Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Gifts for Kids – Cool Stuff on Every Kid's Wish List

Get ready to find the BEST holiday gifts for kids in your class! Choosing holiday gifts for your besties is tricky – you have to choose a present that they’ll totally love and that is totally them! We love this time of year so no matter what your girls are celebrating; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any other special holiday, we’ve made sure there are perfect holiday gifts for kids with anything to celebrate!

Choosing the perfect Holiday Gifts for Kids in your life!

First, think about your girls. Are they totally into fashion? How about sport? What colors do they always look good in? Do they love music?

At Cool Pencil Case, we have thought about all this too, and we’ve made sure we have perfect holiday gifts for kids that like ANYTHING!

Next, think about your budget. Figure out how many friends you want to buy holiday gifts for and then decide how much you can spend. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the perfect holiday gifts for kids in your world! We’ve got awesome, affordable holiday gifts from just 99 cents!

Who knew vegies could be so yummy?

Now you know who and what – take a look at these awesome holiday gift wish list ideas!

Holiday gift wish list for your top five bffs!

Imagine how cool you’ll be with totally matching pencil cases next semester. You can choose a funky pencil case in everybody’s favorite color or some matching cool pencil case items that tell the world what you and your girls are all about!

Holiday Gifts for Kids in Your Class

Show your whole class that you totally love hanging out with them with holiday gifts for kids’ pencil cases! Cool Pencil Case has super affordable little holiday gifts for kids so you can treat everyone!

Holiday Gifts for Teachers

Some teachers are really special (of course some teachers are horrible too!) but if you want to show your teacher that you think she’s great and that you love all the help she’s given you this year how about a cool pen? She might even think of you when she’s writing up grades!

Holiday Gifts for your couple friends

If you have friends who are couples, this is such a cute way to celebrate their relationship and wish them Happy Holidays.

Stocking Stuffers for Moms, Dads, Brothers and Sisters

Need some goodies to help fill the family’s stockings?

Your brother might just stop picking on you – for a while – when he sees this baseball eraser set in his Christmas stocking.

Got a big brother or sister? If you’re lucky and they’re not a total pain, there’s these awesome Blah Fish Pencil Pouches that teenagers just love!

And help mom note down your Holiday wish list, with a cool notebook

And if Homer Simpson is anything to go by, Dad’s love donuts!

Or maybe dad needs something for work?

Don’t forget your little sister! Check out these awesome crayon pens and pretty pencil cases to help her make beautiful artworks!

The holidays can really chew through your pocket money but luckily great holiday gifts for kids don’t have to cost lots.

Of course, not only has holiday gifts for kids, but for everyone you want to buy for. And the really good thing about these gifts? Apart from being super cool, they can be used every day. And that really is the sort of gift on everybody’s holiday wish list.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unzipping your style at school!

When you choose a new pencil case, are you looking for one that tells everyone at your school exactly who you are? When you want to unzip your style, check out all these awesome pencil cases!

Your Style: Chic

You’re pure style, from the French tips of your toes to the perfectly trimmed ends of your hair, you know fashion and style and you always look amazing. You are a fashion icon at school, and you don’t follow the latest trends, they follow you! You know a lot about the world and you can’t wait to travel when you finish studying. Your friends look to you for advice and deep down, you know that some day, you’ll be able to make a real splash in the world. You are a natural leader and you have your finger on the pulse! You are pure chic!

Chic Careers:

Fashion designer, Celebrity Blogger, fashion writer, fashion buyer, novelist, painter, stylist, personal shopper, flight attendant, image manager, business woman, CEO

Chic Subjects:

French, Art, Writing, Reading, Film, Dance, Design

Chic Boys:

Nice nails, styled hair, cool clothes, good manners, like art and reading

Chic Celebs: Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes), Beyonce, Michelle Obama

Chic Pencil Cases : Sweet Girl European Travel Story Pencil Pouch,Bow pencil pouch

Your Style: Cool

You are always yourself, no matter what - and your friends love you for who you are! You work hard at the things you love, so you’re probably great at music or sport or your favourite subject and people respect your talent. You love coming up with new ideas so your style is individual and original. You are a natural leader and people look up to you, so you stay out of gossip and arguments and try to always do what is right. You’ll probably make a big difference in the world some day and you know you are destined for success!

