Monday, January 17, 2011

Iwako Erasers - 2011's Hottest Trade!

Kawaii! What's cooler than Iwako erasers? Trading Iwako erasers! These cute, colorful Japanese erasers have become the coolest things to trade since trading began – and that’s like older than The Simpsons or your ancient great Aunt. So let's check out why Iwako erasers are so hot right now.

So many Iwako Erasers to choose from!

There are lots of reasons why tradable Iwako erasers are so cool. Probably the biggest reason – there’re more Iwako Erasers than there are Pokemon – like so many totally cute choices! MASSIVE! There are so many different types of Iwako erasers, you’ll never double up, there’s always something newer and fresher and cuter than the last – so trading is always fun and full of surprises!

Trim down and get healthy, trade in your hamburger and fries erasers

...for this!


And brand new from Japan, be the FIRST to get your hands on these:

And the top trader – Scented Japanese Soda Erasers….

Need more? Be the first of your friends to check out and get your hands on our top traders! There are so many adorable themes and characters in the Iwako range you'll never collect them all!

Allowance friendly trading! Iwako Erasers are totally affordable!

The thing about trading stuff is you need something to trade and if you don’t have the cash, you’ve got….nothing! Thankfully, you can buy Iwako erasers really cheaply and start your trading fun without busting your allowance. They’re the super cute Japanese tradable that is perfect for your budget. And check out all the Japanese Iwako collecable erasers from Cool Pencil Case!

Irresistible: A girls gorgeous best friend…’ll never trade her!

Exactly! So, if you can bear to part with them, you'll always be able to trade your Iwako erasers for something else you really want, without blowing the budget.

Trading stuff with your friends is fun. Trading Iwako erasers with your friends is even more fun! It's probably the best thing about going to school – and certainly the hottest trade in town!

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