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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Arrivals from the Moongs

We couldn't be more excited to show new arrivals from the Moongs to the all our Cool Pencil Case fans. Not your everyday group of cats, rabbits, seals, or pandas, these animals are all extra chubby! Extremely cute and again, chubby, it's hard to resist hugging and squishing each of them. Tagging themselves onto pencil cases, pencils, and notebooks, we've featured a few below...but don't forget to check out the rest of the Moongs collection!

character pencil pouches at
Moongs Pencil Pouch $12.25

The Moongs Pencil Pouch is simple, spacious, and comes in four unique designs. With a vinyl exterior and a capacity to fit up to 20 writing tools, this pencil pouch will sure keep you prepared for school all year long. Choose between the four choices available: Striped Paint in Beige or Blue, Moongs Zoo in White or Navy.

character sticky memo pads at
Moongs Sticky Memo Pads $5.25

Nothing is more frustrating than having an idea and forgetting to write it down. Well, fret no more as the Moongs are here to help. These Moongs Sticky Memo Pads are portable and conveniently compact. If you're taking notes or need to mark pages for a test, these memo pads are also sticky so you can easily have Moong give you that reminder. Decide between four characters and jot down quick notes in super kawaii style.

wooden pencils at
Moongs Wooden Pencil Set $5.95

Now that you have your pencil pouch and notepads, make sure you have writing tools sharpened and ready for those essays and tests! With a gold tip cap and an allover print, it's all about the details with this Moongs Wooden Pencil Set

Monday, July 25, 2016

Free Back-to-School Gift with Your $50 or More Purchase!

Summer vacation is almost coming to an end (don't worry, you still have some time left) and you know what that is just around the corner! We know how excited you are to see old friends and make new ones. And of course, we know you're excited to go back-to-school shopping! You already know that Cool Pencil Case is stocked with everything you need but to make your shopping experience even better, we wanted to add something special to your purchase...

To celebrate the back-to-school season, we're including:

- 2 surprise items in your $50 or More Purchase!
- 5 surprise items in your $75 or More Purchase!

back-to-school promotion at
school supplies and accessories at
2 Surprise Gifts with $50 or More Purchase
5 Surprise Gifts with $75 or More Purchase

These surprises come from awesome selection of goodies including: 1 - Sea World Eraser, 2 - Nail Art Pen, 3 - Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Plush Toy, 4 - Kitty Stickers, and 5 - Ceramic Pen.

craft pens at

Featured in the first set of surprises are the awesome Ceramic Pens...Get in touch with your creative side by personalizing mugs, plates, and even vases with your unique designs. Just like how you would use on paper, you can use these Ceramic Pens to make your plateware truly your own!

craft pens at

One of the surprises also include these Nail Art Pens! These Nail Art pens allow you to be the artist by creating your own patterns and designs. Show off your personality by adding a touch of flair. Your manicure is sure to be perfect for the first day of school.

...It gets even better...

When you spend $100 or More Purchase, you will receive one of the following surprises below: Sumikko Gurashi Lanyard (item #1) and/or a Candy Kit (item #2).

lanyards and candy kits at
1 Surprise Gift with $100 or More Purchase

Surprise gifts are only available while supplies last and no code is needed to enter. To qualify for free gift(s), your order must total $50 before taxes and shipping. Offer ends August 31st. Happy back-to-school shopping!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

#CPCPlannerGirl: Breeeberry

We know that most of your are fans of Cool Pencil Case's monthly and yearly planners -- however, have you guys heard of bullet journaling?

Essentially, bullet journals allow you to have a to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and/or diary with just a notebook and pen. Along with a few specific symbols and modules, notes and tasks are simplified with the hopes that this "rapid logging" method will allow you to put more effort into completing the task, rather than explaining what you need to do on paper. 

We fell in love with this simple concept even more after coming across @breeeberry's Instagram a month ago. Entries in her bullet journal are simple yet colorful with the crafty use of her favorite markers and planner stickers. Make sure to follow @breeeberry on Instagram as well -- a little birdy told us she's hosting a GIVEAWAY with  a special prize from Cool Pencil Case! 

A video posted by 🌸 BREE 🌸 (@breeeberry) on

That's why @breeeberry is this month's #CPCPlannerGirl! Her creative spirit makes even the most simple of concepts more fun to work with. Read on to see what her planner tips are and see which Cool Pencil Case item is her current fave!