Cool Careers:

President, Diplomat, Athlete, Musician, Actor, Writer, Journalist, Judge, Attorney, Business Woman, Game Programmer

Cool Subjects: Art, Music, Drama, Sports,

Cool Celebs: Fergie, Halle Berry, Pink, Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks,

Cool Boys: Hard workers, mature, nice, individual

Cool Pencil Cases : Converse shoe pencil case, Converse shoe pencil case- limited edition

Your Style: Crazy

You are totally out there, right? You’re always having fun and doing crazy stuff and people think you’re totally weird (and you love that). Your adventures make even the most boring school day fun and sometimes you’re a bit of a rebel. Some people think you’re too crazy and out there, but that’s OK, you know that underneath it all, you are a brave person who thinks differently to everyone else, likes taking risks and who always comes up with inventive and exciting ideas.You are a thrill seeker and you are not afraid to get into a little hot water! Deep down, you know that one day, your amazing ideas will take you to the most amazing places!

Crazy Careers: Inventor, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Comedian, Travel Writer, Scientist, Explorer, Celebrity Blogger, Extreme Sportswoman, Hacker

Crazy Subjects: Science, Writing, Drama, Art, Computers

Crazy Celebs: Lady Ga Ga, Albert Einstein, Penelope Cruz, Queen Latifah

Crazy Boys: Clever, funny, interesting, brave, out there

Crazy Pencil Cases : Blah Fish Pencil Pouches, Animal paw pencil pouch, Monster Pencil Pouch

Your Style: Cute

You’re adorable. You have girl next door charm with an eye for pretty clothes and accessories.You’re always doing nice things for people and everybody thinks you are sweet.Your friends love to confide in you and you give the best advice. Guys think you’re sweet and you have lots of guy friends. You know mean girls are just immature and have low self esteem so you don’t let anyone bother you and you are always there to cheer other people up.You’re going to make a real difference in the world some day!

Cute Careers: Peace Corp, Vet, Nurse, Doctor, Teacher, Police Officer, Mom, Church or Charity Worker, Midwife

Cute Subjects: Social Studies, Geography, History, Domestic Science, Religious Education

Cute Celebs: Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Hilary and Hayley Duff, Lea Michele

Cute Boys: Polite, Respectful, Sweet, Thoughtful, Helpful

Cute Pencil Cases : Rilakkuma Pencil Pouch, Polka dot bear pencil pouch, Dachshund Puppy Pencil Pouch

Your Style: Creative

People say you’re different and you agree. You’re not like other girls, you’re clever and creative and your style is completely your own. You can’t stand fake people and you are way more mature than most girls your age. You like working on your own projects and you’re really good at expressing yourself. You never act dumb or silly, you take your school work and your art seriously and are smarter and more insightful than anybody knows. You are good at subjects that aren’t “cool” and deep down you’re proud of how clever you are! You love art and music but usually nobody knows the artists you like. People don’t understand the real you. You don’t need other people’s approval because you are an individual.

Creative Careers: Artist, Sculptor, Scientist, Blogger, Activist, Human Rights Lawyer, Environmentalist, Journalist, Mathematician, Physicist

Creative Subjects: Art, Music, Politics, Science, Math, Social Studies

Creative Celebs: Kristen Stewart, Hayley Williams (Paramore), Sarah Lewitinn (Ultragrrrl)

Creative Guys: Interesting, sensitive, intelligent, artistic, clever

Creative Pencil Cases : Asian roll pencil case, Train set pencil box, Violin case pencil pouch

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part Time Job Opportunities: Stay At Home Moms, Get Paid At Home

Cool Pencil Case has several part time job opportunities for stay at home moms. We know it’s tough looking after kids and trying to earn income from home so we’ve decided to offer part time, work from home opportunities especially to our favourite people, moms!

