Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl: Wendaful

One of the coolest things about making new friends in the planner community is seeing their own creations come to life. Wenda of Wendaful.com (or @wendafuldesigns on instagram) has done an amazing job showing off her planner inspiration to keep more organized, all while upkeeping her own store and personal life. See some of her favorite Cool Pencil Case items below and take notes on how she why she thinks the planner life the best life.

(Included Above: Happy Baby Mega Pencil Case, Hearts and Clouds Washi Tape, Donut Eraser Collection, Bonjour Conchonn Sketchbook Stickers, Rilakkuma Double Sided Planner Sticker Set)
"Ever since I can remember I have always loved pens and stickers. I used to shop at sanrio and even worked there for a little while! I used to love buying the letter sets to write cute notes and letters to friends." -- Wenda

(Included Above: Happy Baby Mega Pencil Case)

What is your favorite Cool Pencil Case product and why?
My favorite Cool Pencil Case product is my Lilac Happy Baby pouch. Besides the fact that it is so pretty, it can hold so much! I am able to store a ridiculous amount of pens, washi tape, stickers, and more! It is perfect for taking with me on little trips where I know I will want to play with my planner. 

Tell us about your favorite and most used planner accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).My favorite planner accessory would have to be washi tape. You can easily decorate your planner with it and is perfect for labeling events. 

(Included Above: Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Case Duo, Rilakkuma and Sentimental Circus Bookmark Clips)

Can you give some tips on those who love decorating their planner pages but are on a budget?
If you want to start decorating your planner pages but are on a budget scour the internet for free printable stickers! There are tons of resources on the internet these days, my favorite place to search is on Pinterest, just search free printable stickers and you will get tons of results! 

When did you start using your planner and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
I started planning in April of 2014 because I needed to schedule cleaning the house, making time for the kids, and remembering all of my appointments. I am so glad I did because now I hardly ever forget an appointment, and I manage my time so much better. It's not about having time, it's about making time. Planning for 10 minutes a day can make your day or week go so much smoother.

How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
I use two white drawer units to organize all of my stationery supplies. I love the shallow drawers because it makes storing small supplies easier to find. I separated the drawers to organize my stamps, ephemera, sticker books, and washi tapes. I also use a mini binder to store my etsy stickers! 

How do you decide how to design your planner layouts? How long does it usually take to complete your design for the week or month?
When decorating my planner pages I always choose two washi tapes to start and work around that theme. Sometimes I use a decorating kit from Etsy and choose washi tape to match that. I then find stickers to use for my appointments and events. It usually takes me about 20 minutes because I often have to go through tons of stickers

How has the planner community on instagram supported your love for stationery?
I remember first coming across the planner community and telling my husband, "There's a whole world of people into the same thing  as I am!" It was amazing I used to browse instagram for hours looking for inspiration. I found a whole lot, and now it has become a place where I can share my love and passion for stationery. Everyone is so supportive of each other and I love being able to help promote other shops. 

Name us three of your favorite planner girls/guys that our Cool Pencil Case fans should follow!
There are so many accounts I love but you must follow:

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