Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Travels

Autumn seems to finally show its true colors as we definitely feel the cool change in weather here in Southern California. Seeing how quickly autumn has come, we sometimes fail to realize that time is passing by faster than we can even say coolpencilcase! Here are some school supplies that will constantly remind us to hold on to precious memories and stories from our travels.

The Timeless Memories 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil lets us know that the memories we make now will be cherished forever. Accented with gold details, these mechanical pencils come in two designs: Snapshots of Paris or Card Games Under the Eiffel Tower. The mechanical pencil is also designed with a pocket watch clip and a gold chain linking it to the sparkling gem topped-advance button.

Reminiscing on fun memories can be even more fun when it's with friends and family. Share your exciting stories by sending letters using the Scrapbook Travels Letter Set. This matching letter set features 40 letter sheets, 20 envelopes, and stickers for sealing the envelopes.

Now, what timeless memories will you write about first?

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