Thursday, January 30, 2014

Staying Chic at!

Show off your style in the classroom through your school supplies by checking out our chic collection of pencil cases to correction pens! Whether it's in plaid or polka-dots, find these sophisticated school essentials to fit your personality!

chic school supplies at
Chic Polka-Dot Correction Pens $3.25

Are you more comfortable using correction pens rather than correction tapes? Well, these Chic Polka-Dot Correction Pens come in both pink and yellow and will surely add some elegance to your collection...and maybe a hint of spring too!

chic school supplies at
Chic Plaid Pencil Boxes $8.25

These Chic Plaid Pencil Boxes need no introduction with its amazing detail and maximum capacity of 12-14 pens and pencils! Need a quick beauty fix in between class? Open up the pencil box to even find a mirror conveniently located inside!

chic school supplies at
Chic and Stylish Big Zipper Pencil Cases $9.95

The Chic and Stylish Big Zipper Pencil Cases come in three stylish designs and is perfect for the student fashionista. It's notable feature, the big zipper, allows for keychains so you can add your very own personal touch! With it's easy-to-clean material and patterned interior, choose between the chic style options in this collection.

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