Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pencils, Pens, and Erasers at Cool Pencil Case!

As you start writing your shopping lists for school supplies, don't forget that Cool Pencil Case sells more than just pencil cases. Stocked with awesome pencils, unique pens, and countless erasers...find what best fits your personality from our wide selection!

pencils, pens, and erasers at
Animal Buddies 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils $2.85

Write your essays and notes with the help of a couple of animal friends! These Animal Buddies 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils will be your go-to for homework assignments or maybe even free-time doodling. Don't be fooled...though these pencils have the design of a wooden pencil, these are actually mechanical pencils that use 0.5mm pencil lead. Choose between the panda, pig, elephant, and chick in this collection and compliment your pencils with the Happy Zoo Sticky Notepads!

pencils, pens, and erasers at
Milk Carton Erasers $2.25

Get your dose of Vitamin D with these Milk Carton Erasers. With it's cute milk carton design and fun details, these erasers are not only unique but will also get the job done by making those mistakes disappear! In five delicious options including Green Apple and Strawberry Milk, which flavor will you be choosing?

pencils, pens, and erasers at
Playful Ears Ballpoint Pen Duo $3.25

This Playful Ears Ballpoint Pen Duo will come in handy before those big exam days. By pressing down on these playful ears, you'll find either a red or black ballpoint pen ready to write with. Use the red or black ink when proofreading your work or writing important notes. It's true, good things always come in pairs!

Check more of our awesome pencilspens, and erasers over at Cool Pencil Case!

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