Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Spirit at the CoolPencilCase Office!

Here at the Cool Pencil Case office, we’re certainly getting into the spirit of the holiday season. Check out the pictures we’ve posted on Instagram of holiday décor and items around the office!

holiday decorations at the CoolPencilCase office
Christmas mittens at our photo prop studio!

gift wrapping available at
The many wrapping papers at the office!

holiday decorations at the CoolPencilCase office
Holiday decorations aren’t complete without Hello Kitty!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Certificates Available at!

Gift Certificates at!

With so many choices at, it can be hard to decide on the perfect gift this holiday season. Therefore, why not choose a Gift Certificate? All you have to do is choose the amount you’d like to give, include a gift message, and your gift is ready to be received! You have the option of sending an e-Certificate that will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or a printed gift certificate to be delivered to their actual mailbox. These gift certificates not only make holiday shopping easier, they also make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

HELP: Gingerbread House Decorations

holiday recipes and crafts at
Click here for a yummy Gingerbread House Recipe! 

With Christmas about two weeks away, we gals at Cool Pencil Case have decided to create our very own gingerbread house! With all of the yummy recipes we've found on pinterest, we haven't decided what would look (or taste) best on our very first office gingerbread house. Help us out by telling us in the comments below what your go-to decorations are for your yearly gingerbread houses. 

While you're at it, visit and "like" us on Facebook to see what others are sharing about their gingerbread decoration traditions!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Angry Birds Slingshot Set Giveaway

Looking for a sweet Christmas gift for the ultimate Angry Birds fan on your holiday shopping list? Enter Cool Pencil Case's latest giveaway for your chance to win! One lucky winner will receive this nifty slingshot set, complete with a kid-friendly slingshot and balls with our favorite Angry Birds characters on them.

giveaways at cool pencil case

Follow the easy steps on the widget below for your chances to win. That's right, you have multiple chances to win -- 23 to be exact!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because we love our fans who visit the Cool Pencil Case blog frequently, we've decided to give you all a treat. Get +5 more entries just by leaving a comment below. Make sure you answer the question, "Why do I love"

It's easy as pie. Enter soon, this Angry Birds giveaway ends on December 12, 2012! Stay tuned for the winner, which will be announced next Thursday!

Music Lovers’ Edition

Calling all music lovers…this musical school supplies collection is just for you! Filled with music notes, piano keys, and treble clefs, express your love for music through these school supplies!

Music design school supplies at

[ 1 ] This Music Lovers Pencil Case will show off your passion for music like no other. This pencil case not only has a unique design but also has a chain link featuring a treble clef and as well as a cute charm! This will sure fit your organization needs as it can hold 45-50 of pens and pencils.

[ 2 ] Pair your pencil case with matching Music Lovers Mechanical Pencils! With an adorable bow and a star charm linked to the diamond-studded top base and a musically joyful design wrapping the pencil, this mechanical pencil is like no other!

[ 3 ] These Sweet Symphony 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils are a music lover’s must have. Simply black and white and elegantly designed, which symphony will you choose? Music and Piano, Piano Keys, or Sweet Song?

[ 4 ] Resembling an actual violin case, these Violin Case Pencil Pouches are schools essentials fit for every musician. Available in white, blue, red and pink, make it no secret what your favorite instrument is.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Holiday Shopping Deals at!

Maybe you're on an allowance budget to get your classmates at school some awesome Christmas gifts -- or, you're just looking for a great deal. Either way, has great Christmas gift ideas under $20 to spread the Holiday cheer. We've got stickers for scrapbookers, pencil cases for those in need of organization help, and stationery for the whole family. See what we've gathered in our picks below!

Gifts under $10 at
Floral Trim Stationery Tape $2.25

Gifts under $10 at
Bon Voyage Pencil Pouch $9.65

Gifts under $10 at
Rilakkuma Coin Pouch $4.85

pencils at
Pocky Slim Scented Pencil 5-Pack $5.25

pencil cases and more at
Little Animal Pencil Pouches $9.85

Gifts under $10 at
Witty Buddy Pencil Pouches $9.85

Holiday Shipping Dates!

It's the first weekend of December, and we all know that a present from Cool Pencil Case is a must for at least one person on your Christmas list. Check the dates to make sure these special pencil cases and gift sets get to your loved ones before Christmas.

Got additional questions? E-mail our support team at! Happy shopping!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Highlight Away!

Highlight away using our wide variety of colorful and unique highlighters! From color-transforming to gel stick to ones that are soda scented, which highlighter will be found in your pencil case?

These Rainbow Gel Sticks are simplicity at its best. These highlighters come in fun, fluorescent colors like yellow, pink, orange, and green! The best part? They don’t smear!

