Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fly Away With Me...Just Remember To Bring Your Pencil Case Boarding Pass!

Hey everyone! :] I've got some crazy awesome new pencil cases for you guys to see. Here they are! (:

These are our awesome new pencil cases from our World Travel Collection.
They're so convincing, your friends'll think you have an actual boarding pass @ school!
:] Have fun! Here's some individual shots, plus additional individual descriptions. Enjoy!

We'll start with the United States. Country pride, yeah? This pencil case shows the oh-so-wonderful American flag, along with a detailed map with every State and a select few cities labeled.

Next we'll take a look at this crazy cool pencil pouch. Did I mention it came strait from the UK? This pencil pouch shows the always fashionable Union Jack Flag, along with a detailed map of Great Britain on the back. Win. (:
Thirdly, we have this awesome German pencil pouch :D
This pencil pouch features the German flag on the front, and a map of the country on the back. Enjoy! :]

Last but certainly not least, we have this SUPER COOL boarding pass pencil pouch. :]
It shows the flyer's information on the front, and some important -cough-
information on the back. ;] I think I'm gonna have to get this for myself, haha.

Get your pencil case from the World Travel Collection @

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