Friday, January 24, 2014

New Food Eraser Arrivals at CoolPencilCase!

Hungry for some new erasers? Well, you're in luck because our new arrivals section just got filled with new food erasers you'll absolutely adore! From favorite desserts to crunchy treats, we're positive you'll find something you'll like...check out what we're talking about below!

We've said it before...we, at CoolPencilCase, definitely have a sweet tooth so you bet we were sure excited for these following erasers to come out. The Sliced Cake Eraser Sets come in four different flavors and include a total of 8 individual cake slices! The Sweet Pastry Collection? With seven pastries to choose from or collect, your pencil case is sure to be filled with the sweetest erasers out there!

food and drink erasers at
Sweet Pastry Eraser Collection $1.50

food and drink erasers at
Sliced Cake Eraser Set $6.45

We've all agreed that a common, but favorite, afterschool snack has got to be the combo of cookies and milk. With that said, we present these Mini Milk Carton Erasers and the Crunchy Snacks Eraser Collection! Don't worry about choosing which milk carton to choose from, this set includes both milk carton erasers! On the other hand, you'll have plenty to choose from in the Crunchy Snacks Collection. Vanilla or chocolate? Cookies or crackers?

food and drink erasers at
Mini Milk Carton Eraser $1.50

food and drink erasers at
Crunchy Snacks Eraser Collection $1.85

Don't forget to check out our New Arrivals every Friday to see the coolest and newest at!

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