Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Arrivals from the Moongs

We couldn't be more excited to show new arrivals from the Moongs to the all our Cool Pencil Case fans. Not your everyday group of cats, rabbits, seals, or pandas, these animals are all extra chubby! Extremely cute and again, chubby, it's hard to resist hugging and squishing each of them. Tagging themselves onto pencil cases, pencils, and notebooks, we've featured a few below...but don't forget to check out the rest of the Moongs collection!

character pencil pouches at
Moongs Pencil Pouch $12.25

The Moongs Pencil Pouch is simple, spacious, and comes in four unique designs. With a vinyl exterior and a capacity to fit up to 20 writing tools, this pencil pouch will sure keep you prepared for school all year long. Choose between the four choices available: Striped Paint in Beige or Blue, Moongs Zoo in White or Navy.

character sticky memo pads at
Moongs Sticky Memo Pads $5.25

Nothing is more frustrating than having an idea and forgetting to write it down. Well, fret no more as the Moongs are here to help. These Moongs Sticky Memo Pads are portable and conveniently compact. If you're taking notes or need to mark pages for a test, these memo pads are also sticky so you can easily have Moong give you that reminder. Decide between four characters and jot down quick notes in super kawaii style.

wooden pencils at
Moongs Wooden Pencil Set $5.95

Now that you have your pencil pouch and notepads, make sure you have writing tools sharpened and ready for those essays and tests! With a gold tip cap and an allover print, it's all about the details with this Moongs Wooden Pencil Set

Monday, July 25, 2016

Free Back-to-School Gift with Your $50 or More Purchase!

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end (don't worry, you still have some time left) and you know what that is just around the corner! We know how excited you are to see old friends and make new ones. And of course, we know you're excited to go back-to-school shopping! You already know that Cool Pencil Case is stocked with everything you need but to make your shopping experience even better, we wanted to add something special to your purchase...

To celebrate the back-to-school season, we're including:

- 2 surprise items in your $50 or More Purchase!
- 5 surprise items in your $75 or More Purchase!

back-to-school promotion at
school supplies and accessories at
2 Surprise Gifts with $50 or More Purchase
5 Surprise Gifts with $75 or More Purchase

These surprises come from awesome selection of goodies including: 1 - Sea World Eraser, 2 - Nail Art Pen, 3 - Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Plush Toy, 4 - Kitty Stickers, and 5 - Ceramic Pen.

craft pens at

Featured in the first set of surprises are the awesome Ceramic Pens...Get in touch with your creative side by personalizing mugs, plates, and even vases with your unique designs. Just like how you would use on paper, you can use these Ceramic Pens to make your plateware truly your own!

craft pens at

One of the surprises also include these Nail Art Pens! These Nail Art pens allow you to be the artist by creating your own patterns and designs. Show off your personality by adding a touch of flair. Your manicure is sure to be perfect for the first day of school.

...It gets even better...

When you spend $100 or More Purchase, you will receive one of the following surprises below: Sumikko Gurashi Lanyard (item #1) and/or a Candy Kit (item #2).

lanyards and candy kits at
1 Surprise Gift with $100 or More Purchase

Surprise gifts are only available while supplies last and no code is needed to enter. To qualify for free gift(s), your order must total $50 before taxes and shipping. Offer ends August 31st. Happy back-to-school shopping!

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