1.      Describe your love of stationery to us.
Stationery has always been a massive love of mine, I remember getting so excited at the start of a new school year during high school because it meant I could buy new planners, pens, rubbers, workbooks and basically everything else that the stationary shops stocked haha. I think growing up, pens were always my favorite stationery item, I loved trying new pens and making all my workbooks pretty and neat with all different colors. Funny story, my math teacher loved my workbook so much that he ended up getting his own set of colored whiteboard markers so that he could set out the board just like my book.

2.    Tell us about your favorite and most used planner accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).
Hmmm, I think my most used planner accessory would be highlighters. I love highlighters, if I have the opportunity to use a highlighter I will gladly take advantage of it. I use highlighters to help distinguish urgent and important tasks, to organize events and tasks into subgroups or to just pretty up my page by creating headers with them.

A photo posted by 🌸 BREE 🌸 (@breeeberry) on

(Included above: Arrow Planner Tabs, Heart Lollipops Washi Tape, Fruit Eraser Collection - Cherry, Double Color Craft Pen, Smart Pastel 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencil)    

3.    What is your favorite Cool Pencil Case product and why?
My favorite Cool Pencil Case product are the Double Color Craft Pens, oh my gosh they are seriously so cool! I love how they have a dual tip of two colors, it makes creating borders and headers for my planner so much fun and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need to get some more colors of them.

4.    Can you give some tips on those who love decorating their planner pages but are on a budget?
I think with social media nowadays, we all get caught up in the aesthetics of posts and we all believe that we need certain types of products or brands to make our planner pages look pretty or up to an ‘Instagram worthy’ post. You can utilize anything you have at home and turn it into a way to decorate your page, one cool thing I remember doing throughout high school was printing some images or designs I created on the computer, cut them out and use a glue stick to stick them into my journals or planners. This is a really inexpensive way to pretty up your planner pages and add a different element without breaking the bank.

5.    When did you start using your planner and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
I started to properly use a planner throughout high school when we were given a school diary to record our homework and prioritise our time to complete tasks. During my final year at school being organised and staying on top of your work was so vital in order to succeed and achieve the goals you had set for yourself, so that’s when I really began to organise and prepare to plan my days and weeks. Doing this allowed me to prioritise tasks and ensure that I had enough time to study, finish my homework and include some lovely leisure time to myself.

6.    How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
This is definitely something I need to re-organise because at the moment there isn’t much order to my stationery supplies. I have some drawers set aside in my study where I store all my stationery supplies such as pens, markers, pencils, stickers etc etc.

7.    How do you decide how to design your planner layouts? How long does it usually take to complete your design for the week or month?
I decide on planner layouts purely through trial and error, seeing what worked in the week before and what didn’t and apply that to the following weeks layout. Places like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have so many wonderful and incredible planner designs that have been created by talented people and it’s so fun to incorporate new layouts you’ve seen and tweak them in a way that works best for you. Setting up pages doesn’t normally take me too long, I think if it begins to use up a lot of time then it isn’t that beneficial for me as I like to utilize my time effectively. In saying that creating a page and spread takes me anywhere between 5-20 minutes.

8.    How has the planner community on instagram supported your love for stationery?
The planner community has supported my love for stationary in so many ways, I can’t say my bank account feels the same way… haha. Being able to share experiences, likes and dislikes with one another is a great way to learn about new products and the functionality of those products. It’s so great to share experiences and thoughts with other likeminded people.

9.    Name us three of your favorite planner girls/guys that our Cool Pencil Case fans should follow!

Three planner girls to go follow on instagram are:

Monday, February 22, 2016

#CPCCrush: Jessica of @LuxeandtheLady

We spend tons of time on Instagram every day, and believe us, we can get stuck in the deep, dark scroll of the explore page. But what exactly makes you stop on a post and search through more photos on the same profile? Around Christmas time, we discovered a couple of amazing layflat images from Jessica of @LuxeandtheLady. From makeup to candy, each perfectly laid out image featured a couple of items that told a story that had us hopping from photo to photo.

(Included above: Jessica features the Sumikko Gurashi Peek-A-Boo Notes amongst her handmade Sumikko Gurashi cupcakes!)

If you know us at Cool Pencil Case, we're obsessed with our product shots. Last week, we even gave a quick tutorial on Snapchat showing how we shoot our products! (Are you following us, by the way? Add us: CoolPencilCase).

