Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aww! Couple Pens!

I smell love in the air! These Couple Pens will be sure to brighten up anyone's day! Get a pair for you and your boyfriend / girlfriend on their birthday, on Christmas, on your anniversary, on Valentine's Day, or even as a spontaneous gift! Here's some close-ups of the different pairs of the pens we have. Did I mention that these pens are handmade? :D

Here's a group photo showing all of the cutie couples! :] There's four pairs, each with their own special attribute (:

The first pair is the Winter Couple! Look at their awesome clothes! These are a perfect gift for anyone living in a place where there's always sweater-weather :]

Next is this Sporty Couple! They're both holding golf clubs, and represent the couples that like to get out and exercise.
We also have this adorable Trendy Couple! Why do we call them that? Just look at their matching clothes!
And lastly we have this CUTE Romantic Couple (my favorite) (:
Awh! They both have a gift for their special sweetheart :3
The boy is carrying a special heart (which may be a box of chocolates hmm?) and the girl has a beautiful rose. :D

Get one for you and your boyfriend / girlfriend @!

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  1. I love this site soOOOo much! And you know what.. most of the items here are not only popular with kids or tweeners, but are EXTREMELY popular with adults as well!

    The items are "overly cute", very well made, and just plain AWESOME.

    ~~~~~ ROCKS!!


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