Thursday, December 6, 2012

Music Lovers’ Edition

Calling all music lovers…this musical school supplies collection is just for you! Filled with music notes, piano keys, and treble clefs, express your love for music through these school supplies!

Music design school supplies at

[ 1 ] This Music Lovers Pencil Case will show off your passion for music like no other. This pencil case not only has a unique design but also has a chain link featuring a treble clef and as well as a cute charm! This will sure fit your organization needs as it can hold 45-50 of pens and pencils.

[ 2 ] Pair your pencil case with matching Music Lovers Mechanical Pencils! With an adorable bow and a star charm linked to the diamond-studded top base and a musically joyful design wrapping the pencil, this mechanical pencil is like no other!

[ 3 ] These Sweet Symphony 0.5 mm Mechanical Pencils are a music lover’s must have. Simply black and white and elegantly designed, which symphony will you choose? Music and Piano, Piano Keys, or Sweet Song?

[ 4 ] Resembling an actual violin case, these Violin Case Pencil Pouches are schools essentials fit for every musician. Available in white, blue, red and pink, make it no secret what your favorite instrument is.

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