Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Secret of Celebrity Style!

Do you ever wonder how celebrities manage to look so great all of the time? They have stylists, make up artists, hairdressers and personal shoppers (as if anybody looks that great naturally!) but there is one gorgeous little stylist secret that you can use to successfully look your best every day too!

It’s your Seasonal Color.

Depending on your naturally, beautiful features, you may be a summer, fall, winter or spring (or a combination if you’re really lucky!). Once you know the secret to stylist success, it’ll be easy to design your perfect look, all year round!

Top Stylist Tips:

Cool and Warm

Every color has a cool version and a warm version. A cool version will look as though it contains a touch of blue and a warm version will have a touch of yellow. Which tone suits you will depend on your season and it can be fun, and helpful to get out your out your colored pens and pencils and experiment with your favorite colors.

Red: Cool Warm

Green: Cool Warm

Pink: Cool Warm

Purple: Cool Warm

Contrast or Muted

If you have dark hair and pale skin, you have contrast tones but if your skin is similar in intensity to your hair, you have muted tones. When you select an outfit, try to have the same degree of contrast in the outfit as there is in your look.

Match Your Look

While it’s important to match your outfit to accessories, try matching a scarf, hat or necklace to a tone in your hair. This gives you face a beautiful frame and turns it into a feature!

Gorgeous Skin and Hair

The best way to guarantee your look is perfect is to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy and to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This keeps your skin clearer and your hair glossy and bright. Some stylists swear that an avocado a day keeps the hairdresser away because the natural oils in an avocado keep your hair glossy and free of split ends. For clearer skin, some stylists recommend eight glasses of water per day and plenty of vitamin C from oranges.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

A T-shirt and jeans becomes a designer statement when you add some funky shoes, a matching belt and bag and the perfect piece of jewelry. Use bright splashes of color to make even the most boring clothes look designer and for every look, there’s the perfect school accessory to finish it off.


If your skin tone and eye color are quite pale and hair has warm highlights (blonde or red) you are probably a summer. No matter what race you belong to, if your skin tone is relatively pale and your eyes are not too contrasting, you are most likely, at least part summer.

Summer is one of the two “cool” seasons which means that a bluish undertone in colors will suit you. The summer look is subtle, harmonious and pretty. Because your skin tone, hair and eyes don’t contrast too much, bright colors can look too intense on you. Pastels, pale purples, creamy colors, pretty pink, powder blue, soft greens and plums give you a delicately pretty look that compliments your delicate tonal features. Avoid dark reds, ochre, black and orange.

Summer Celebrities: Denise Richards, Rihanna

Summer Accessories: A pretty scarf, soft hair accessory or pale patent leather bag will finish your look beautifully

Summer Pencil cases: Pink Ballet Flat Shoe, hot shorts and high tops, polka dot bear pencil pouches and a Hello Kitty calculator to match.


Your skin tone, hair and eyes have rich warm tones like a copper tinge, a hint of red or a little gold. Fall colors are especially beautiful on African American skin tones that have a wonderful warm, golden undertone and are just perfect for sun kissed Latina and Asian skin. A blonde or red head with warm skin tones (olive skin or skin that appears tanned) will also look stunning in fall colors. You’ll shine in gold, olive, ochre, caramel, rich yellow, orange and darker browns.

Fall Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman and Aishwarya Rai

Fall Accessories: A gorgeous cap, leather boots and matching bag finish the fall look

Fall Pencil Cases: Brown Dachshund Pencil Case, Mori Asian Roll, Sakamoto Asian Pencil Roll, Monster Pencil Pouches. Try an orange Lovely Bear Diary or Open Your Mind Planner to finish the look at school!


Winter is all about dramatic looks and contrasts – dark hair with pale skin (many Japanese girls are winters) or very dark skin and black hair. Platinum blond with very pale skin and eyes and cool dark hair with olive skin also looks amazing in winter colors. Always choose cool tones and avoid oranges, beige and gold as you may look “washed out”. Most girls envy winter girls because you look great in all the classic colors like navy blue, black and white but also shine in rich cool red, burgundy, blue, green as well as icy pastels. Basically, you look great in just about anything and everyone is totally jealous!

Winter celebrities: Alicia Keys (when she has her naturally beautiful black hair!), Katy Perry, Kristin Kruek, Eva Longoria

Winter accessories: It’s all about the jewelry – cool pearl earrings, a ruby red pendant or a splash of color on your wrist brings gorgeous winter tones to life.

Winter Pencil Cases: Burgundy or red monster pencil pouches, zipper pencil cases, Black and white polka dot boot, Oda Asian Roll and finish the look with a Lovely Bear Diary!


Spring girls have creamy skin tones with rosy cheeks and sometimes even freckles. Hair with warm blonde, straw, strawberry or golden hair tones and highlights and brightly colored eyes best suit the spring colors. While Fall girls tend to look great in warm earthy colors, Spring girls suit can get away with brighter and more vibrant tones. Try peach, yellow, golden brown, aqua, ivory, bright greens, bright blues, reds, and coral. Springs should avoid black and white, dull dark colors and avoid some pastels as they will make you look pale and washed out.

Spring Celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz

Spring Accessories: A wild bright bag and shoes, colorful scarf or funky necklace can really add some spring to your outfit

Spring Pencil Cases: Broken Toys, Fruit Pencil Cases, Pencil Shaped Pencil Pouches, slim pencil cases and finish it all off with a gorgeous, bright Birdy Pocked Diary!

Need a combination?

If your look is more complex than most, don’t worry too much if you don’t fit perfectly into one season, stylists go even deeper and work with undertones in your skin, hair and eyes. Pick the two seasons that best apply to you. Experiment with the colors you love most and the ones you know suit you best because you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with plenty of different looks!

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