Part Time Feature Writer
Salary: Commission Only

Cool Pencil Case is seeking a part time feature writer (article marketing) to work from home writing and submitting articles to directories and blogs on our behalf. Although experience in this area would be great, we’re happy to accept submissions from all interested moms who have a great understanding of English and a passion for writing about family friendly topics.

Each article must include the words “Cool Pencil Case” or “Cool Pencil Cases” and we will provide you with everything you need to create links. Once your family friendly article is written, you simply submit it to article directories (we’ll provide a list) or family friendly blogs. When readers click our link and purchase from our e-store, you will receive 15% of their purchase – simple! The better your article, the more websites sharing it, the better your commission!

This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of article marketing, (an extremely lucrative work from home career that anyone with a flair for words can do) while earning commission from home.

To apply, please email a short article (up to 150 words) about a family friendly topic of your choice.

Part Time Family Friendly Blogger/Website Affiliate
Salary: Commission Only

We’re looking for an at home mom with her own blog or website about family friendly topics. Parenting, cooking, net working, kid’s health, being a stay at home mom, being a work at home mom, ways to make money from home, kid’s activities, pregnancy or even stuff kids like targeted directly at kids – we don’t mind as long as it’s to do with kids, it’s ethical and it’s free from adult themes! We guarantee to keep our site family friendly too!

We’ll provide you with one of our gorgeous banners or a HTML link and all you need to do is paste it into your site. Then, when one of your readers clicks through to our page and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a 15% commission.

There’s more information on why Cool Pencil Case affiliation is a great opportunity below.

To Apply, email your website or blog address to

Part Time Affiliate Opportunity Explained….

Search “Affiliate Opportunity” and you’ll see a thousand hard sell ads about how you can make squillions of dollars overnight. We’ve never heard of a single situation where this is true. The truth is, affiliate marketing is a competitive, aggressive business and some organizations will try to take advantage of you and your site. You can however make a reasonable part time income from home without much work and it’s relatively easy if you find the right affiliate opportunity.

Affiliate Opportunity Facts and Myths

The differences between a good affiliate opportunity, (where you can earn money part time from home) and a bad affiliate opportunity are the product, the market and the relevance to your blog/site and interests. There is also a checklist of other criteria that the advertiser must be willing to meet.

  • Easy, fair, 60 day automated cookie tracking to ensure you receive every penny from sales
  • Monthly commission payments
  • Comprehensive support
  • Sales information available from our site
  • Guest blog available on request
  • American family owned and operated business
  • 24/7 sales and traffic tracking available
  • Quality, desirable, original product range
  • 15% commission
  • 3% additional commission on all sales resulting from affiliates you introduce to us

Desirable Products

In order to get money out of your affiliate relationship, the product needs to be right. It needs to be something people actually want to buy, will be excited about buying, will enjoy shopping for…. Think about your own experiences, there’s probably one thing that you get a thrill from buying (shoes/handbags/gifts etc) but you don’t get that same passion for, say, copy toner or carpet cleaners. The same is true for your affiliate product. Ask yourself, how do people really feel about buying yet another e-book? Is the average American shopper going to get excited by the product?

Cool Pencil Case products excite kids. They make excellent gifts. Moms feel great about buying school supplies, kids are thrilled about having the coolest pencil case at school.

Cool Pencil is an inviting and exciting shopping environment. There’s no hard sell for customers. There’s no crowded advertising or annoying gimmicks. It’s an online store that kids and moms browse and enjoy. Check out our About Us page for more information on how much our buyers love Cool Pencil Cases.

