Friday, October 19, 2012

Plan Away: New 2013 Monthly Planners at Cool Pencil Case

We at the Cool Pencil Case office have something to admit: We're sticky note abusers. Close to every task is successfully completed with the help of sticky notes on our laptops, bulletin boards, and gel pen love notes on our left hands. 

So you can only imagine the looks on our faces once our new 2013 Monthly Planners came straight through the office door. From Sentimental Circus to Rilakkuma, all of the San-X cuteness we could handle is now available at Cool Pencil Case. With our cute monthly planners, all of our tasks are now written down in their appropriate days of the week! Sayonara, sticky notes!

One of our favorite monthly planners features none other than Rilakkuma. The plush cover features a sponge-like texture -- something we can resist! We don't suggest using to clean any dishes, though -- leave it in its protective cover to use all year long!

Rilakkuma 2013 Student Planner at

The plastic cover does a lot more than just protect this cute planner. Inside, you'll find an extra flap to hold your identification cards, library cards, and more. 

cute weekly planners for kids
If you're a fan of Rilakkuma like the gals at Cool Pencil Case, we're sure you'll appreciate all the fun templates inside this monthly planner. With every turn of the page, you'll see that Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are featured in their best themes. Rilakkuma Meets Honey? CHECK! Rilakkuma's Chocolate and Coffee? CHECK! Rilkakkuma in Paris? (our personal favorite) DOUBLE CHECK!

2013 Monthly Planner Weekly Planner Student Planner

Another fun feature about this monthly planner (as well as the other five offered in our new arrivals section) are all of the quirky templates towards the end of the planner. Sure, there are room for scribbles and doodles in the note section -- but how often does a weekly planner include a reflexology chart maps of Japan's major subways? 

Head over to to see the rest of our 2013 monthly planners. Word on the street is that Sentimental Circus, Tarepanda, and Kerori also have a monthly planner dedicated to each of them!

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