Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Special Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we at would love to send our thanks to the students of Cal State Fullerton's student-run PR agency, PRactical ADvantage. The five-member team of PR hopefuls has helped us showcase our newest and best merchandise and coordinate giveaways for our loyal customers. Our last meeting before Thanksgiving involved our holiday plans, and of course, PIZZA!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We Love Giveaways!

As we get more web visits and orders from our customers from across the globe, we've teamed up with a couple of popular blogs outside of the U.S. for giveaways! For our awesome customers here in the U.S., don't worry -- these giveaways are international!

Our friends at Pink Cloudsz are hosting an international giveaway ending on November 20th. Two winners will be chosen, a winner of our popular Converse Shoe Case, and another winner of our animal eraser gift set!

Make sure to enter in Tinks Tales' international giveaway as well! This giveaway ends on November 9th, so hurry up and get your entries in! The winner gets to choose a pencil case, pencil, and eraser! Doesn't that sound like the perfect gift for someone on your holiday list?

Good luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show Cool Pencil Case Some Love!

Leanne, who just recently turned 6 this past Sunday, received our Rilakkuma pencil pouch as one of her birthday gifts from her parents! Leanne's mother, Lyn, was on a hunt for the perfect gift for her daughter's big day.

Only big smiles after Leanne opened her gift!

", thank you for helping me with my purchase. I'm usually very hesitant to purchase items online, but the process was actually very easy! I felt more confident with my purchase especially because my e-mails were quickly responded to. I've already showed my co-workers your website, so be prepared for huge orders!


If you want to be featured on our blog, send us your pictures with your favorite Cool Pencil Case find! Get creative -- get family, friends, and the classroom involved. Send us your feedback and pictures at

Show Cool Pencil Case Some Love!

We just received more pictures of our most recent customers enjoying their new purchases. This week, Sarah just received her brand new Vintage Poster Pencil Pouch! Along with this picture were a few kind words for Cool Pencil Case.

"Hello CoolPencilCase.Com,

I just wanted to say how much I love my new pencil case. The pencil case fits all of my pens and pencils perfectly and keeps me organized. All of my classmates in school love the colorful design. I was surprised at how quickly my order came, especially with all the phone calls I had made regarding my order after it was placed. Thanks again! I will be shopping again soon!


If you want to be featured on our blog, send us your pictures with your favorite Cool Pencil Case find! Get creative -- get family, friends, and the classroom involved. Send us your feedback and pictures at

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cool Pencil Case in South Africa!

Our friends from Spirit of America Band recently wrapped up their stay in South Africa, teaching music workshops to young students and taking in all the culture South Africa had to offer. During their stay, Cool Pencil Case donated a couple of our animal pencil pouches and more to the students participating in the workshops. Visit Spirit of America Band's blog to relive their amazing trip!

Check out these photos!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Digging in with Love!

A huge thank you for everyone who participated in our first ever contest on Facebook! On Sunday night, fans voted for "Digging in with Love" as the name for one of our newest products. Congratulations Sylvee for submitting that creative name!

Make sure to check out our online store for more new arrivals!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Things are still busy even as the back to school season wraps up, and we just received tons of new merchandise. But there's one thing -- we need your help naming one of our products!

We've decided to hold our first Cool Pencil Case giveaway exclusively for our fans on Facebook. Join in on the fun to win one of our most popular pencil cases, the Converse Shoe Pencil Pouch in your favorite color!

Here are the easy steps to enter!

  1. "Like" us on Facebook.
  2. Click on the album titled "Name Our Cool Pencil Case Giveaway."
  3. Submit your creative name for our product by commenting on any of the photos. (Only one name submission per person!)
  4. The winner with the most "likes" on their name by Sunday, October 2 wins! So get your friends and family in on the voting as well! Note: Don't lose out on any votes! Make sure to tell your voters will to "like" your comment, not the photo.

The winner will be notified by Monday of next week. Good luck!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pencils v. Keypads: What is Your Child Missing Out On?

Face it. In a world where technology rules all, adults seldom pick up pens and pencils to write notes, but instead turn to keyboards and touchpads. Even as the ease and speed of technology saves busy parents valuable time, young children are now falling into the same routine.

And they lose a very critical element in learning : handwriting.

Bid farewell to the god-like patience of a teacher guiding students hands over and under dashed lines to perfect penmanship. Forty states have adopted the Common Core Curriculum, the nation’s guide of what’s to be taught in classrooms. Cursive didn’t make the cut.

In fact, it is common for teachers nowadays to exclude hand writing from the curriculum altogether and focus more on typing -- a more 21st century approach.