Sizable, Healthy Market

So, you’ve found a great product that’s exciting and useful to shoppers. That’s great, as long as there aren’t 5000 other products just like it or 100000 other affiliates fighting for each sale. Ask yourself who is shopping for this product, how are they finding it and is there enough of them for you to get paid?

Cool Pencil Case products are such a hit with kids because they are unique. We’ve searched the web for other affiliated products that even come close and we’re excited by how uncluttered our marketplace is. Our product serves two needs with American shoppers (and shoppers from all over!), they’re desirable (cool, cute, fun, hip – whatever kids like, we’ve got products that will excite them) and they’re practical. Every item is an essential school item so parents aren’t required to find extra money to afford them, it all comes out of the school budget. We can’t find anything quite like it!

Our affiliate program is offered to a select few and is carefully monitored. Unlike items such as self help guides or miracle weight loss products where the first ten Google pages are blocked out by aggressive affiliates, we offer a non-competitive, simple, easy alternative without all the aggressive competition. This means that your participation can be minimal for the same results, after all you’re a work at home mom, you’re the busiest person on Earth!

Besides moms shopping for their kids, Cool Pencil Case products appeal to another, very important market. “Tweens” (8-14 year olds) are big shoppers on the Cool Pencil Case site and we take their wellbeing online very seriously. While they represent a huge growing opportunity for marketing experts, we’re always concerned that they are treated ethically and with care. For this reason, we will not accept affiliate applications from sites that engage in unethical marketing to children. We will not accept affiliates who disguise sales information or mislead children. All Cool Pencil Case affiliates must have the child’s best interest as their top priority.

There’s been a lot of research done recently on the “tween” market and some pretty interesting trends are emerging. Did you know:

  • 77% of children between 8 and 14 have completed online transactions (parents make the final payment)
  • 56% of children have used the internet to find products for their parents
  • By the age of 14, around 25% of children have access to a parent’s credit card number

The “tween” market is one of the fastest growing markets and has plenty of pocket money to spend (our product is considered a positive purchase by parents and is therefore less likely to be denied). It is also one of the most “under serviced” markets and therefore represents a great opportunity – but only if done completely ethically.

Relevance To You and Your Site

Choosing a product that is relevant to your existing blog or site gives you the best and simplest chance to earn money from home. Some affiliated products will require you to establish and market a new website dedicated to their product in return for tiny commissions. The better targeted the product to your existing audience, the better your chances of success.

Cool Pencil Case only accepts affiliate partnerships from sites that feature only family friendly content. We are passionate about protecting our reputation and understand that you are passionate about protecting yours. We offer you wholesome, family friendly, fun products, we offer tasteful, easy to use banners and links and a guarantee that we’ll never do anything to damage your reputation.

We will never ask you to link to inferior products. All of our products are stringently tested for quality and practical considerations to ensure that your brand is only associated with quality and your readers have only positive experiences.

We pride ourselves on being completely upfront about our relationship with our affiliates and we understand that it is a mutually beneficial partnership. If you’d like more information or would like to apply to be part of the program, please send your website URL to the Cool Pencil Case team

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Secret of Celebrity Style!

Do you ever wonder how celebrities manage to look so great all of the time? They have stylists, make up artists, hairdressers and personal shoppers (as if anybody looks that great naturally!) but there is one gorgeous little stylist secret that you can use to successfully look your best every day too!

It’s your Seasonal Color.

Depending on your naturally, beautiful features, you may be a summer, fall, winter or spring (or a combination if you’re really lucky!). Once you know the secret to stylist success, it’ll be easy to design your perfect look, all year round!

Top Stylist Tips:

Cool and Warm

Every color has a cool version and a warm version. A cool version will look as though it contains a touch of blue and a warm version will have a touch of yellow. Which tone suits you will depend on your season and it can be fun, and helpful to get out your out your colored pens and pencils and experiment with your favorite colors.

