Monday, July 5, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoe Pencil Pouches!

Hey everyone! Just in - check out these amazing new shoe pencil cases!

Let's start with these. These cute ballet shoe pencil cases are just perfect for all of you dancers!
They come in red, yellow, pink and black. You'll be pirouette-ing all day long! :)

Next are these equally cute high top shoe pencil cases! They look exactly like the shoes you see around everyday. They come in four main colors, and each different shoe has its own unique design. The first purple shoe features a polka dot pattern that is pink and green. The second pink shoe has a white heart pattern. The third shoe, which is a baby blue color, has a relaxing cloud pattern, and the final black shoe has a pink star pattern. All of the shoes have a "high-top" that can be folded down, like in the picture, or put up. :]

These shoes will always brighten up your day! Enjoy! Get yours @

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