Studies have shown that hand writing boosts learning functions for all ages, especially grade school students. Young students develop better motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as an improved learning of shapes and letters. A recent study from Indiana University showed handwriting even increases brain activity and improves memory for children.

Even with the benefits of hand writing, there is no sign of technology slowing down. A study by Parenting/BlogHer polled over 1,000 tech- savvy mothers and found that 1 in 4 mothers allow their children to interact with a smart phone by the tender age of two. By the time the children turn four, 60% of children have used a computer, 43% have used a digital camera, 32% have used a smart phone, 25% have used an iPod, and 14% have used a tablet computer.

Judy Perry, Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton, cringes at those statistics.

“Not my children!” She says.

Perry has created computer programs to help her children learn the basics of grade school, but even her expertise in technology cannot help with all aspects of learning. Her son, who is now 10, was born at just four pounds. Since then, his motor skills have not fully developed for his age. Perry helps him practice certain exercises to develop his motor skills, such as beading, and yes, handwriting.

Sometimes, it's just the little things that may motivate our young ones to keep writing. Our online store offers fun pencil cases, pencils, erasers, and more to help sharpen the skills so little people knew were developed through hand writing.

While yesterday’s signatures are now today’s PIN numbers, it is hard to say whether or not the penmanship of future generations will start to resemble a doctor’s prescription note. That may be the case one day, especially if children have their hands on keypads instead and away from pencils.

Show Cool Pencil Case Some Love!

We've been getting tons of great customer feedback this past week! One of our first-time customers, Krizalyn, chose our Converse Shoe Pencil Pouch to start off her senior year in high school. Check out the picture she posted on Facebook of her new, cool pencil case!

Krizalyn is clearly a fan of high-top Converses. We couldn't help but laugh at this other picture she sent to us.

If you want to be featured on our blog, send us your pictures with your favorite Cool Pencil Case find! Get creative -- get the family, friends, and classroom involved. Send us your feedback and pictures at

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School Donation: Helps Spirit of America Band - South Africa Trip 2011

The Spirit of America Band is an award winning marching ensemble that not only has put on numerous field shows to inspire patriotism into the hearts of Americans across the country, but will soon be traveling to South Africa in September of this year. The ensemble will be leading workshops to teach South African youth through the many lessons of music, and had the great privilege of donating many of our products to Spirit of America Band! These products will be given to the many students Spirit of America Band will be teaching, and they will be used daily by students just like you!
Join us in supporting this great organization and inspiring band! You can check out some of the cool things that Spirit of America has done, like a grocery store flash mob (click here) or you can watch a video about Spirit of America's September trip (click here)!

Check out some of CoolPencilCase's new products, just like the ones we recently sent to South Africa!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Top 10 Fun School Supplies is currently featured in Huffington Post as Top 10 Fun School Supplies. Check it out !

Monday, January 17, 2011

Iwako Erasers - 2011's Hottest Trade!

Kawaii! What's cooler than Iwako erasers? Trading Iwako erasers! These cute, colorful Japanese erasers have become the coolest things to trade since trading began – and that’s like older than The Simpsons or your ancient great Aunt. So let's check out why Iwako erasers are so hot right now.

So many Iwako Erasers to choose from!

There are lots of reasons why tradable Iwako erasers are so cool. Probably the biggest reason – there’re more Iwako Erasers than there are Pokemon – like so many totally cute choices! MASSIVE! There are so many different types of Iwako erasers, you’ll never double up, there’s always something newer and fresher and cuter than the last – so trading is always fun and full of surprises!

Trim down and get healthy, trade in your hamburger and fries erasers

...for this!


And brand new from Japan, be the FIRST to get your hands on these:

And the top trader – Scented Japanese Soda Erasers….

Need more? Be the first of your friends to check out and get your hands on our top traders! There are so many adorable themes and characters in the Iwako range you'll never collect them all!

Allowance friendly trading! Iwako Erasers are totally affordable!

The thing about trading stuff is you need something to trade and if you don’t have the cash, you’ve got….nothing! Thankfully, you can buy Iwako erasers really cheaply and start your trading fun without busting your allowance. They’re the super cute Japanese tradable that is perfect for your budget. And check out all the Japanese Iwako collecable erasers from Cool Pencil Case!

Irresistible: A girls gorgeous best friend…’ll never trade her!

Exactly! So, if you can bear to part with them, you'll always be able to trade your Iwako erasers for something else you really want, without blowing the budget.

Trading stuff with your friends is fun. Trading Iwako erasers with your friends is even more fun! It's probably the best thing about going to school – and certainly the hottest trade in town!

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