Red: Cool Warm

Green: Cool Warm

Pink: Cool Warm

Purple: Cool Warm

Contrast or Muted

If you have dark hair and pale skin, you have contrast tones but if your skin is similar in intensity to your hair, you have muted tones. When you select an outfit, try to have the same degree of contrast in the outfit as there is in your look.

Match Your Look

While it’s important to match your outfit to accessories, try matching a scarf, hat or necklace to a tone in your hair. This gives you face a beautiful frame and turns it into a feature!

Gorgeous Skin and Hair

The best way to guarantee your look is perfect is to keep your skin and hair clean and healthy and to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This keeps your skin clearer and your hair glossy and bright. Some stylists swear that an avocado a day keeps the hairdresser away because the natural oils in an avocado keep your hair glossy and free of split ends. For clearer skin, some stylists recommend eight glasses of water per day and plenty of vitamin C from oranges.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

A T-shirt and jeans becomes a designer statement when you add some funky shoes, a matching belt and bag and the perfect piece of jewelry. Use bright splashes of color to make even the most boring clothes look designer and for every look, there’s the perfect school accessory to finish it off.


If your skin tone and eye color are quite pale and hair has warm highlights (blonde or red) you are probably a summer. No matter what race you belong to, if your skin tone is relatively pale and your eyes are not too contrasting, you are most likely, at least part summer.

Summer is one of the two “cool” seasons which means that a bluish undertone in colors will suit you. The summer look is subtle, harmonious and pretty. Because your skin tone, hair and eyes don’t contrast too much, bright colors can look too intense on you. Pastels, pale purples, creamy colors, pretty pink, powder blue, soft greens and plums give you a delicately pretty look that compliments your delicate tonal features. Avoid dark reds, ochre, black and orange.

Summer Celebrities: Denise Richards, Rihanna

Summer Accessories: A pretty scarf, soft hair accessory or pale patent leather bag will finish your look beautifully

Summer Pencil cases: Pink Ballet Flat Shoe, hot shorts and high tops, polka dot bear pencil pouches and a Hello Kitty calculator to match.


Your skin tone, hair and eyes have rich warm tones like a copper tinge, a hint of red or a little gold. Fall colors are especially beautiful on African American skin tones that have a wonderful warm, golden undertone and are just perfect for sun kissed Latina and Asian skin. A blonde or red head with warm skin tones (olive skin or skin that appears tanned) will also look stunning in fall colors. You’ll shine in gold, olive, ochre, caramel, rich yellow, orange and darker browns.

Fall Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman and Aishwarya Rai

Fall Accessories: A gorgeous cap, leather boots and matching bag finish the fall look

Fall Pencil Cases: Brown Dachshund Pencil Case, Mori Asian Roll, Sakamoto Asian Pencil Roll, Monster Pencil Pouches. Try an orange Lovely Bear Diary or Open Your Mind Planner to finish the look at school!


Winter is all about dramatic looks and contrasts – dark hair with pale skin (many Japanese girls are winters) or very dark skin and black hair. Platinum blond with very pale skin and eyes and cool dark hair with olive skin also looks amazing in winter colors. Always choose cool tones and avoid oranges, beige and gold as you may look “washed out”. Most girls envy winter girls because you look great in all the classic colors like navy blue, black and white but also shine in rich cool red, burgundy, blue, green as well as icy pastels. Basically, you look great in just about anything and everyone is totally jealous!

Winter celebrities: Alicia Keys (when she has her naturally beautiful black hair!), Katy Perry, Kristin Kruek, Eva Longoria

Winter accessories: It’s all about the jewelry – cool pearl earrings, a ruby red pendant or a splash of color on your wrist brings gorgeous winter tones to life.

Winter Pencil Cases: Burgundy or red monster pencil pouches, zipper pencil cases, Black and white polka dot boot, Oda Asian Roll and finish the look with a Lovely Bear Diary!


