Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#CPCPlannerGirl: PaperPanduh

Maricris of PaperPanduh is another one of our favorite triple threats. She's an amazing creative on Instagram, a fun personality to follow along on YouTube, and a great read on her blog. She's today's #CPCPlannerGirl -- read along and see how her love of stationery has brought empowerment to her and a new group of friends, and of course, find out what her (very purple) favorite cool pencil case is!

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"I have loved stationery since I was a little girl! I believe it started with Sanrio and Lisa Frank :) I moved a lot when I was younger and kept in touch with my friends through snail mail! Ever since then, I’ve always collected different stationery and cards to write on!" - Maricris

What do you love best about your favorite planner and why?
I have two favorite planners at the moment! I use my Erin Condren Life Planner and my Rose Gold Kate Spade Wellesley. My favorite thing about my EC life planner would be that it has a lot of space to write! My ‘To Do’ lists can get pretty long, so that planner works great for sitting on my desk at home. My favorite thing about my Kate Spade planner is how compact it is. This is the planner I will usually take outside of the house with me.

Tell us about your favorite and most used planner accessory (bookmark, gel pen, stamp, etc).
My most used planner accessory would have to be post it notes. Since I write in pen, I will usually jot down my plans and To Do lists on sticky notes all over my planner.

What is your favorite Cool Pencil Case product and why?
The pencil cases of course! My favorite one would most definitely be my purple llama pencil case.

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(Included above: Alpacasso My Pencil Case)

When did you start using your planner and how did it change the way you prepared for the day/week/month?
I started using a planner in middle school actually! Using my planner throughout college helped me stay on track with all of my school work. I would use the weekly layouts to jot down all of my homework and the monthly layout to mark down my exams and presentations. After I graduated college - I started using my planner during my job search and eventually for my own business Paper Panduh.

How do you organize all of your stationery and supplies?
My main source of storage for my planner supplies is my Raskog cart from IKEA and some white drawers that I purchased from IKEA as well. 

How do you decide how to design your planner layouts? How long does it usually take to complete your design for the week or month?
I’ll usually use my newest stickers to decorate my weekly layouts and pair it with a matching washi tape. It only takes me around 15 minutes to finish decorating a layout. I decorated my monthly layouts throughout the month.

How has the planner community on instagram supported your love for stationery?
The planner community is one of the most supportive groups I have ever met! We actually even have our own planner group where I live called the Pacific Northwest Planner Group - I’ve met so many amazing ladies I’ve become great friends with!

Name three of your favorite planner girls/guys that our Cool Pencil Case fans should follow!Check out @Villabeautifful_creates, @TheInkRoad, and @PaperedLove! :)

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