Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Has Already Begun...Cool Pencil Case's Under $15 Gift Guide!

You heard right, CoolPencilCase has already started the Black Friday sale so all you Cool Pencil Case lovers can go ahead and grab your favorites at a discounted price! Below, we've put together a gift guide for items $15 and less for those on a budget this holiday season. From Little Buggy Clutch Pencil Cases to the Rilakkuma Wonderland Cylinder Tin Pencil Cases with Built-In Sharpener, don't forget to get yourself something too!

under $15 gifts at
Everything in this photo is on sale for under $15!

For the Animal Lover: Animal Pals Pencil Case ($8.85)
For the Hopeless Romantic: Sealed with a Kiss Pencil Pouch ($8.85)
For the Photographer: Vacation Snapshots Pencil Case ($8.85)
For the Aspiring Artist: Colorholic Pencil Pouch ($9.85)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool Pencil Case's Under $5 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping doesn't have to break the bank. Lucky for you, Cool Pencil Case has plenty of options that your mom, dad, your siblings, and best friends would love! Take a peek below at some of our favorite picks that would be perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your Christmas list. And don't be shy -- you know there are a couple of Under $5 gifts below that wold be perfect for you, too!

under $5 gifts at
Everything in this photo is on sale for under $5!

For the Angry Birds Fanatic: Angry Birds Slingshot Ballpoint Pen ($0.99)
For the Tech Geek:  Rilakkuma Cord Holder ($1.50)
For the Perfectionist: Seed Pimo Correction Tape ($1.99)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cool Pens to Keep Your Secrets Safe!

Have a secret to tell a friend but don't want to risk anyone else finding out? Well, these cool pens will will make sure your secret will only be seen by the eyes of you and your friend. "How does that work?" you ask, these novelty pens, available at, are actually secret message pens...take a look below!

secret message pens at
Angry Birds Secret Message Pen $4.85

Under regular sunlight and indoor lighting, the ink in these pens are invisible. Only by the pen's special light will your message be revealed! Let your best friend in the scoop and grab two so exchanging messages will be safe and in secret!

secret message pens at
Bear's Sweets Secret Message Pen and Notepad $2.25

You'll find the Angry Birds Secret Message Pen to come in four awesome style options: Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Blue Bird, and Black Bird. The Bear's Sweets Secret Message Pen and Notepad comes in the following three style options (notepad included!): Beary Sweet, Delicious Desserts, and Chef's Specials.

Monday, November 11, 2013

DEAL OF THE DAY: Snoopy and Woodstock Plush Pencil Cases

For this Holiday season, Cool Pencil Case will be featuring one item on sale each day! Which item do you want to see discounted up to 50% off? Follow us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss out on your favorite product going on sale! Click on the photo below to check out the sale price on today's deal, the Snoopy and Woodstock Plush Pencil Cases!

cool pencil case sale

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing Cards at!

What's one of your favorite past times? We took a survey here at the CoolPencilCase office and we found one common answer to be playing cards! Inspired by this activity, we've rounded up a few items from pencil pouches, to mechanical pencils, to playing cards themselves ...take a look below!

playing cards school supplies at
Playing Cards Butterfly Pencil Pouch $22.45

Featuring a face card of a king or queen, these Playing Cards Butterfly Pencil Pouches are chic, majestic, and spacious. With a maximum capacity of twenty pens, keep your writing tools in this simple yet classically designed pencil case.

playing cards school supplies at
Rilakkuma Playing Cards $4.85

Play cards with Rilakkuma on deck (literally!) with these Rilakkuma Playing Cards! Each set of playing cards in this collection features Rilakkuma in a different theme. From a floral paradise to a Parisian Korilakkuma, choose between the fun style options and play cards with friends during pasttimes or afterschool!

playing cards school supplies at
Card of Hearts Charm 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil $7.25

One of our newer arrivals feature these Card of Hearts Charm 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils. With an elegant shimmery heart card charm added to both dream-like style options, make this enchanting mechanical pencil part of your writing tool collection.

Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

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