Monday, July 26, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah...Fish Pencil Pouches!

I mean, who could resist these Blah Fish Pencil Cases?! x] These crazy awesome pencil pouches come in five great colors: green, white, black, purple, and red. (:
Each one is handmade, and each one also has a special clip so you can carry them on your backpack! It'll be like a deluxe stuffed animal that you can carry around all day :]
Here's some close-up shots of the different colors -

This white Blah Fish has to be my favorite, hands down xD
At first I didn't notice, but the body is actually colored like notebook paper! All your friends will be like "WOAH WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!" haha you can even name him/her and carry him/her everywhere like you would a stuffed animal :D

Here's a another cool close-up shot, this time of the green Blah Fish.
I think the eyes are really cool too. And I can't believe how much storage space they have (:

Get your Blah Fish today @!

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