We decided to reach out to Jessica and ask the burning question, "How do you make the perfect layflat?" Cool Pencil Case's proclaimed layflat queen answers a couple of questions and more, and even features her favorite Cool Pencil Case products in a few shots! Boy, are we lucky to have our first #CPCCrush as awesome as she is!

1. How did you get started creating lay flats on instagram?

I started doing flatlays on Instagram when I was looking for unique ways to display my box subscription products without actually showing the items inside of the boxes because that's what everyone was doing. I guess I was trying to literally "think outside of the box" 😊

2. How do you gain inspiration for your posts? How do you keep creative?

I gain inspiration through Instagram, blogs, magazines, and emails for my posts. There are so many creative accounts and tutorials out there! I love to find a way to adapt one to make the idea suit my style. I find that creativity grows with practice.

(Included above: 5-Pack Macaron Erasers, Good Morning Little Baby Pencil Box, Pocky Slim Scented Pencil 5-Pack)

3. Which Cool Pencil Case items are in your stationery rotation right now?

I'm currently using the Pocky strawberry scented pencils nonstop. They are just too cute, and I love anything Pocky sticks! I'm also using the Good Morning Little Baby Pencil Box to keep my paper cutouts and planner accessories organized. 

4. What three things do you need to get the “perfect” lay flat (props, lighting, etc.)?

My main essentials for a great flatlay are natural lighting, white foamboard, and poster putty. I like to use the putty to hold round objects in place, and sometimes I even use it to change the angle of an object to make the details more visible. 

5. What advice do you have for people who want to produce creative content on social media?

The advice I would give someone who wants to produce creative content for social media is to just go for it! For so long I let fear get in the way, but I've found that practice really does make perfect. The more I stretch my creative muscles the more ideas I come up with, and the better I can make my pictures. Inspiration can come from anywhere if you try looking for it. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Day Favorites

Have you felt the love lately? This week, we've got giveaways going on from some of your favorite vloggers and Instagram personalities like The Hollycopter and Studyign! Make sure you follow the rules in the description of each video for a chance to win!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we have gathered up some of our favorite picks across Instagram to get you in creative and loving spirit. Who would have thought school supplies and cool pencil cases could have that effect on you? See below for some Valentine's Day faves and shopable links to see more shots of the products that catch your eye.


Check out this awesome review from The Hollycopter featuring some Sumikko Gurashi favorites! Check out more color ways of some of the products below:

Sending all my love πŸŽˆπŸ’Œ - This year I decided to make my own Valentines inspired by my kawaii stationery and desk accessories from @coolpencilcase . They have so many adorable products I had a hard time choosing what to get! I am kind of obsessed with these scented strawberry Pocky stick pencils (they smell so good I want to eat them πŸ˜‹), pretty little macaron eraser set, and the cutest baby bunny pencil case (that fuzzy little bunny on top just makes me smile 😍). I totally already have my next order ready to go πŸ˜‰! If you are into planner decorating, fun stationery sets, Molang, Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, or just anything Kawaii you will love their shop! You can use code "CPCXO" to receive 10% off your $30 purchase between now and Feb 14, and they ship worldwide. I very rarely give a gift that doesn't involve candy, but I have to admit I love balloons almost as much. I think they are such a happy little treat πŸ™‚. These balloon heart Valentines were quite easy to make. I cut hearts and triangles (for the little tied part of the balloon) out of diff colored card stock paper, and glued them together. Then I cut faces and little shine spots out of each and layered with a solid black heart for more depth (the faces could just as easily be drawn on). I finished them up by tying a piece of baker's twine around the triangle and added a love letter (made from a white card stock rectangle with a piece of heart confetti attached). I tucked them into tiny translucent envelopes with a handwritten note, and a matching @theflairexchange mini heart balloon. Sending all my love to you, and please keep your eyes peeled for a fun Valentine's Day surprise I have coming up very soon! πŸ“¬πŸ’ŒπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’š #flatlay #valentine #stationery #thatsdarling #hearts #flashesofdelight #liveauthentic #candy #myunicornlife #ihavethisthingwithhearts #todayslovely #kawaii #abmlifeiscolorful #pocky #pastel #bandofun #creativityfound #vscogood #flatlays #livethelittlethings #nothingisordinary #thehappynow #target #huffpostgram #lovelysquares #peoplescreatives #balloons #diy #darlingmovement #whiteaddict
A photo posted by Jessica 🍬✨ (@luxeandthelady) on

Layflat queen @luxeandthelady gets in the Valentine's Day spirit by showing off a couple of her Cool Pencil Case favorites. Watch this space in a couple of days -- word on the street is that Jessica is going to be featured with a couple of expert tips on getting the perfect lay flat!

