Thursday, August 11, 2016

Character Spotlight: Sumikko Gurashi

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Coming from the San-X family that brought you our all-time favorites like Sentimental Circus and Mamegoma, we're putting the spotlight on Sumikko Gurashi, also known as "Things in the Corner." Coming from corners from all around the world, these cute creatures have joined to hang out in corners together! There are a wide range of adorable characters that fill up Sumikko Gurashi, from Tonkatsu, a fried Pork Cutlet, to Shirokuma, a Polar'll find each character as irresistible as the next!

character school supplies at
Sail Away Sumikko Gurashi Eraser $4.25

Sail away with Sumikko Gurashi as the captains of this ship! In Sea Blue Water or Sea Shell White, choose between these two Sail Away Sumikko Gurashi Erasers to help you get the job done by erasing any mistakes away. With Sumikko Gurashi in sailor outfits, you won't help but smile at all the cuteness on board!

character school supplies at
Sumikko Gurashi Luxe Pencil Case $18.85

Make a statement in the classroom with these Sumikko Gurashi Luxe Pencil Cases. With a capacity of up to 38 pens and pencils, not only is this pencil case stylish but incredibly spacious as well. This pencil designed beautifully with a satin protected by a vinyl filled with different snapshots of Sumikko Gurashi just having fun and hanging out.

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Sumikko Gurashi Tokage Stickers $3.25

Decorate your school supplies in kawaii style with these Sumikko Gurashi Tokage Stickers! Each sticker includes one sheet filled with all your favorite corner friends including Tokage, their dinosaur friend! Stick them on your binders, notebooks, and planners and show your friends who Sumikko Gurashi is!

Don't worry, there's much more Sumikko Gurashi waiting for you at!

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