Rather than a moist felt tip, our Hamster Gel Stick Neon Highlighters feature a dry, simple highlighting feature!  In awesome neon colors and wrapped in a floral design, these gel sticks will make highlighting homework and notes much more fun!

A favorite around the office include these Beetle Tip Highlighters. With a specialized tip this highlighter does more than an ordinary highlighter. It allows you to highlight in bold, loops, stripes, and more!

Ever own a highlighter that smells like your favorite soda? We’re not kidding! Our Soda Scented Highlighters feature smells like lemon, orange, and even grape. Not only do these come in different scents but in multiple colors as well!

These Color-transforming Highlighters are truly unique. After you use the highlighter tip, write over it with the white tip on the opposite end to reveal the hidden color! Which combinations of colors do you like the best?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Winter Collection!

Fit for the coldest season of the year, we present our Winter Collection of school supplies! These cool items will add a touch of winter to your school essentials, check them out!

School supplies perfect for winter at!
 [ 1 ] First off, we have our Best Friends For Life Pencil Pouch Collection in Blue.  How cute are these polar friends sharing a cold dessert right on the face of your pencil pouch. With snow balls and snowflakes on the flap, it’ll feel like winter all year long with this pencil pouch.

[ 2 ] These Mini Jelly 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils feature a sleek and simple design you just can’t resist. With a soft surface and frosty color options, these mechanical pencils are surely a must-have!

[ 3 ] Stay close to your sweetheart all winter long with this Sweet Couple iPhone 4/4S Hard Cover.  With half a picture of a boyfriend and girlfriend on each cover, the image will be complete when the images are placed next to each other. Now you and your sweetheart will always be reminded of each other wherever you both are.

[ 4 ] Our Winter Collection isn’t complete without our Soft Ice Color 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils. In Lavender, Chilled Grapefruit, Crystal Pink, Frosty White, Cool Mint, and Icy Blue, collect all six colors of this simple icy pencil!

[ 5 ] Lastly, we present our 2 in 1 Penguin Calculator & Ruler. This double function calculator and ruler is a space-saver when fitting things into your pencil case. Not to mention the irresistibly, cute penguin feature you can’t miss when calculating or measuring.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Deals at

As Cyber Monday has dawned upon us, today will be the last day of our biggest sale of the year! So far, everyone has been enjoying the once a year deals and stocking up on cool pencil cases for themselves and whoever is on their Christmas lists. Earlier this weekend, we shared with you some of the best deals under $10. Now check out our favorite pencil cases and more that would make great stocking stuffers for friends and family!

Rilakkuma Playing cards at
Rilakkuma Playing Cards $4.85

stationery stickers at
Hello Kitty Metal Stickers ($1.85)

kawaii iphone case at
Kitten Embrace iPhone Case $16.65

Girly pencil pouches at
Hot Shorts Pencil Pouch ($11.25)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Under $10

Ahh, how times have changed. Now, a trip to your local (and heavily packed) mall isn't the only way to shop during Black Friday. Head on over to Cool Pencil Case to see all of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. Select items are up to 50% off, and believe us, these items are the best stocking stuffers for the little ones on your holiday shopping list. Check out Cool Pencil Case's best gifts under $10 below!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Are You Thankful For?

Get your cool pencil cases at

Turkey, autumn leaves, pumpkin pie...and did we mention turkey? This combination of things only brings one holiday to mind...that's right, Thanksgiving!

The employees at Cool Pencil Case are definitely enjoying their day off to spend it with family and friends but just before they left for the long weekend, check out a couple of their responses when asked what they were thankful for this season:

"I am thankful for family, friends, and delicious food!"  -Stephanie, Office Assistant.

"There are many things I am thankful for! A couple include good health, family, and being surrounded by great people!"  -Marra, PR Coordinator.

And now to turn the question to Cool Pencil Case lovers, what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating National Parfait Day with Our Parfait Eraser Collection

Summer has been officially over but that doesn’t mean we should stop eating our favorite cold desserts. With that said, this Sunday (the 25th) marks National Parfait Day! Don’t run over to your fridge or grocery store just yet, wait and see what we’re showcasing to celebrate this cool holiday!


Parfait erasers, anyone? Our Parfait Eraser Collection may look like a real parfait but don’t let the cuteness fool you. These parfaits are not edible though they sure make awesome erasers. Every eraser in this collection features: a bowl filled with strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream to top it off. Add some creamy deliciousness to your eraser collection! These parfaits are just the thing to satisfy your pencil cases’ sweet tooth.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will this Hello Kitty Phone Make You Go Team Android?

