Friday, November 30, 2012

Highlight Away!

Highlight away using our wide variety of colorful and unique highlighters! From color-transforming to gel stick to ones that are soda scented, which highlighter will be found in your pencil case?

These Rainbow Gel Sticks are simplicity at its best. These highlighters come in fun, fluorescent colors like yellow, pink, orange, and green! The best part? They don’t smear!

Rather than a moist felt tip, our Hamster Gel Stick Neon Highlighters feature a dry, simple highlighting feature!  In awesome neon colors and wrapped in a floral design, these gel sticks will make highlighting homework and notes much more fun!

A favorite around the office include these Beetle Tip Highlighters. With a specialized tip this highlighter does more than an ordinary highlighter. It allows you to highlight in bold, loops, stripes, and more!

Ever own a highlighter that smells like your favorite soda? We’re not kidding! Our Soda Scented Highlighters feature smells like lemon, orange, and even grape. Not only do these come in different scents but in multiple colors as well!

These Color-transforming Highlighters are truly unique. After you use the highlighter tip, write over it with the white tip on the opposite end to reveal the hidden color! Which combinations of colors do you like the best?

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