Thursday, August 25, 2016

Get Ready For Back-to-School with Rilakkuma!

School is about to start and what better way to start the year than with our favorite lazy bear, Rilakkuma! Rilakkuma definitely wants to help you out this school year so despite how hard it was choosing our favorites from this collection, we've gathered these top Rilakkuma school essentials to keep you ready for the year ahead...

rilakkuma school supplies at
Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Motion Mechanical Pencils $12.65

With the lovely pastel palette and Rilakkuma (or Korilakkuma) featured right on top, these Rilakkuma Pastel 0.5mm Motion Mechanical Pencils were a must-have in our own pencil cases! Ready to write essays, notes, and ideas, these pencils will keep you prepared for those homework nights ahead! Our favorite part? The motion feature that moves the heads of each character with just a click of the clip!

rilakkuma school supplies at
Rilakkuma Kitchen Delight Pencil Boxes $18.65

Don't head out the door just yet, join Rilakkuma for a delicious breakfast with these Rilakkuma Kitchen Delight Pencil Boxes. With a built-in feature to keep your writing tools in place and extra storage space for stickers or erasers on the opposite end, these pencil cases are no disappointment when it comes to holding your everyday essentials.

rilakkuma school supplies at
Rilakkuma Mini Shoe Accessories Pouch $15.85

Last but not least, we present the Rilakkuma Mini Shoe Accessories Pouch. With shoelaces and even a Rilakkuma tag located on the back, this cute shoe design is simply irresistible! Perfect for school, fill them up with loose change, keys, and other mini accessories. They even come with a clip to conveniently latch onto your backpacks!

From pencil cases and erasers to stamps, find more awesome school supplies featuring Rilakkuma on!

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