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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Inspired: Chrysanthemum Asian Pencil Roll Case

Chrsyanthemum Pencil Roll

Besides some cool pencil cases and school supplies, we know that fashion is another extension of your personality in the classroom. Since the some of the girls at see the connection, we decided to create a look based on our popular Chrysanthemum Asian Pencil Roll Case. We took the rich, dark hues of the maroon trim and found the perfect blouse, along with a creme lace short that complements the Chrysanthemum print. Since it's Fall, a bit of gold accessories go a long way, as well as the steel cap combat boot that's totally in trend right now. Just like a purse, you can match your favorite pencil cases according to your outfits at school! What do you think of this look we put together for school?

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