Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Arrivals: Luxe Pencil Cases featuring Sentimental Circus, Sumikko Gurashi, and Rilakkuma!

luxe pencil case series at
Rilakkuma Luxe Pencil Case $18.85

A luxurious set of pencil cases has recently arrived at, and we, at the office, just can’t get enough of them! This Luxe Pencil Case series features all of our favorite characters from the cast of Sentimental Circus to Rilakkuma to even Sumikko Gurashi. Take a look below and you’ll quickly see what everyone’s talking about!

luxe pencil case series at
Sentimental Circus Luxe Pencil Case $18.85

There’s a reason why these pencil cases are called luxurious…actually, more than one. Each pencil case features a beautiful satin material encased in a clear vinyl. The satin is also designed with a character theme whether it’s Rilakkuma in Paris or pictures of Sumikko Gurashi’s best moments. With a touch of gold details and a maximum capacity of 35-38 pens and pencils, these pencil cases aren’t only hard to take your eyes off of but extremely spacious…perfect for all your writing tool essentials!

luxe pencil case series at
Sumikko Gurashi Luxe Pencil Case $18.85

Want to show off your Luxe Pencil Case? Tag your picture, #CoolPencilCase and @CoolPencilCase, so we can share it for other CoolPencilCase fans to see!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spotlight: Heart Themed Washi Tapes

Valentine’s Day was months ago but that doesn’t mean the love has stopped spreading at We have a wide variety of Washi Tape available but for this post, we specifically want to put the spotlight on our Heart Themed Washi Tapes. Why? Well, do we have to have a reason? Hearts just make people happy!

heart washi tape at
Heart Doodles Washi Tape $4.25

The Heart Doodles Washi Tape are definitely reminiscent of daydreaming of a crush when you’re supposed to be listening in class. Remember doodling hearts in the margins of your notebook? Well, find them on this washi tape instead. Tape them on a note to your pen pal to show your admiration or a love letter to a significant other!

heart washi tape at
Heart Lollipops Washi Tape $4.25

These Heart Lollipops Washi Tape features heart lollipops in a soft, cream pink color, Cute and whimsical, add this washi tape to your study planners or calendar events for a fun and colorful touch. The Stitched Heart Washi Tape is perfect for all the sewing and crafty gurus. Designed in a bright red color, use this tape to add a bold, loving touch to scrapbook pages, DIY projects, and more!

heart washi tape at
Stitched Heart Washi Tape $4.25

Friday, May 16, 2014

New Arrival: Rilakkuma Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Plush Cushion

rilakkuma desktop accessories at
Rilakkuma Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Plush Cushion $22.00

Rilakkuma is taking the spotlight of last week's new arrivals with this Rilakkuma Computer Mouse Pad and Support Wrist Plush Cushion. Now you can add some kawaii to your desktop area!

rilakkuma desktop accessories at

This set includes both the mousepad and the wrist support plush cushion. Easily slide your mouse on this mousepad that features a cute head shot of Rilakkuma against a yellow background.

rilakkuma desktop accessories at

Whenever your wrist starts to cramp from those long hours at the Computer, simply place your wrist on top of the Rilakkuma plush cushion and allow this bear to provide some wrist support. Besides being lazy, Rilakkuma shows that being helpful is just another trait of his...who knew?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Character Spotlight: Molang at!

Allow us to shine the spotlight on one of our popular characters this month. White, fat, and 100% adorable, Molang has been quite the favorite among the staff here at Cool Pencil Case...and Cool Pencil Case fans too! Continue to see the awesome school supplies you can find Molang on...

molang mechanical pencils at
Molang Springtime 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils $3.85

Our newest arrivals, featuring Molang, are these Molang Springtime 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils. This pencil series features three colorful designs featuring Molang picking strawberries, smelling the flowers, and enjoying a morning picnic. Celebrate the season of Spring this year with this collection!

molang pencil cases at
Molang Milk Carton Pencil Cases $12.25

Have you gotten your dose of Vitamin D yet? These Molang Milk Carton Pencil Cases are uniquely designed just like a milk carton and are filled with details you just can't miss. From cute nutritional contents to delicious flavors choose between strawberry or banana milk in this series.

molang ballpoint pens at
Molang 8-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pens $4.25

Molang always wants you to be prepared with these Molang 8-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pens. With all the colors on your fingertips, you wont have to be switching pens anytime soon!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Stories from Cool Pencil Case

Mother's Day is just like Valentine's Day. There's always that handful of people who wholeheartedly believe that Mother's Day should be celebrated, not just on the second Sunday every May.

And that's totally true. From the lunches our moms used to pack us before we left for preschool, to all the hard work she put in to make sure we were healthy and happy, here's to all of Moms of the world! 

So far, we've got two reasons why Moms are the best and quite honestly, that's just not enough. Naturally, we decided to go around the office and ask some of our staff members why they love their moms. Follow along below for some of the awesome responses!

Camille - Marketing Department

"My mom used to read me bedtime stories when she wasn't working the night shift at the hospital. Stories kept me relaxed enough to fall asleep and gave me something exciting to think about the next morning."

Have mom keep her page in your favorite
nighttime read with oneof these bookmark clips.  ($3.45)

Anne - Office Manager

"Around the office, I'm pretty detail-oriented. I think I learned got that trait from my mom. I learned at a young age that everything has its place, and if it doesn't, I had to make one. My mom and I loved labeling drawers, folders, and compartments, which helped me in school and here at Cool Pencil Case!"

Help Mom organize coupons and other important documents
with these Easy Rainbow Dry-Erase Index Clip Set ($4.85)

Sabrina - Marketing Intern

"My mom is the best in the kitchen. I seriously think her cupcakes rival Sprinkles, a favorite cupcakery for almost all of the staff at Cool Pencil Case. They had just the right amount of sweetness and were super moist. Right now, she's teaching me some basics in the kitchen, and I can't wait until I get to be the baking she queen she has always been."

If you love sweets just as much as mom,
get her this beautiful 5-Macaron Eraser Box Set ($6.25)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animal Charms, Pencil Cases, and Overall Chicness at!

It is an understatement to say that we, at CoolPencilCase, are totally in love with these two products. Simply designed and available in a gorgeous rainbow of colors, prepare to fall in love with these pencil cases (that's if you haven't already). Think we're exaggerating? See for yourself!

chic pencil cases at
Giraffe Charm Butterfly Pencil Pouch $22.85

These Giraffe Charm Butterfly Pencil Pouches are spacious, eye-catching, and chic in every way. Able to hold 18 pens or pencils, add even more of your daily essentials like your cellphone in the front flap and correction tapes and erasers in the deep pockets. Each pencil pouch is donned with an adorable giraffe charm on the bottom right corner.

chic pencil cases at
Elephant Charm Wallet Pencil Pouch $16.65

Another popular favorite is definitely the Elephant Charm Wallet Pencil Pouch. Elegant and completely versatile, take this pencil pouch from school and work to a night out with friends! Keep your wallet essentials as well as favorite writing tools in this wallet pencil pouch duo. From Cotton Candy Blue to Strawberry Red, choose between the six sweet color options in this series.

chic planners at
Giraffe Charm Planner + Diary $13.45

Can't get enough of the Giraffe Charm Butterfly Pencil Pouch? Pair it with the Giraffe Charm Planner + Diary now available on, too!

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