Here in America, we like to revel in the special edition colors that come out in this season's hottest smartphones. Unfortunately, we don't have the pleasure of choosing out Hello Kitty-themed phones, seen in the vid below. This Samsung Galaxy Y, the first Hello Kitty smartphone released by Samsung, boasts 20 included kawaii wallpapers and an adorable on/off animation featuring Hello Kitty herself. We initially came across this beauty on tumblr, and for a while, we at the Cool Pencil Case office were debating on if this phone was actually real. This Hello Kitty edition of the Samsung Galaxy Y isn't available in the U.S. through any major phone carriers, so this video will have to do, for now at least.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Arrivals: Sweets and Treats

Did you hear? There’s a sugar rush at! A few sweets and treats have made their way in the form of school supplies! Don’t believe us? Check out the yummy items below and see for yourself!

These Yummy Scented Eraser and Roller Cleaners are anything but ordinary erasers.  Not only do they erase your mistakes, the Roller Cleaner even cleans them up! Did I mention that they were scented too? Available in colors like Yellow Cupcake and Blue Strawberries and Cherries, these erasers surely add some flavor and scent to your school supplies!

Our Lollipop and Bow 0.33mm Gel Pens is another one of our sweet newest arrivals. With a polka-dotted bow and swirls all around, this whimsical pen will make you feel like you’re in a candy factory!

Maybe you’re a donut person instead? Well, we’ve got the perfect treat. Our Donut and Sprinkles 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils are flavored in chocolate, strawberry, and blue cotton candy!  Charmed with a playful donut, these mechanical pencils will be a tasty addition to your collection.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Write on a Grain of Rice

On our daily search of the coolest kawaii finds, Cool Pencil Case came across this awesome tutorial by My Petite Cakes. She has a great YouTube channel full of resin, polymer clay, and other projects that you can make at home. Here's one of her latest vids on how to write on a grain of rice. It's actually not as hard as it seems -- check the tutorial below and decide what messages you want to start writing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miffy is Taking Over!

Watch out, CoolPencilCase lovers! Miffy has taken over our school supplies! Dating back to 1955 when Miffy was first created, this white rabbit’s legacy lives on through many different school essentials. Check out this popular and cute character on pens, calendars, and of course, pencil cases!


[ 1 ] Miffy’s Cute Monthly Planners are just the thing to prevent double-booking events on the same day. Here to keep you stay organized, this planner is designed with simple white boxes for you to write in all your activities. Miffy would love to see some color, so make your calendar even more fun by using your own markers and colored pencils for visuals!

[ 2 ] Available in blue, gray, and pink, Miffy Soft Grip 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils are definitely comfortable to use with its soft grip feature. With Miffy at the clicker of the pencil cheering you on to finish that paper, who wouldn’t want this ideal mechanical pencil?

[ 3 ] Miffy Palm-Sized 0.5mm Ballpoint Pens not only have a comfortable grip as well but feature a cute charm on the cap! In fun colors and palm-sized to fit in your pocket, these ballpoint pens are perfect for everyday use.

[ 4 ] Miffy has just picked up a new book, and is inspiring for you to, too! Miffy Bookworm 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils are just the thing for those book and Miffy lovers! Designed with hearts all around and in a size perfect for young students; Miffy asks: What book will you be reading today?

[ 5 ] Miffy 0.38mm Ballpoint Pen Series will meet all your writing needs: from taking notes in class to writing your grocery list. With a fine 0.38mm tip and Miffy at the top of the pen, you'll definitely want to collect all four distinct colors of this pen series!

[ 6 ] With a large zipper charm of Miffy and a handle to make it easy to carry, Miffy’s Illustration Pencil Case can’t get anymore cooler! Big enough to hold 20-30 of your pens and pencils, you won’t have to pick and choose what to take to school since this pencil case allows you to take them all. Which fun design will you choose? Summer Fun, Joyful Miffy, Miffy’s Doodles, or Miffy’s Bike Ride?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts and Recipes

With Thanksgiving a little more than a week away, it's time to prepare for this joyful season with craft projects to bring you and the family closer together. Click on the pictures below for Cool Pencil Case's cool craft and recipe finds to make this Thanksgiving memorable.

Thanksgiving Crafts at
Thanksgiving Finger Puppets
Thanksgiving Recipes at
Tee Pee Cupcake Recipe
Thanksgiving Crafts at
DIY Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats

Thanksgiving Crafts at
DIY Autumn Maple Leaf Crown 

Check out our Holiday Fun board on Pinterest for more projects and inspiration to last you all season!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rilakkuma Loves Chocolate and Coffee

What's one of your favorite food and drink combinations? Cookies and milk? Burgers and shakes? Rilakkuma has a few as well. One particular favorite is Chocolate and Coffee! Inspired by this yummy combination is the Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil.

