Monday, April 23, 2012

A Look Into the Cool Pencil Case Office

One of the best things about working at Cool Pencil Case is this beautiful office and photo studio we get to work in. It's cozy, organized, and is an open space for us to talk, joke around, and create business plans.

To the left is our photo studio. We've also got loads and loads of props on both sides to make our product shots more interesting. The most important part of our studio? The lights. 

Here's a look at our prop section. These items are used to create layouts for our product shots. We love to collect everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. In those boxes are pens, pencils (of course), bubblegum, old ID cards, rocks, baby toys, etc. 

Ahh, the workspace. Our employees have their own desks to work, work, eat, joke, and work. It's also easy to organize ourselves with the amount of cabinets and shelves. The subtle colors go really well with each other and keep us relaxed throughout the day.

There's nothing like a well-lit space to really get work done. The contemporary look continues on with unique dry erase boards and steel details.

What's your favorite part of our office?

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