Thursday, October 18, 2012

CoolPencilCase's Spooky Halloween Promo!

Boo! Scared yet? One of CoolPencilCase’s favorite holidays is just around the corner. Yup, you guessed it…Halloween! One of the things we love most about Halloween is trick-or-treating, because who can resist free candy? We sure can’t! Inspired by this holiday tradition, we wanted to allow Halloweeners to be able to receive something else in addition to candy, for free! Keep reading to see how you can join in our Halloween promotion that features a couple of fun and eerie items!

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One of the treats in our promotion is a spooky sticker set! As long as you spend $25 dollars and type in “Get Spooked” in the gift message area, we’ll include this spooky sticker set along with your purchase. Put these stickers on your scheduler, notebooks, or papers to show off your Halloween spirit. If you don’t want to stick them on just yet, our sticker collection books are perfect for all those sticker collectors. This sticker set will definitely add some creepiness to your collection!

Another treat we have in store is a Plants vs. Zombies Automatic Pencil Case. When you spend $75 as well as put “Get Spooked” in the gift message area, this cool and scary pencil case will be yours to keep along with the spooky sticker set! This automatic pencil case includes a built-in pencil sharpener, a place to for your eraser, and compartments to organize all pens and pencils. The awesome design features the deadly zombies and the plant defenders. Who do you think will win this battle?

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