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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Fashion to Cool School Supplies: Color Blocking

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Staying on trend is easy at With hundreds of pencil cases to choose from, you can have a pencil case for each day to match your outfit and accessories. If you haven't noticed, the color block trend is a favorite at stores across the country. When you buy your next outfit, think stripes and bold, multi-toned colors. Now, when you buy your next pencil case, you can think the same. 

Color Block Pencil Case
If you're a fan of the color block trend, the Color Block Pencil Case just hit last week. This pencil case is available in three color combinations, all in complementing colors in a stylish, simple design.

Color Block Pencil Case
This unique pencil case can fit about 25 of your favorite pens and pencils. But above all, who said school supplies couldn't be stylish?

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