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Part II : Our #CPCPlannerGirl, Pearl the Planner

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(Included Above: Hardcover Monster Planner and Diary and Lovely Planner Rectangle Planner Roll)

The gals at Cool Pencil Case couldn't get enough of Pearl the Planner the first time we featured her on our very first #CPCPlannerGirl series. Now, get to know the planner (and washi tape) queen with a few of the famous questions we've asked some of our favorite planner girls! Take it away, Judy!

A photo posted by @pearltheplanner on
(Included Above: Hardcover Monster Planner and Diary) 

Like many others, there are multiple reasons why I love stationery and love buying new stationery things (despite the lack of necessity). First and foremost, stationery products represent so much potential. With every new lined notebook, fresh pen, or personalized notepad there’s the potential to record or to create. Thoughts and ideas are written down, and we can use stationery as a vessel to carry out those ideas! There is a lot of power there - how often do we forget things when we neglect to write them down? Secondly, it helps me keep organized. I have a range of different color pens that I use to color code my schedule or my notes, and I have various notebooks for different subjects. Being organized helps me stay on top of multiple projects that are occurring all at once! Lastly, there are just so many options out there when it comes to stationery that one could purchase items that can be aligned with their personal style and their needs!

Tell us about your favorite and most used planner accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).
My favorite planner accessory is washi tape! It is not a necessary accessory, but I love to add washi tape to the edges and borders of my pages in my planner. It creates visual interest in the weekly pages that would otherwise just look like a wall of text or handwriting, and helps highlight important events that I may otherwise miss. Everyone has a favorite accessory whether it be a pen, paperclips, list pads or notepads but washi tape is mine. 

When did you start using your planner and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
I truly started planning as an organizational tool early on in my graduate program as a way for me to organize my time. There were many things pulling at me in my schedule and sometimes it was difficult to remember when an exact due date was or when meetings were arranged, and having a planner helped me manage my schedule so much and kept me on top of things on days that I didn’t want to complete a task. 

A photo posted by @pearltheplanner on

What is your favorite Cool Pencil Case product and why? 
Without doubt it is my Giraffe Charm Wallet and Pencil Case Duo! It can fit in SO many pens and because I like to make sure I have enough colors with me anywhere I go, it allows me to bring them all. I love that it has a zippered compartment where I keep rolls of washi tape as well, as throwing them in my bag often damages them! 

Can you give some tips on those who love decorating their planner pages but are on a budget?
The best tip I can give you is buy things that you will actually use and that you can get a lot out of - my favorite is washi tape because there is so much of it. More bang for your buck! Use colored pens and markers to decorate if stickers are not in your budget, and definitely utilize free printables that are available on the internet and in Facebook groups! 

How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
At the moment the organization of my stationery supplies is not very organized at all as I recently moved into a much smaller space! However, I have a rolling letterpress that I like to store items in with dedicated drawers to each kind of stationery item. I have little bins within the drawers to separate out my pens from my markers, my sticky notes from my stickers, and etc. Keeping it all in one space is so helpful, as I’ve been known to stuff loose items in junk drawers and they tend to get lost! As for my washi tape, I had built a shelf to store it all but I quickly outgrew it. For now, they just sit cozy in a bin together! 

How do you decide how to design your planner layouts? How long does it usually take to complete your design for the week or month?
If there is a holiday or something big occurring in my life, I will usually plan using that as inspiration! A lot of times my planner layouts are not planned and I will grab a few rolls of washi, find coordinating colors/stickers and just put it together on the fly! In total, I don’t like taking more than half an hour on decorating my planner as any longer feels like a misuse of my time. I have my stationery supplies organized together so that it’s quick and easy for me to grab things to decorate!

How has the planner community on instagram supported your love for stationery?
Better question is how have they not! I’m so happy to be in the company of people who enjoy stationery supplies just as much as I do! One great thing about stationery is that there are so many things out there that you can practically purchase anything that is suited to your likes and preferences. The planner community on Instagram has definitely shown me a world beyond the stationery aisle at my local office supply store!

Name us three of your favorite planner girls/guys that our Cool Pencil Case fans should follow!

Definitely @julie_plans, @llamaletters, and @inspiredblush among so many!

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