Spring girls have creamy skin tones with rosy cheeks and sometimes even freckles. Hair with warm blonde, straw, strawberry or golden hair tones and highlights and brightly colored eyes best suit the spring colors. While Fall girls tend to look great in warm earthy colors, Spring girls suit can get away with brighter and more vibrant tones. Try peach, yellow, golden brown, aqua, ivory, bright greens, bright blues, reds, and coral. Springs should avoid black and white, dull dark colors and avoid some pastels as they will make you look pale and washed out.

Spring Celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz

Spring Accessories: A wild bright bag and shoes, colorful scarf or funky necklace can really add some spring to your outfit

Spring Pencil Cases: Broken Toys, Fruit Pencil Cases, Pencil Shaped Pencil Pouches, slim pencil cases and finish it all off with a gorgeous, bright Birdy Pocked Diary!

Need a combination?

If your look is more complex than most, don’t worry too much if you don’t fit perfectly into one season, stylists go even deeper and work with undertones in your skin, hair and eyes. Pick the two seasons that best apply to you. Experiment with the colors you love most and the ones you know suit you best because you are one of the lucky ones who can get away with plenty of different looks!

Monday, August 16, 2010

8 Ways to Organize for School

This is a guest post written by Elizabeth Cutten. She helps run FindCollegeCards, a student credit card / blog helping students with everything from preparing for college to graduating.

Whether you’re going to start up high school this year, or maybe it’s your first year in college, what I have found is that if you’re organized, life is going to be a lot easier. I wanted to give you eight tips that I have followed throughout my education career that worked fantastic for me.

#1 Take advantage of technology – The iPhone , as well as the Android has a ton of fantastic applications that you can take advantage of today. From voice recorders to taking pictures of the white board, you’re going to find out that technology can be your best friend.

#2 Folders are key – For every class that you have, you should have a folder. The best way to do it is simply label the front. To make it easier, I would color code my classes such as English, Math, and more.

#3 Notebooks for each class – To avoid confusion, grab a cheaper notebook and have one for each class. While those 5 star binder notebooks are nice, you will find that you may take notes in the wrong section, only leading to confusion.

#4 Don’t forget a bag – If you’re going to bring around a laptop, try and find a nice laptop backpack that will not only fit your laptop, but your books as well. This is a great way to carry one bag, rather than 2.

#5 Create a schedule – This is a big one for college students. Since you will have classes all over the place, you will want to make sure that you know when you’re going to work, have class, as well as make free time for friends.

#6 Organize your backpack – No matter what kind of backpack that you’re going to get, you’re going to find that they have pockets. Assign each pocket to a certain item such as pencils, calculators, pens, and more.

#7 Get ready the night before – Since you’re going to be exhausted in the morning, you probably don’t want to think about getting your items ready. Instead, set out your clothes, as well as make sure your backpack is prepared for the next day.

#8 Make a to-do list – This is another one for the college kids. Every week, you will probably have things to do. Get in the habit of creating a to-do list before the week starts. Things such as groceries, laundry, and everything else should go on here.

Everyone has their own way of organizing, but what you’re going to find out is that if you’re not ready for school, you’re not going to be able to focus while being there. Since it’s essential that you learn in an atmosphere such as this one, the tips above are a great start to get your organization skills started!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Now Ship Pencil Cases Worldwide!

We now ship everywhere around the globe! Isn't that awesome?! Check it out at our International Shipping Option today! :]

Check out our other blog on Tumblr, and check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

Get a pencil pouch today @ :D

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Aww! Couple Pens!

