Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hatched Dinosaurs, Animal Building Blocks...Fun Erasers at Cool Pencil Case and More!

Planners? Check. Pencils? Check. Awesome erasers? Yes, please! Cool Pencil Case is filled with erasers ready to undo all those unwanted marks. You can even make those mistakes disappear in style with our fun collection of stick erasers, putty erasers, and even do-it-yourself erasers! Can't decide on where to start your eraser collection? Take a look below and see what we've gathered for the school year ahead!

fun erasers at
Animal Building Block Erasers $2.50

Break apart and put your erasers back together with these Animal Building Block Erasers! Though these erasers already come designed in a selection of 5 different animals, these building block erasers also allow you to build your own creation!

fun erasers at
Create a Giraffe, Elephant, Turtle, and more!

Each eraser includes 8-13 building blocks, collect them all and have unlimited choices when creating your own design. Whether you take these apart to create mini erasers, other animals, and cool shapes, we encourage you to get creative with the pieces then show off to your friends your unique creation! Can't get enough of the building blocks? Complement your erasers with a Building Block Pencil Case!

animal erasers at
Hatched Dinosaur Eraser $1.55

They may be extinct, but these dinosaurs just hatched and are ready to erase! Between the Tyrannosaurus and Stegosaurus, you definitely can't go wrong with these Hatched Dinosaur Erasers. Have some fun by taking them out of the shell completely or just leaving them in, we must say that they do look quite comfy in those egg shells.

fun erasers at
Silly Buddy Eraser with Mini Eraser $2.85

Find the perfect Silly Buddy Eraser to keep you company all school year long. With it's convenient size, find no problem fitting these erasers in your pencil case. For those pencil cases with smaller problem! These erasers come with mini erasers, so just slide out the slimmer eraser and you are good to go!

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