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Part Time Job Opportunities: Stay At Home Moms, Get Paid At Home

Cool Pencil Case has several part time job opportunities for stay at home moms. We know it’s tough looking after kids and trying to earn income from home so we’ve decided to offer part time, work from home opportunities especially to our favourite people, moms!

Part Time Feature Writer
Salary: Commission Only

Cool Pencil Case is seeking a part time feature writer (article marketing) to work from home writing and submitting articles to directories and blogs on our behalf. Although experience in this area would be great, we’re happy to accept submissions from all interested moms who have a great understanding of English and a passion for writing about family friendly topics.

Each article must include the words “Cool Pencil Case” or “Cool Pencil Cases” and we will provide you with everything you need to create links. Once your family friendly article is written, you simply submit it to article directories (we’ll provide a list) or family friendly blogs. When readers click our link and purchase from our e-store, you will receive 15% of their purchase – simple! The better your article, the more websites sharing it, the better your commission!

This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of article marketing, (an extremely lucrative work from home career that anyone with a flair for words can do) while earning commission from home.

To apply, please email a short article (up to 150 words) about a family friendly topic of your choice.

Part Time Family Friendly Blogger/Website Affiliate
Salary: Commission Only

We’re looking for an at home mom with her own blog or website about family friendly topics. Parenting, cooking, net working, kid’s health, being a stay at home mom, being a work at home mom, ways to make money from home, kid’s activities, pregnancy or even stuff kids like targeted directly at kids – we don’t mind as long as it’s to do with kids, it’s ethical and it’s free from adult themes! We guarantee to keep our site family friendly too!

We’ll provide you with one of our gorgeous banners or a HTML link and all you need to do is paste it into your site. Then, when one of your readers clicks through to our page and makes a purchase, you’ll receive a 15% commission.

There’s more information on why Cool Pencil Case affiliation is a great opportunity below.

To Apply, email your website or blog address to

Part Time Affiliate Opportunity Explained….

Search “Affiliate Opportunity” and you’ll see a thousand hard sell ads about how you can make squillions of dollars overnight. We’ve never heard of a single situation where this is true. The truth is, affiliate marketing is a competitive, aggressive business and some organizations will try to take advantage of you and your site. You can however make a reasonable part time income from home without much work and it’s relatively easy if you find the right affiliate opportunity.

Affiliate Opportunity Facts and Myths

The differences between a good affiliate opportunity, (where you can earn money part time from home) and a bad affiliate opportunity are the product, the market and the relevance to your blog/site and interests. There is also a checklist of other criteria that the advertiser must be willing to meet.

  • Easy, fair, 60 day automated cookie tracking to ensure you receive every penny from sales
  • Monthly commission payments
  • Comprehensive support
  • Sales information available from our site
  • Guest blog available on request
  • American family owned and operated business
  • 24/7 sales and traffic tracking available
  • Quality, desirable, original product range
  • 15% commission
  • 3% additional commission on all sales resulting from affiliates you introduce to us

Desirable Products

In order to get money out of your affiliate relationship, the product needs to be right. It needs to be something people actually want to buy, will be excited about buying, will enjoy shopping for…. Think about your own experiences, there’s probably one thing that you get a thrill from buying (shoes/handbags/gifts etc) but you don’t get that same passion for, say, copy toner or carpet cleaners. The same is true for your affiliate product. Ask yourself, how do people really feel about buying yet another e-book? Is the average American shopper going to get excited by the product?

Cool Pencil Case products excite kids. They make excellent gifts. Moms feel great about buying school supplies, kids are thrilled about having the coolest pencil case at school.

Cool Pencil is an inviting and exciting shopping environment. There’s no hard sell for customers. There’s no crowded advertising or annoying gimmicks. It’s an online store that kids and moms browse and enjoy. Check out our About Us page for more information on how much our buyers love Cool Pencil Cases.

Sizable, Healthy Market

So, you’ve found a great product that’s exciting and useful to shoppers. That’s great, as long as there aren’t 5000 other products just like it or 100000 other affiliates fighting for each sale. Ask yourself who is shopping for this product, how are they finding it and is there enough of them for you to get paid?

Cool Pencil Case products are such a hit with kids because they are unique. We’ve searched the web for other affiliated products that even come close and we’re excited by how uncluttered our marketplace is. Our product serves two needs with American shoppers (and shoppers from all over!), they’re desirable (cool, cute, fun, hip – whatever kids like, we’ve got products that will excite them) and they’re practical. Every item is an essential school item so parents aren’t required to find extra money to afford them, it all comes out of the school budget. We can’t find anything quite like it!

Our affiliate program is offered to a select few and is carefully monitored. Unlike items such as self help guides or miracle weight loss products where the first ten Google pages are blocked out by aggressive affiliates, we offer a non-competitive, simple, easy alternative without all the aggressive competition. This means that your participation can be minimal for the same results, after all you’re a work at home mom, you’re the busiest person on Earth!

Besides moms shopping for their kids, Cool Pencil Case products appeal to another, very important market. “Tweens” (8-14 year olds) are big shoppers on the Cool Pencil Case site and we take their wellbeing online very seriously. While they represent a huge growing opportunity for marketing experts, we’re always concerned that they are treated ethically and with care. For this reason, we will not accept affiliate applications from sites that engage in unethical marketing to children. We will not accept affiliates who disguise sales information or mislead children. All Cool Pencil Case affiliates must have the child’s best interest as their top priority.

There’s been a lot of research done recently on the “tween” market and some pretty interesting trends are emerging. Did you know:

  • 77% of children between 8 and 14 have completed online transactions (parents make the final payment)
  • 56% of children have used the internet to find products for their parents
  • By the age of 14, around 25% of children have access to a parent’s credit card number

The “tween” market is one of the fastest growing markets and has plenty of pocket money to spend (our product is considered a positive purchase by parents and is therefore less likely to be denied). It is also one of the most “under serviced” markets and therefore represents a great opportunity – but only if done completely ethically.

Relevance To You and Your Site

Choosing a product that is relevant to your existing blog or site gives you the best and simplest chance to earn money from home. Some affiliated products will require you to establish and market a new website dedicated to their product in return for tiny commissions. The better targeted the product to your existing audience, the better your chances of success.

Cool Pencil Case only accepts affiliate partnerships from sites that feature only family friendly content. We are passionate about protecting our reputation and understand that you are passionate about protecting yours. We offer you wholesome, family friendly, fun products, we offer tasteful, easy to use banners and links and a guarantee that we’ll never do anything to damage your reputation.

We will never ask you to link to inferior products. All of our products are stringently tested for quality and practical considerations to ensure that your brand is only associated with quality and your readers have only positive experiences.

We pride ourselves on being completely upfront about our relationship with our affiliates and we understand that it is a mutually beneficial partnership. If you’d like more information or would like to apply to be part of the program, please send your website URL to the Cool Pencil Case team


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