I smell love in the air! These Couple Pens will be sure to brighten up anyone's day! Get a pair for you and your boyfriend / girlfriend on their birthday, on Christmas, on your anniversary, on Valentine's Day, or even as a spontaneous gift! Here's some close-ups of the different pairs of the pens we have. Did I mention that these pens are handmade? :D

Here's a group photo showing all of the cutie couples! :] There's four pairs, each with their own special attribute (:

The first pair is the Winter Couple! Look at their awesome clothes! These are a perfect gift for anyone living in a place where there's always sweater-weather :]

Next is this Sporty Couple! They're both holding golf clubs, and represent the couples that like to get out and exercise.
We also have this adorable Trendy Couple! Why do we call them that? Just look at their matching clothes!
And lastly we have this CUTE Romantic Couple (my favorite) (:
Awh! They both have a gift for their special sweetheart :3
The boy is carrying a special heart (which may be a box of chocolates hmm?) and the girl has a beautiful rose. :D

Get one for you and your boyfriend / girlfriend @!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah...Fish Pencil Pouches!

I mean, who could resist these Blah Fish Pencil Cases?! x] These crazy awesome pencil pouches come in five great colors: green, white, black, purple, and red. (:
Each one is handmade, and each one also has a special clip so you can carry them on your backpack! It'll be like a deluxe stuffed animal that you can carry around all day :]
Here's some close-up shots of the different colors -

This white Blah Fish has to be my favorite, hands down xD
At first I didn't notice, but the body is actually colored like notebook paper! All your friends will be like "WOAH WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" haha you can even name him/her and carry him/her everywhere like you would a stuffed animal :D

Here's a another cool close-up shot, this time of the green Blah Fish.
I think the eyes are really cool too. And I can't believe how much storage space they have (:

Get your Blah Fish today @!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fly Away With Me...Just Remember To Bring Your Pencil Case Boarding Pass!

Hey everyone! :] I've got some crazy awesome new pencil cases for you guys to see. Here they are! (:

These are our awesome new pencil cases from our World Travel Collection.
They're so convincing, your friends'll think you have an actual boarding pass @ school!
:] Have fun! Here's some individual shots, plus additional individual descriptions. Enjoy!

We'll start with the United States. Country pride, yeah? This pencil case shows the oh-so-wonderful American flag, along with a detailed map with every State and a select few cities labeled.

Next we'll take a look at this crazy cool pencil pouch. Did I mention it came strait from the UK? This pencil pouch shows the always fashionable Union Jack Flag, along with a detailed map of Great Britain on the back. Win. (:
Thirdly, we have this awesome German pencil pouch :D
This pencil pouch features the German flag on the front, and a map of the country on the back. Enjoy! :]

Last but certainly not least, we have this SUPER COOL boarding pass pencil pouch. :]
It shows the flyer's information on the front, and some important -cough-
information on the back. ;] I think I'm gonna have to get this for myself, haha.

Get your pencil case from the World Travel Collection @

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pop..Pop..Popcorn Pens!

Hey everyone! We have some awesome photos of our new popcorn pens that just arrived. They're kinda like puffy paint, but they come from a pen. How cool is that? They're great for projects and cards :]

Here's what the pens look like! We have many different colors of inks:

Here's some steps to make sure your pens work perfectly:

Step 1: Dry your colored ink with low heat from a blowdryer or fan for about 3 minutes.

Step 2: Put the blowdryer on high heat and hold in close to the ink. Be patient! It will begin to pop after about 5 minutes.

Step 3: The ink will begin to pop! Just continue to hold the blowdryer over the ink until it looks just right. Enjoy!

Get yours today @!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take a Trip to the Boot-ique With These Cute Pencil Pouches!

Hey guys! Got some really awesome stuff for you today:

Let's start with these super chic, stylish boot pencil pouches. You wouldn't settle for anything less at a shoe store, so why not try for a fashion statement at school? These boots will match all outfits, all the time.

Next, take a look at these cute, polka dot boot pencil cases! They all have a designer-style feel, and will be sure to impress all your friends when you bring 'em to class. Some might even think they're real boots, haha. :]

Have fun with your boots this school year! Get yours @ today!

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Valentine's Day Sweets and Treats

Make your Valentine's Day gathering even sweeter with these delicious, easy-to-make treats. From oreo pops to a red, pink, and white pop...