Shop her picks below:

A photo posted by Vanessa Dugan πŸ’•♠️πŸ’„πŸ‘“πŸ’‹πŸ‘›πŸ‘ πŸ© (@hautepinkfluff) on

@Hautepinkfluff shows her sweet side with some heart-shaped donuts alongside the Heart Pocket Pencil Pouch!

Pink and purple enthusiast @emeraldz4 shows off her "Let's Take a Trip Stamp" and reminds us that discount code is still going on strong at! Enjoy 10% off your $30 or more purchase until 2/14 by entering CPCXO at checkout!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What's in Your Pencil Case, @CharVillena?

A photo posted by @charvillena on

What's in your pencil case? One of our favorite illustrators at the moment, @CharVillena, shows off how she uses the Giraffe Charm and Wallet Pencil Pouch Duo with her favorite artist supplies! Proof that it's the perfect on-the-go pencil case whether you're an artist or student!

Also, check out her other Cool Pencil Case favorites featured in the video:

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Artist Feature: @Cicibep

We came across @Cicibep a couple of weeks ago on Instagram and were amazed at her fun anime drawings and other illustrations. Lately, she's shown off a couple of her Cool Pencil Case picks, and it turns out she's a huge fan of Sumikko Gurashi! The gals at the office wanted to know a little more about this talent, so we shot over a couple of questions to pick her brain on her design inspiration and art supplies of choice. Oh, and did we mention Cici is still in high school?

Describe yourself! What’s your name, current occupation and choice of artistic expression?
I'm currently a highschool student and my hobbies are of course drawing, jamming to instrumental music and hoarding super cute stationery/art supplies. My artistic style/expression leans toward anime and cartoon. Watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon were what inspired me to start drawing as a small child. I'm still learning how to produce art in which I do in my free time to express my appreciation towards existing characters and my originals.

(Included Above: Sumikko Gurashi Confetti Sticker Pack and Sumikko Gurashi Delightful Castle Pencil Pouch)

What Cool Pencil Case product is helping you organize your life and/or making your creative space more manageable?

Sumikko Gurashi products from Cool Pencil Case are what I enjoy using the best! I'm currently using the (Sumikko Gurashi) Kurutoga Pencil to sketch my art and also use it for writing (I basically use it for EVERYTHING). I also use many of Sumikko Gurashi's memo note pads and their folders to keep organize and help with my studies. Cool Pencil Case Products never disappoints! I like to collect all the Sumikko Gurashi products that Cool Pencil Case has to offer but there are many more that I love!

Tell us about your creative process! What inspires you? What is your favorite thing to illustrate?

There's nothing really special about my art process; my philosophy is that I would never force myself to draw, because it never turns out great. I would get sudden urges to draw, and that's when I know I should start. I'm usually inspired by anime that I currently like to watch and produce fanart; currently obsessed with Osomatsu-san and Touken Ranbu. I also draw originals where I just look around for random things, like a house plant, and draw something based off of it. My favorite things to illustrate are men because they are like in my comfort zone haha! And small cat doodles of course.

(Included Above: Japanese Doll Gel Pen Collection)

How often are you drawing/illustrating? What are your favorite supplies to use? 
I only draw when I have time because I'm in my third year of high school I don't have much leisure time to draw what I want. The only time when I'm able to draw is if its a paid commission or weekends (rarely). My art supplies aren't as special either, I always use my trusty kurutoga pencil that I've used for 2-3 years! For coloring I use Holbein and copic markers!

What advice do you have for budding artists?
My advice to budding artists is that you guys should accept and appreciate what you are able to produce! Learn to be able to accept constructive criticism and produce art to please yourself first before you try to please others. Always try to use your own skills to draw your art and not rely on another existing piece of work to copy, copying another piece of art won't get you far! As an artist myself, the only thing that really matters is just have fun and draw to your heart's content.

Do you like @Cicibep's Cool Pencil Case picks? From now until 11/14, enjoy 10% off your $30 purchase at by entering code CICIBEP10! Channel your inner artist and pick a pencil case that you can fill up with your own art supplies!