Thursday, February 27, 2014

Filofax Spotlight: Interview with FiloEyeCandi

Shining the spotlight on one of our awesome Filofax friends, we chatted with Candi, of FiloEyeCandi, and asked her a few questions about her own Filofax and more! Check out the interview below and see what she had to say on what sparked her interest for stationery, her favorite places to shop for Filofax accessories, and how her love for vintage has helped her organize!

sticky notepads at
"Converse Sticky Note peeking out for Week 8!" - FiloEyeCandi

1. Describe your love of stationery to us.
I guess the start of my love for stationery began for me back in 1992 when I was introduced to rubber stamps.  I started to take a few classes and began to create my own greeting cards.  To this day I am still collecting rubber stamps!  I just started pen-palling and use a lot of stationery.  I have even found some stationery to use in my Filofax (planner).

2. What do you love best about your favorite Filofax and why?
I love the fact that you can add basically anything into your Filofax.  I love to add Project Life Cards, Invitations and Pictures into my Filofax by using a single hole punch.  Whenever I receive an invitation in the mail I punch holes in it and add it to the week of the party!

3. Tell us about your favorite and most used Filofax accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).
Washi Tape!!!  I use it every week in my planner.

clutch pencil cases at
FiloEyeCandi showing off her Little Buggy Clutch Pencil Case!

4. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for Filofax accessories, school supplies, and crafts?
Etsy, Cool Pencil Case, Michael's, Joann Fabrics & Crafts, Hobby lobby, Pens & Leather, kikki-K, MochiThings, Amazon.

5. Can you give some tips on those who love decorating their Filofax pages but are on a budget?
I recommend a couple rolls of washi tape, some post it note flags and a few colored are good to go to start decorating your weekly pages.  There are always great sales at your local craft stores.  I also recommend stopping at your local "dollar" store too.

6. When did you start using your Filofax and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
I was introduced to Filofax in August of last year.  I look forward so much to the weekend to decorate the upcoming week and jotting down all my daily tasks that need to be done for that week.  While I am at work I have my Filofax open so I can see the things that need to be done for that day/night and when I am home in the evening I usually sit down for about 10 minutes to go over the day and see if I need to add anything to me week.

notebook penholders at
"Lovin' this Rilakkuma Penholder for my Filofax!!!!!" - FiloEyeCandi

7. How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
Lately I have a love for vintage and I have found some vintage cheese boxes that hold my stickers/post it notes/project life cards all nice and neat in a perfect row!

If you haven't already done so, follow @FiloEyeCandi and @CoolPencilCase on Instagram so you can always see the fun stuff we're up to!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rilakkuma, Hearts, and More at

February is quickly coming to an end and to celebrate this month of love we wanted to showcase these special Rilakkuma items that are filled with hearts, love, and everything sweet!

2014 has still just begun so pick up your pocket scheduler featuring Rilakkuma's Hearts! These Rilakkuma's Hearts 2014 Pocket Scheduler include both weekly and monthly templates for all your planning. They even feature a bookmark ribbon attachment so you wont have to waste time looking for where you left off!

rilakkuma and hearts theme school supplies at
Rilakkuma's Hearts 2014 Pocket Scheduler $14.65

With Rilakkuma around, you can bet that these hearts can be whimsical ones, too! These Rilakkuma Happy Hearts Tin Pencil Cases feature hearts that are colored or even made of soap bubbles! With three soft hue designs, the slim feature of these pencil cases allows for an easy fit into school bags and desks.

rilakkuma and hearts theme school supplies at
Rilakkuma Happy Hearts Tin Pencil Cases $6.85

Having recently landed on our New Arrivals page is the Rilakkuma Notepads Collection! With four different options, choose between the these colorful notepads that are filled with lines for quick notes or blank space for doodles and drawings. As a bonus, each of these notepads also comes with its own decorated box!

rilakkuma and hearts theme school supplies at
Rilakkuma Notepads Collection $4.25

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Filofax Love: Filoeyecandi

If there's one quality everyone at Cool Pencil Case has, it's that we love to make new friends. We've been reaching out to some really awesome people in the Filofax community via Instagram-- and if you ask us, it's a match made in heaven. Nothing is better than meeting new people that have the same type of love for stationery as we. Today, take a peek at the instagram account of @Filoeyecandi, who happens to be hosting a giveaway for us for a pencil case of your choice! Follow her and @coolpencilcase by today for your chance to win!

@Filoeyecandi loves here Converse Sticky Notepads!

The Little Buggy Clutch Pencil Pouch is one of her faves!

Rilakkuma Costume Multifunction Pen is the perfect Filofax companion!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Spotlight: Peas in a Pod Plush Pencil Pouch

veggie pencil cases at

CoolPencilCase is putting the spotlight on one of our newest products, the Peas in a Pod Plush Pencil Pouch! Having recently arrived on our New Arrivals page, these pencil pouches are green, soft, and simply adorable!

veggie pencil cases at

With a maximum capacity of 20-25 pens and pencils, we're positive you'll be able to bring all your favorite school supplies to the classroom. These pencil cases are covered in a plush exterior and come included with three pea plush dolls.

veggie pencil cases at

Will your pencil case be keeping the peas, pens and pencils, or a bit of both? Show us on Instagram by tagging your picture with #coolpencilcase & @CoolPencilCase!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Playful Striped Monsters at!

Have you heard? Monsters have taken over! Ahh! Just kidding, there's no reason to fear as these monsters are anything but the scary kind. Playful, striped, and full of personality, start February off with these awesome monster school supplies!

Playful Striped Monsters Notebooks $3.85

monster school supplies at
Playful Striped Monsters Notebooks $8.25

Write your class notes or make up epic stories in these Playful Striped Monsters Notebooks! Available in four different colors, these pages come donned with little monsters at the top corner of each cute! Already have notebooks on hand? Check out these Playful Striped Monsters School Planners and stay organized for the semester! With monthly and weekly templates as well as soft color designs, use these planners to stay on top of school activities and events!

monster school supplies at
Playful Striped Monsters Cutout Notebooks $4.25

Having recently arrived on our New Arrivals page are these Playful Striped Monsters Cutout Notebooks! With a cutout design, this notebook will surely stick out from the rest of your folders and books. Choose between the fun personalities featured in this collection including the Perky Pink Monster, Bubbly Blue Monster, Peppy Purple Monster, and Gleeful Green Monster!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway from Cool Pencil Case!

Word on the street is that Cool Pencil Case is holding a huge Valentine's Day giveaway on Facebook! Care to join? Get in on the fun with by following the directions to win below!

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

Make your Valentine's Day gathering even sweeter with these delicious, easy-to-make treats. From oreo pops to a red, pink, and white pop...