Erasers…you name it! But did you also know that we offer something that allows you to design your very own kind of eraser? Okay okay, we’ll tell you…it’s our Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers!

These Clay Erasers allows you to be the artist so you can showcase your style through works of art. Let your creativity come out and add that unique touch to your erasers for school. Choosing from a selection of five different colors, the possibilities are endless. After just four easy steps, how cool would it be to be using one-of-a-kind erasers that you designed?

So how exactly can we get started, you ask? Paper Pastels couldn’t have explained it any better in this tutorial showcasing our Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers. From tips on how to produce new colors to making this a successful DIY, this short but instructive video gives the lowdown on everything you need to know when creating your masterpieces.

Check out the creations done by Paper Pastels, can you guess what kinds of erasers were made before watching the video?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspired: Chrysanthemum Asian Pencil Roll Case

Chrsyanthemum Pencil Roll

Besides some cool pencil cases and school supplies, we know that fashion is another extension of your personality in the classroom. Since the some of the girls at see the connection, we decided to create a look based on our popular Chrysanthemum Asian Pencil Roll Case. We took the rich, dark hues of the maroon trim and found the perfect blouse, along with a creme lace short that complements the Chrysanthemum print. Since it's Fall, a bit of gold accessories go a long way, as well as the steel cap combat boot that's totally in trend right now. Just like a purse, you can match your favorite pencil cases according to your outfits at school! What do you think of this look we put together for school?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Communities in School Students Enjoy Some Cool Pencil Cases!

Before the back-to-school season, we teamed up with the Los Angeles chapter of Communities in School, an organization dedicated to empowering inner city youth to stay in school and achieve in life. We donated hundreds of pencil cases to be included in their Incentive Store at two middle school campuses in the Los Angeles area. Students are awarded with "Scholar Dollars" for good behavior, good grades, and other honorable acts. Once students earn enough Scholar Dollars, they are able to go back to the Incentive Store and purchase special items! Here are the first two students from Clinton Middle School to receive a Cool Pencil Case with their Scholar Dollars! We give our congratulations to both of your amazing efforts, and most importantly, keep up the good work!

Two students from Clinton Middle School with their latest Scholar Dollar
buys from!

Give our friends at Communities in School a "like" at Facebook! Then, give them a tweet @CISNational and tell them that @CoolPencilCase sent you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Put a Paw on it: Kutsushita Nyanko

We’ve been seeing plenty of paws around our CoolPencilCase office lately, and we’re not talking about our office pet, Cole’s, but Kutsushita Nyanko! From plush pencil cases to magnetic clips, we’ve put together an assortment of Kutsushita Nyanko items for animal lovers around. So pawse, take a look, and let us know which you like best from this feline collection.

[1] We definitely can’t start this collection off without a one-of-a-kind Kutsushita Nyanko Paw Plush Animal Pencil Case. With stripes and a furry tail, this pencil case will remind you of your pet when you’re in the library or the classroom. There’s even a small collar bell so you’ll always hear a nice ring when using your cool pencil case.

[2] There’s always that great line or important page in a book you want to refer back to when reading or studying. Luckily, Kutsushita Nyanko has made this not only easy but also cute with their Mini Paw Tabs. Now every time you’ll want to go back to a certain part of the text, these playful bookmarks will point to exactly what you’re looking for.

[3] From your locker to your refrigerator, these Kutsushita Nyanko Paw Magnetic Clips can go on about anything you feel like putting a paw on. To clip on reminders, pictures, or grocery lists, these paw magnetic clips adds some fun to your everyday items!

[4 & 5] Fit purrfectly for your plush animal pencil case, Kutsushita Nyanko Paw Erasers and Kutsushita Nyanko 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils completes this whole feline collection. With a mechanical pencil that has a Kutsushita Nyanko in socks and cute paw-printed erasers, these school supplies are surely different from ones you’ve had before.

Which of your school supplies will we see Kutsushita Nyanko’s paws on this year?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Giveaway at Super Cute Kawaii!

Super Cute Kawaii reviews's Rilakkuma Deluxe Set
One of our favorite blogs is Super Cute Kawaii. Every day, we at the Cool Pencil Case check this blog for all things fun, the newest in kawaii, and even join a giveaway or two. Our Rilakkuma Deluxe Set was reviewed this past Monday, and Marceline of SCK loved it! She loved the fun ridges at one end of the ruler as well as the surprising red tint of the wooden pencil after sharpening.

Rilakkuma Deluxe Set $16.85 at

To help spread the fun, Super Cute Kawaii is hosting a giveaway! One lucky winner will win a Rilakkuma Deluxe Set in the color of his or her choice! Don't worry, entering is easy -- simply leave a comment on their blog post with your answer to the following question:

"Which items at would make a perfect gift set?"

For extra entries:

1. Like the Cool Pencil Case Facebook page
2. Follow @coolpencilcase on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway.

Hurry! This giveaway ends on September 15th at 12 PM BST! Good luck to all!

Our Top 5 Halloween Pinterest Finds!

Okay, it's only the third of October, but we've been scouting Pinterest (as usual) for some Halloween fun! To be honest, it's still feeling a lot like summer here at our offices in Southern California, and this Autumn and Halloween goodness has somehow distracted us from this 100 degree weather. Follow our Holiday Fun board on Pinterest to stay updated with the rest of our finds, because after Halloween, we've got two more special holidays to go!


Super creepy! Imagine a punch bowl full of blood (okay, it's cranberry juice) with a spooky ghoul hand made of ice at this year's Halloween party!


Not a big fan of candy? Save your real teeth from cavities with this apple and marshmallow mouth duo.


We must admit. Even the young at heart at the Cool Pencil Case office got a bit excited after seeing this tutorial.


Do something extra planning this year and get crafty with this Frankenstein bucket for your Halloween Candy!

Have mom make you a Halloween bento lunch for school before the night crawls!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kawaii iPhone 4/4S Cases Are Now 50% Off!

With the release of the iPhone 5 a couple of weeks ago, some people are choosing to stay with the good ol' iPhone 4 or 4S models. That means some of you are in luck, because we've slashed our Kawaii iPhone case prices in half!

Kawaii iPhone Cases at
Were you dying for that Rilakkuma 3D hard case? Or are you looking for something for you and your sweetheart? Check out all of our Kawaii iPhone Cases here before they run out!

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

Make your Valentine's Day gathering even sweeter with these delicious, easy-to-make treats. From oreo pops to a red, pink, and white pop...