Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Trip Under the Sea

Join us as we take an adventure under the sea and explore our collection of school supplies from the deep, deep blue. From koi fish to otters, we have a whole underwater world you'll just have to sea for yourself!

Rilakkuma pencil cases at CoolPencilCase.com
Rilakkuma Otter Costume Pencil Pouches $22.25

Rilakkuma never ceases to surprise us with his selection of costumes, however the Rilakkuma Otter Costume Pencil Pouches has definitely become an ultimate favorite! With Rilakkuma holding onto that shell charm and fun details like the mock back stitching, this much cuteness is just too hard to resist.

Jinbei-San pencils at CoolPencilCase.com
Jinbei-San Wooden Pencil $1.75

We just couldn't talk about our ocean favorites without mentioning Jinbei-San. Make sure you have the cutest whale shark in your collection this school year. These Jinbei-San Wooden Pencils will definitely add that sparkle to your pencil case. With holographic details, don't forget to collect all four designs these pencils are available in!

animal pencil pouches at CoolPencilCase.com
Fantasy Aquarium Pencil Pouch $16.85

There's a whole fantasy to be explored with these Fantasy Aquarium Pencil Pouches. Featuring the Cat/Fish and Penguin/Rabbit, these hybrid critters are unique, cute, and quite fascinating! Surprise your friends with these animal creations and have them join in on the fantasy aquarium fun!

animal erasers at CoolPencilCase.com
Sea Mate Eraser Collection $1.50

Have these sea mates by your side for all those marks you want disappeared. The gang's all here as our Sea Mate Eraser Collection features blowfish and dolphins to octopus and even, squid! Collect them all or choose your favorites, these sea friends aren't going anywhere!

animal pencil cases at CoolPencilCase.com
Koi Fish Slim Pencil Case $14.25

These fish couldn't help but swim their way into Cool Pencil Case. Place your favorite pens and pencils in these Koi Fish Slim Pencil Cases. In four different choices, each with a different colorway, don't miss the fun details like the patterned inner lining or unique shape!

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