This collection features six different designs featuring either Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma. With a combination of delightful colors like yellow, pink, vanilla, this mechanical pencil brings flavor to your collection of school supplies. Additional to all the cuteness, the pencil is topped with an advance button features a large Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma!

Rilakkuma's Chocolate and Coffee collection not only involves mechanical pencils but pencil toppers as well! Rilakkuma's Chocolate and Coffee Pencil Toppers are a great way to add some sweetness to your ordinary pencils. Top off your pencils with some of these chocolate and coffee flavored drinks!

You can also pair up your mechanical pencil with Rilakkuma's Cafe Subject Notebook. With designs featuring Rilakkuma's Latte Art, Korilakkuma the Barista, and them Lounging in the Café, join in on the fun in Rilakkuma's hangout spot!  This notebook is light enough so that you can bring it to class, or even to one of your favorite cafes!

Whichever of Rilakkuma's Cafe Subject Notebooks and Chocolate and Coffee designs you choose, Rilakkuma will be happy to see that this tasteful combination has become one of your favorites too!

Friday, November 9, 2012

NEW ARRIVALS: Food Takes Over Cool Pencil Case!

Before we start this blog post off, we bid you some caution: No, none of these delicious-looking school supplies are safe for consumption. Still, that doesn't mean you can't pay homage to some of your favorite snacks while you're in the classroom. With that being said, leave your tastebuds out of it and indulge in some of Cool Pencil Case's pens, pencils, and erasers that only look good enough to eat!

food erasers and pencils at
Pocky Slim-Scented Pencil 5-Pack ($5.25) 

If you took a walk into Cool Pencil Case's office, you'd notice that Pocky is definitely one of our favorite snacks (next to Hello Panda, of course). We were super excited to see these Pocky pencils finally debut at Besides the true-to-life colors of each of the four colors, they all smell absolutely delectable. The best part? You can enjoy each flavor (through writing) over and over since each order comes in packs of five.

Food erasers and pencils at cool pencil case
Chewy Candy Eraser Packs ($4.25)

Our photographer had tons of fun shooting these new Chewy Candy Eraser Packs. This shot was her personal favorite because it pretty much invites you to grab your favorite pack from the tray. Like we said, none of these chewy candy erasers are edible, but we can only imagine the "oohs" and "aahs" once you pop out with one of those Jelly Bean erasers in class!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Origami Day & a Paper Crane Tutorial!

As you all know, at Cool Pencil Case, we love everything arts and crafts including origami! From hearts to stars to roses, we think it’s amazing how a sheet of paper can be transformed into a work of art! With Origami Day right around the corner (November 11th), we’ve been watching tutorials so we, too, can practice this beautiful Japanese art. Here’s one, we wanted to share with you guys, on how to make a paper crane. Don’t stress out if it didn’t come out the way you pictured it the first time…remember practice makes perfect!

What kind of origami creation are you inspired to make this Origami Day?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

School Supplies featuring Domo-Kun!

Calling all Domo fans for a special treat! Ready for it? Well, here at Cool Pencil Case, we’ve put together a selection of our coolest Domo-Kun items! Now, all the Domo lovers are able to see what awesome school supplies will feature their favorite character.

[ 1 ] Will it be a dancing or a party Domo-Kun? These Domo-Kun Pencil Pouches will showcase your Domo love like no other. What’s even cooler is that it features a special eraser and more than enough space for all your pens!

[ 2 ] We bet you’ve never seen Domo Stick Erasers before. In brown, red, or yellow, you’ll be able to erase your mistakes with a couple clicks of the advance button. The comfort grip on the stick eraser will even make it easy on your fingers.

[ 3 ] Domo-Kun Multi-Function 0.7mm Ballpoint Pens is another item to add to the collection. These multi-functional pens can write in both red and black ink. It’s up to you to choose your selection of either a White or Brown Domo!

[ 4 ] For a small and light eraser option, these Domo-Kun Thin Premium Erasers are the perfect match. Not only is Domo featured on these erasers but one of his very own friends as well!

[ 5 ] Start planning your days in Domo style! These Domo-Kun Weekly Planners will help keep track of those important events and meetings you just can’t afford to miss. Don’t worry, there are even separate monthly scheduling pages to plan ahead and memo sheets for quick notes!

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

Make your Valentine's Day gathering even sweeter with these delicious, easy-to-make treats. From oreo pops to a red, pink, and white pop...