Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get Ready For Back-to-School with Rilakkuma!

School is about to start and what better way to start the year than with our favorite lazy bear, Rilakkuma! Rilakkuma definitely wants to help you out this school year so despite how hard it was choosing our favorites from this collection, we've gathered these top Rilakkuma school essentials to keep you ready for the year ahead...

rilakkuma school supplies at
Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Motion Mechanical Pencils $12.65

With the lovely pastel palette and Rilakkuma (or Korilakkuma) featured right on top, these Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Motion Mechanical Pencils were a must-have in our own pencil cases! Ready to write essays, notes, and ideas, these pencils will keep you prepared for those homework nights ahead! Our favorite part? The motion feature that moves the heads of each character with just a click of the clip!

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Rilakkuma Kitchen Delight Pencil Boxes $18.65

Don't head out the door just yet, join Rilakkuma for a delicious breakfast with these Rilakkuma Kitchen Delight Pencil Boxes. With a built-in feature to keep your writing tools in place and extra storage space for stickers or erasers on the opposite end, these pencil cases are no disappointment when it comes to holding your everyday essentials.

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Rilakkuma Mini Shoe Accessories Pouch $15.85

Last but not least, we present the Rilakkuma Mini Shoe Accessories Pouch. With shoelaces and even a Rilakkuma tag located on the back, this cute shoe design is simply irresistible! Perfect for school, fill them up with loose change, keys, and other mini accessories. They even come with a clip to conveniently latch onto your backpacks!

From pencil cases and erasers to stamps, find more awesome school supplies featuring Rilakkuma on!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pencils, Pens, and Erasers at Cool Pencil Case!

As you start writing your shopping lists for school supplies, don't forget that Cool Pencil Case sells more than just pencil cases. Stocked with awesome pencils, unique pens, and countless erasers...find what best fits your personality from our wide selection!

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Animal Buddies 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils $2.85

Write your essays and notes with the help of a couple of animal friends! These Animal Buddies 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils will be your go-to for homework assignments or maybe even free-time doodling. Don't be fooled...though these pencils have the design of a wooden pencil, these are actually mechanical pencils that use 0.5mm pencil lead. Choose between the panda, pig, elephant, and chick in this collection and compliment your pencils with the Happy Zoo Sticky Notepads!

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Milk Carton Erasers $2.25

Get your dose of Vitamin D with these Milk Carton Erasers. With it's cute milk carton design and fun details, these erasers are not only unique but will also get the job done by making those mistakes disappear! In five delicious options including Green Apple and Strawberry Milk, which flavor will you be choosing?

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Playful Ears Ballpoint Pen Duo $3.25

This Playful Ears Ballpoint Pen Duo will come in handy before those big exam days. By pressing down on these playful ears, you'll find either a red or black ballpoint pen ready to write with. Use the red or black ink when proofreading your work or writing important notes. It's true, good things always come in pairs!

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Character Spotlight: Sumikko Gurashi

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Summiko Gurashi at

Coming from the San-X family that brought you our all-time favorites like Sentimental Circus and Mamegoma, we're putting the spotlight on Sumikko Gurashi, also known as "Things in the Corner." Coming from corners from all around the world, these cute creatures have joined to hang out in corners together! There are a wide range of adorable characters that fill up Sumikko Gurashi, from Tonkatsu, a fried Pork Cutlet, to Shirokuma, a Polar'll find each character as irresistible as the next!

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Sail Away Sumikko Gurashi Eraser $4.25

Sail away with Sumikko Gurashi as the captains of this ship! In Sea Blue Water or Sea Shell White, choose between these two Sail Away Sumikko Gurashi Erasers to help you get the job done by erasing any mistakes away. With Sumikko Gurashi in sailor outfits, you won't help but smile at all the cuteness on board!

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Sumikko Gurashi Luxe Pencil Case $18.85

Make a statement in the classroom with these Sumikko Gurashi Luxe Pencil Cases. With a capacity of up to 38 pens and pencils, not only is this pencil case stylish but incredibly spacious as well. This pencil designed beautifully with a satin protected by a vinyl filled with different snapshots of Sumikko Gurashi just having fun and hanging out.

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Sumikko Gurashi Tokage Stickers $3.25

Decorate your school supplies in kawaii style with these Sumikko Gurashi Tokage Stickers! Each sticker includes one sheet filled with all your favorite corner friends including Tokage, their dinosaur friend! Stick them on your binders, notebooks, and planners and show your friends who Sumikko Gurashi is!

Don't worry, there's much more Sumikko Gurashi waiting for you at!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Planners on Sale at Cool Pencil Case!

The new school year is quickly approaching and what better way to start the academic semester than with a school must-have...planners! At Cool Pencil Case, we're huge fans of planners, name it! With busy days at the office, it's what keeps us organized and definitely prepared. We've put together our favorites below...

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Planners at

Available in four chic designs, the Hardcover Monster Planner and Diary will be your go-to the next six months. With both a daily and monthly outlook to plan your activities, this planner will definitely help you get on top of everyday tasks and monthly projects. In addition to filling in your calendar, you can also even set goals, log in daily activities, with little monsters cheering you along the way.

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Hardcover Monster Planner and Diary $18.25

"Putting pen to paper is said to help the brain regulate emotion and reduces feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness," we couldn't agree more with this quote found in the Color Therapy Planner. Find this planner to be filled with check lists, accounting pages, and weekly to monthly plans. Need a break? Bring out those markers and color in the countless designs you'll find on the pages of this planner.

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Color Therapy Planner $12.50

Join in on the fun with and plan your months ahead with these Mini Floral and Franky Friends Pastel Planners! Filled with weekly, monthly, and a year plan, these planners have you covered for the school year ahead. Available in soft, pretty pastels, these planners come in four irresistible options. You can choose between the Franky and Friends design in Pink or Mint Green or you can opt for a Mellifluous Lavender or Yellow.

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Mini Floral and Franky Friends Pastel Planner $8.25

Holding a total of 160 pages, you'll find everything you will need in The 365+ Planner. Filled with notes to plan your weekly and monthly activities, this planner is also filled with blank pages for any thoughts and on-the-spot ideas. One of our favorite features? The inner flap on the cover to hold tickets or even loose notes.

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The 365+ Planner $12.65

Purchase a planner from August 4, 2016 - August 18, 2016 and receive 20% off by using code: PLANNER2016. This discount will only apply to items in the planner collection at

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