Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Arrivals: Stamps, Mechanical Pencils, and More!

CoolPencilCase has just been overflowing with new arrivals, have you checked them out lately? You’ll see that there’s just a bit of everything! Take a look at a few of the items below!

scented highlighter and polka-dot markers at

Double the ends, double the fun with this Scented Double Ended Highlighter and Polka-Dot Tip Marker! On one side, you’ll find a highlighter scented with a fruity smell. The other side? A polka-dot tip marker on a cute mini-bear!

5-design stamp at

You might have your mechanical pencils and your pens but do you have your stamps? Have 5 different stamps all in one pen with this Jeweled Heart 5-Design Stamp! Check out the cuteness in the four different designs from Animal Love to Pretty Pastries!

advanced mechanical pencils at

These mechanical pencils are like no other! With a flip-eraser feature, this Advanced Flip-Eraser 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil is sure to make you stand out in the classroom!

Check out the rest of our Newest Arrivals here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Notebook Craze!

Anyone who has stepped foot into the Cool Pencil Case office already knows that our office supplies are anything but ordinary. No, regular sticky notes are not allowed. And of course, the yellow legal tablet is nothing compared to our cutout animal notebooks. Our to-do lists and reminders are suddenly much more fun to look our with pops of color and fun featured in each notebook and notepad. With a fresh new batch of new arrivals debuting this weekend, here are a couple of our favorites (new and old), that help us get our tasks done day after day!

cute notebooks at
Playful Striped Monsters Notebook ($3.85)

Looking for something simple and with just a tad bit of cuteness? Grab one of our new Playful Striped Monsters Notebook in one of our four color options!

Big Animals in the Zoo Cutout Mini Notebooks ($2.85)

If you don't write entire novels when tacking down notes, a mini notebook might be best for you. These new mini notebooks are cut in the shape of these adorable animals, including a cat, rabbit, bear, and elephant!

Kutusita Nyanko Paw Notepads ($3.25)

With eight different color options to choose from, these Kutusita Nyanko Paw Notepads are a fun way to remind classmates (and yourself) of quick to-do's and to bookmark pages in textbooks or personal planners!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cool Pencil Case’s Love for Lollipops!

There’s a lot of lollipop love at! We don’t know if it’s the sweet flavors or bright colors that caught our attention, but we just can’t get enough!

food erasers at

These Yummy Lollipop Erasers will add that sweet factor to your pencil case! Though they look like the real thing, note that these lollipops are just awesome erasers and not edible. Which flavor is your favorite? We’re having a tough time deciding ourselves because we love them all!

food gel pens at

Its as if we just stepped into candyland with these Lollipop and Bow 0.33 mm Gel Pens. With the swirl design and polka-dotted bows, these will definitely add some whimsy to your gel pen collection!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sentimental Circus in our New Arrivals!

The Sentimental Circus has made its way back into Cool Pencil Case! All of our favorite characters are here: Shappo the Ringleader, Mouton the Elephant, and the rest of the performers. Check out a couple of our newest products below and more on our New Arrivals page!

elephant pencil pouch at

This Mouton Face Plush Pencil Pouch will surely stand out in the classroom with its bright color and soft plush texture. With enough space for all your writing tools and a plush handle making it convenient to carry your pencil case from one class to the next, this pencil pouch is a must-have for Sentimental Circus lovers!

circus mechanical pencils at

Fill up your Mouton pencil pouch with these matching Sentimental Circus 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils! There are two acts in this show: Circus Merry-Go-Round (Pink) and the Teacups Act (Blue). On top of each pencil is the ringleader, Shappo, making sure the show is running smoothly! Doesn't Shappo add such a cute touch?

Keep up with the Sentimental Circus at!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cool Pencil Case's Favorite April Fool's Day Pranks

Even today, as the Cool Pencil Case staff sit around the office, we can't help but wonder if there will be any pranks at our desks, during the next bathroom break, or in our lunch. But since we're all so nice to each other, we at Cool Pencil Case have all made truce and decided to leave all the pranking to the imagination via our holiday Pinterest board. Here are our favorite finds -- some that are even quick enough to do after school!

If you have your friends over after school, quench their thirst
with some not-so-refreshing Jell-O. 

Everybody loves a Tootsie Roll,  except when a Smartie is
rolled into its wrapper!

An irresistible caramel-covered apple? Don't let your eye sdeceive you.

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