Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Tutorial from Paper Pastels & DIY: Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers!

As you all know, we offer a variety of erasers. From Animal Erasers to Food Erasers to even Toy Erasers…you name it! But did you also know that we offer something that allows you to design your very own kind of eraser? Okay okay, we’ll tell you…it’s our Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers!

These Clay Erasers allows you to be the artist so you can showcase your style through works of art. Let your creativity come out and add that unique touch to your erasers for school. Choosing from a selection of five different colors, the possibilities are endless. After just four easy steps, how cool would it be to be using one-of-a-kind erasers that you designed?

So how exactly can we get started, you ask? Paper Pastels couldn’t have explained it any better in this tutorial showcasing our Create-Your-Own Clay Erasers. From tips on how to produce new colors to making this a successful DIY, this short but instructive video gives the lowdown on everything you need to know when creating your masterpieces.

Check out the creations done by Paper Pastels, can you guess what kinds of erasers were made before watching the video?

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