Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl: @filoeyecandi

One of our favorite feeds on instagram is by the one and only, @filoeyecandi. Candi has been on our radar since the Cool Pencil Case instagram started a couple years back. We love how much time and creativity she takes into creating her weekly planner layouts. Candi definitely has captured our hearts via the planner community, but that doesn't mean she isn't a fan of our cool pencil cases! From our butterfly pencil cases to our plush pencil pouches, she has quite the collection. Check out our latest interview with this week's #CPCPlannerGirl, Candi of @filoeyecandi!

1.    Describe your love of stationery to us.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Hello Kitty!  It all began with their cute pens, pencils, stickers and stationery!  

2.    What do you love best about your favorite planner and why?
I have owned several planners in the past few years and right now I would have to say the Carpe Diem Planner from Simple Stories.  It is an a5 size planner and there is just so much room to plan, journal, add embellishments and even a few small photos here + there!  There are several colors to choose from and the outside is so soft!

3.    Tell us about your favorite and most used planner accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).
Hands down that would be washi tape!!!  You can do so much with it inside your planner!!!  You can write on it AND use it to decorate your planner inserts.

4.    What is your favorite Cool Pencil Case product and why?
Tiny Block DIY Pencil Pouch
LOVE how you can change the outside...it's like a new pencil case each time!  FUN :)

5.    Can you give some tips on those who love decorating their planner pages but are on a budget?
If you have a local "dollar store", you can always find some post it notes, pens/pencils and washi tape!  You can spend $10-$15 and have a great start!

6.    When did you start using your planner and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
About 4 years ago I started using a paper planner!  I was creating and selling cake pops (no longer making cake pops) so I needed to write down all of my orders and plan out my baking + creating days!  A little over 2 years ago I got into decorating my planner pages!  I have been into paper crafts for several years so I have so much to play with.  I usually sit down every Sunday and plan out my week ahead with goodies from my stash!  It just makes me happy when I open up my planner and tackle my to-do's!

7.    How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
I love to shop at my local vintage shops for storage units...usually little wooden boxes or metal drawers. 

(Included Above: Playful Ears Ballpoint Pen Duo, Rilakkuma Costume Multifunction Pen, Converse Shoes Sticky Notepads, Arrow Paper Clips)

8.    How do you decide how to design your planner layouts? How long does it usually take to complete your design for the week or month?
I usually start with grabbing a washi tape first...then pull supplies that will match :) Usually about 10-15 minutes...it all depends if I throw in some stamping or not!

9.    How has the planner community on instagram supported your love for stationery?
I am amazed by the love and support that the planner community has given me.  Everyone is so sweet and very thoughtful!  We all support each other and they are just the best!!!  Several times throughout the day I will sit down and go through my IG feed...so much inspiration!!!

10.    Name us three of your favorite planner girls/guys that our Cool Pencil Case fans should follow!
I wish I could tell you to just go to my "following" list and follow all of those people because I love them all, BUT if I had to pick just three it would be 

I love those girls!!!


  1. You're always such an inspiration Candi with all the eye candy in your feed. I just love to see what's new on your radar!


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